Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Party

This past Monday, I finished writing the first part of a Musing about the dilemma of the pro-life movement in dealing with Donald Trump. I am shelving it for the moment, because I must comment on this week’s Democrat convention, which is not going exactly according to plan. (I’m writing this Tuesday morning.)

The convention was supposed to show a contrast to a divided GOP by crowning Queen Hillary amidst adulation. Instead, boos and hisses are greeting mentions of her name. Outside the convention site, protesters are being held back behind fences, yet their jeers of, “Hell no DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary,” aren’t exactly what Clinton fans were hoping to see on TV.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer party. Ohio’s Rep. Marcia Fudge, Chair of the Democratic National Convention said, “We are all Democrats and we need to act like it.” I would argue that the protesters are doing exactly that. Refusing to listen to anyone with whom you disagree has become a Democrat norm. Isn’t that how President Obama has governed? Rather than talking and listening to Republicans, he has simply governed by fiat. On campuses, the college-aged wing of the Democrat Party refuse to allow speakers of alternate views to be heard. Is Mrs. Clinton’s name being greeted by catcalls? Perhaps she should start a support group with Ayaan Ali Hirsi, Condaleeza Rice, and other conservatives whose ability to speak has been overruled by hecklers. Democrats seemed sympathetic when Occupy Wall Street demonstrators defecated on police cars and damaged businesses. Could it be that the protesters are being too polite here? Maybe the convention isn’t a ‘safe space’ for Bernie supporters and needs to be completely closed down?

I admit to getting great pleasure in watching Democrats getting eaten by their own, even as my more mature side recognizes the dangers for our democracy in hordes of idealistic, angry and profoundly ignorant and malleable young people. There is something I admire in Bernie supporters refusing to say, “You cheated, you won, so we’ll be quiet if you promise us you won’t do it again (and again and again).”

Hillary Clinton was a young activist when the phrase, “Don’t trust anyone over thirty,” was popular. It is only fitting that those who are now under thirty completely distrust her. And yes, I know that Sanders is over thirty as well. But applying inconsistent standards to different circumstances and people  is something that many people, and Hillary Clinton in particular, are well accustomed to doing.

I urge you to share this Bible study with a young person in your life. Don’t try and draw conclusions for them; let them do that themselves. They need to look at Socialism through a Biblical lens, and our country needs them to do so.

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11 thoughts on “Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Party”

  1. You speak this truth that is truly the heart of the matter in politics. I often thought “Prez Obama must have something against the Rs in Congress because they all bowed down, rolled over like puppies and went along to get along.” Playing dirty is how the political game is played, and the rules change all the time based upon the amount of dirt there is to dig up.

  2. We just watched it. Numbing, that someone who is obviously so corrupt, is the Democrats nominee for POTUS. Devastating that out of the 17 candidates in GOP primary, the one who wins the nomination is the most liberal of them all and strays so far from conservative principles and panders to a gutter mentality in so many American voters. A thought I had while watching this is that I do believe it is entirely possible that Trump could very well be a Trojan Horse. If they can orchestrate what this movie shows, I have no doubts that they could orchestrate stealing this election, using any and all means possible.

  3. I’m afraid that I think truth is a casualty on all sides these days. We’re down to whose lies are more deceptive or injurious than the other side. I don’t think we have anyone of deep-seated integrity as an option.

  4. Having a magic lasso that makes all liars tell the truth would solve this current conundrum handily. At least then we could readily show the difference between the truthful woodcutter and the crony who is working to construct a Gingerbread White House.

  5. My husband and I saw Hillary’s America today. Much about the Clinton’s we were aware of but the most interesting was the history of both political parties. The movie reinforced our belief that Hillary should never be elected POTUS. The saddest part of our movie experience was that everyone in the theater was in our generation. Young people need to see this movie. So many young people are not aware and are basing their opinions on false information. But this election is first and foremost in God’s hands. Will continue to pray for our nation. The next three months are going to be excruciating. That I will bet on.

  6. Touché! It is harder to imagine a more apt Musing this week. The Demon-crats are reaping what they have sown and what they so justly deserve: disunion, back-biting and riot. Hillary and her gang of radicals and thugs were once highly vocal and visible during the 1960’s on college campus as SDS, ‘Students for Democratic Society,’ which we used lampoon heartily as the ‘Sandbox Dictatorship Society.’ Today the folks who persist in this direction are Progressives driving us toward Communism and totalitarian abuse. In this regard I would like to take this opportunity to recommend highly that all readers of this Musing invest ten bucks and two hours to see ‘Hillary’s America,’ the courageous film of Dinesh D’Souza, who was deposited into jail over a minor charge undeserving of a jail sentence: for contributing too much $$ to a political campaign.
    D’Souza, with a Portuguese name typical of Goa, is given abundant time in the pokey to muse over his fate and that of his new country, to which he immigrated ‘to escape a nation run by gangsterism,’ only to find gangsterism on the rise here in America. D-Souza exposes the historical identity of the Democratic Party, historically since Andrew Jackson the party of slavery and enslavement: Jim Crow laws and the Trail of Tears. He also exposes the ‘something-for-nothing’ petty criminal Saul Alinsky, who turned ‘criminologist’ and studied the tactics and devices of the Chicago Mob, to turn social activist and ‘community organizer.’ He exposes Alinsky’s disciples, to include Clinton and a certain obscure Obama. The young Hillary broke ranks with Alinsky by insisting that the system need not be seized by revolution, but could be commandeered surreptitiously from within, reducing all Americans to plantation slaves at the abject mercy of Government. The progressive judge wanted to teach Mr. D’Souza a lesson and shut him up forever, but the man would not be cowed into silence. Instead he has risen to the occasion and delivered us his enlightened perspective and a dire warning of Grand Larceny to come.

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