Copper Sky and Iron Earth

“All in a hot and copper sky,
The bloody sun, at noon,
Right up above the mast did stand,
No bigger than the moon.”

English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge penned these lines in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. They foreshadow the curse on the ancient mariner after he has killed the albatross. The copper sky as a sign of imminent doom and destruction dates back to the Bible.

There are two sections in the Old Testament known as the portions of rebuke, one in Leviticus and one in Deuteronomy. In them, God lays out in brutal detail what will happen to the children of Israel should they stray from the proper path. It’s not pretty. A keen student of the Bible will notice that each section employs a similar phrase, but with a crucial difference.

Leviticus 26:19
I will also make your sky like iron and your earth like copper.

Deuteronomy 28:23
The heaven which is over your head shall be copper, and the earth which is under you, iron.

Did you catch it? The descriptions are switched! In the first, the sky is like iron and the earth like copper, and in the second, the sky is like copper and the earth like iron.

Many English translations translate the Hebrew word NeChoSheT as brass or bronze, which are both alloys of copper, but the literal translation is copper.

From the fact that the descriptions are switched, we can infer that it’s not important whether the sky is identified as copper and the earth as iron or vice versa. What’s important is that the sky is one and the earth is the other. What is going on here? Ancient Jewish wisdom teaches us that the sky is a metaphor for something far away and out of reach.

With this understanding, we see that the curse isn’t that the sky is iron and the ground is copper, or even that the sky is copper and the ground is iron, rather the curse is that copper and iron will be distant from each other.

Why is it a curse for copper and iron to be far away from each other? Do copper and iron close together form a blessing? Well, interestingly enough, due to the relationship between copper and iron, if you were to take a copper nail and an iron nail and stick them into a lemon, you would be able to light a small light bulb with the current that’s generated. Copper and iron together have the capacity to produce electricity. Now, if you put iron in one lemon and copper in another you would produce nothing, they need to be in proximity to one another to create energy.

You see, energy is God’s way of letting us see that there is an escape to drudgery. Animals need to gather or hunt day in and day out to stay alive. There is no day of rest for them. We, on the other hand, created in God’s image, can use energy that has been stored in creation for us, such as wood, coal, oil, and uranium to not have to constantly work.

Ancient Jewish wisdom teaches us that as the sun set on Adam for the first time he grew afraid of the animals. God presented him with two stones, which he rubbed together, and voila fire was created. Contrast this with the Greek myth of how Prometheus stole the fire from the gods, and in return was punished by being chained to a rock and having his regenerating liver eaten daily by a vulture. The Judeo-Christian tradition teaches us that God gave man energy as a gift for his use to elevate himself above the animals, whereas the Greek approach is that man stole fire from the gods and his punishment is to be placed subservient to an animal, the vulture.

The message of the verses in the portions of rebuke is that at a time of declining morality copper will be separated from iron meaning there will be less energy available. Furthermore this means that we will buy in, even start subscribing to the Greek view of energy, namely that we have stolen it from the gods and must feel guilty and ashamed of using it, rather than the Judeo-Christian approach that energy is a gift from God for us to use and benefit from.

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6 thoughts on “Copper Sky and Iron Earth”

  1. Karen Henriksen

    I recalled the message on AJW , as I consider our energy resources and the 2021 policy, halting or reviewing new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

    I was considering the ice melt, the magnetic pole shift, and was thinking that your iron and copper education might answer the unknown energy that is supplying these and other tic-tac shaped unidentified
    Aircraft the navy and others have been noticing since around 1947/48..maybe before.but increasingly apparent and finally acknowledged.

    Is there biblical ancient Jewish wisdom, that might answer the , iron fragments in earthworks core , that could provide magnetic propulsion to explain the ufo(or other governmental) phenomena.

    I may have missed the whole, both will return to review this behavioral aspect of earth and sky, iron and copper. Maybe this is an Einstein question. It’s just that your previous lesson came into my head and here I find.

    Thank you for this. And that.


  2. I’m so glad you revisited the copper and iron verses. I heard you teach on them years ago on AJW, but my notes were not as thorough as having you spell it out in the written word, although I think you added a whole new dimension with this teaching, aligning with the rabid nature of today’s political, social, and religious environment.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Good memory Suzanne-
      Yes, indeed, we did teach this lesson on the AJW television show.
      Good to hear from you

  3. Dear Rabbi Lapin,
    I am a Christian but recently joined a chabad group in Victoria. We are studing the Journey of the Soul book and I am very much enjoying it. It was the Rabbi’s birthday last Wednesday and I joined in with the lechaems and mazzeltovs. A week a weeks ago we were studying about the concept of death and dying. The question that stood out for me, and no one in our group was able to answer, is why no one would mention the name of a loved one (in this case the deceased person). The other question I have is the matter of reincarnation. Reincarnation is actually not talked about at all in Christianity, not because it is not thought of but it goes unmentioned nevertheless. I will ask the same question of a Rabbi in Seattle I know, his name is Daniel Lapin, not because I want to compare the answers but only because I am genuinly interested to gain a better spiritual understanding. I feel very privilaged in a sense to be part of the Jewish community, at least a spiritually.
    Kind regards,

    1. Mark, perhaps you misunderstood something, but we mention the names of deceased people often when speaking of them or quoting them, usually with some addition such as “may their memory be for a blessing.” So, your question doesn’t relate to anything within our understanding.

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