Connect the Dots

Have you seen the connect-the-dots pages meant for adults? As five-year-olds, we may have done a simple page of that type, moving from the dot placed next to the number 1 until we reached the dot next to the number 20. Perhaps a clown or a truck greeted us if we did everything in the right order. The adult versions contain well over 1,000 dots and sometimes one even has to follow two separate tracks. Completed, the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty pops off the page.

What happens when the connecting steps are not so clear? As morally bankrupt students in Ivy League universities and some Democrats, including representatives in Congress, excuse, if not applaud, the beheading of Israeli babies, I connect the dots back decades. In my eyes, the links stringing the loosening of traditional sexual morals to an acceptance of abortion that morphed over the years into a celebration of it are evident. Each successive step from ejecting Christianity from American culture to Leftist support for murdering Jews is obvious.

I see a shocked response from many Jews who, for decades, have been promoting anti-God Leftist agendas in the name of tolerance, love, acceptance, and human kindness. These truly are good people who thought they were doing good. Now, they explode in complete bewilderment as their long-time Leftist allies reveal seething hatred towards them. In their eyes, their fellow travelers have overnight transformed into people calling for Jewish blood to be spilt and for the rape of Jewish women. Yet, the transformation did not happen instantaneously. To some of us, it was entirely predictable, if difficult to explain in a convincing fashion.

Those of us who try to live faithfully by God’s word must ask ourselves how we failed in sharing our beliefs with others. Did we sometimes present ourselves so poorly that we turned people off? Did we dismiss honest questions with facile answers? Religious people face a trap of falling into sanctimoniousness and hubris. The temptation of righteous hypocrisy is always present. But those problems are minor compared to the complete failure of those on the Left, attempting to construct a moral system devoid of God. Human beings have been fighting against the authority of the Almighty from that first day in the Garden of Eden. It led to tragedy then and it continues to lead to tragedy today.

Please pray for the safe return of Yahel, age 3, who is being held hostage in Gaza.

In memory of Sgt. First Class Yinon Fleischman, age 31; Staff Sgt. Roei Wolf, age 20; and Staff Sgt. Levi Lipshitz, age 20.

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