Come Out Fighting

A funny thing happened on the way to last week’s Musing. Actually, it wasn’t funny and neither is it rare. My thoughts, the ones that seemed so organized in my head, did not translate well onto paper. What was unusual was that the deadline for publishing the Musing loomed so close last week that I had to abandon my efforts.  Instead, I took one part of what I wanted to say and built the Musing around that, specifically my conviction that any gun control legislation must be linked to legislation that attacks a sacred cow of Democrat politicians. Otherwise, any changes will be a disaster for both the country and the Republican Party.

I’m going to try again to expand my ideas. Some of you were appalled that I might even consider red-flag legislation. I am aware of the potential abuse of those laws and how dangerous they could be. However, I do believe that refusing to discuss those laws or other gun-control measures puts conservatives in a losing situation. Those concepts sound so eminently reasonable to any voter for whom 2nd Amendment rights are not a priority. Faced with a picture of mourning families and media that only presents the side of the story that fits its agenda, many citizens cannot even imagine what there  is to discuss. 

It is almost impossible to underestimate the ignorance of the American populace. I don’t even mean this as a slur. Personally, I am juggling a marriage, a family, friends, a profession, a ministry and a slew of other responsibilities. There are tons of important issues of which I am relatively ignorant. It is almost impossible to keep up with everything that affects my world. The lack of honesty and professionalism among the current crop of reporters and information gate-keepers makes understanding complex issues even more difficult. We have to actively search out opposing viewpoints rather than assuming that they will be given fair treatment. Second Amendment rights are not most American’s priority.

For years, Republican candidates and politicians resembled Charlie Brown when Lucy yanked the football away from him at the last minute—over and over again. They would submit to interviews and then be shocked when the reporter blindsided them with an accusation, often on an unrelated topic. They naively thought their views were being sought, when in actuality the goal of the interview was to destroy their credibility. One of the key factors in President Trump’s successful campaign was his refusal to be put on the defensive. Instead, to the cheers of millions, he played offense. He set the agenda. 

Here is what I wish Republican politicians would do. Instead of going on the defense when told, for example, that 97% of Americans favor some change in gun registration, they should counter by saying, “You know, 97% of Americans reject the dismemberment of perfectly viable babies in utero, let only leaving a baby born as a result of a botched abortion to die, also known as infanticide. Both violent crime and these abortions show a disrespect for the life of ‘the other.’ Let’s make a joint statement that we need to move back to a time when Americans valued life. Let’s link a revision of any gun laws to a revision of abortion laws. No good person wants someone to mow down a room of people and no good person wants a baby killed. Let’s have a conversation about these things.”

Incredible as it may sound, i believe that, due to the extreme Left’s infatuation with abortion, Democrat politicians will run from this issue as if they were vampires being pursued by large heads of garlic. If by some miracle, enough politicians were open to linking these two issues, we would actually open the door to a valuable discussion of the spiritual ills this country is facing. Either way, every Republican and conservative politician would never respond to a question that includes the name of the NRA without introducing the name of Planned Parenthood. Rather than being painted into a corner, they would come out fighting. 

That is part of what I wanted to say last week although I didn’t manage to do so. I believe that it is illogical and historically inaccurate to think that acts of violence targeting large groups of innocent people will end because of the  implementation of stronger gun control measures. We need to create the opportunity to explain why that is. If the media has its way, only those who already agree with me will ever hear the reasoning behind that thought process. You don’t get that opportunity by allowing guns to be isolated as an issue as if they are the sole factor in the sad story of violence. 

P.S. I did hear back from Senator Lindsay Graham’s office saying that he only has time to read messages from citizens of S. Carolina. That is perfectly reasonable  (except that he keeps asking me to contribute to his campaign). Any of you from his state are free to share my words with him.

P.P.S. I apologize. I was unfair to Sen. Graham. Here are the exact words from his office: “Due to the large volume of mail I receive, I regret that I am only able to respond personally to inquiries from South Carolinians.”



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  1. Love reading your Musings! You are so correct, it’s not about protecting life but more government control! Shalom

    1. Thank you, Maria. I have no doubt that the majority of people in favor of more gun control have their hearts in the right place. They simply don’t know enough to measure what policies will end up hurting more than helping. Politicians are in another category. They are seeking to use tragedy to get control.

  2. Connie Sylvester

    Thank you for this musing! Oh how o have longed to hear those who hold to more traditional values respond to questions with questions! One that I have pondered has to do w/ where someone stands on the issue of homosexuality as a ‘sin’. How I would love for the interviewee to ask the interviewer their motive in asking the question- “do you really want my personal belief or do you just want to add some fuel to the fire of this hot topic? Thus creating a deeper divide between us a people?” Thank you! Thank you thank you!!!

  3. Seems to me with the last name Lapin that Graham would read and reply to a letter. You guys have an audience. Is Fox News, cnn or whatever he is going on in South Carolina? Please. Hey graham, hire Rabbi Lapin. You are in need of his services.

  4. Thank you Susan. The lack of conviction on the part of the GOP on important subjects over the years has put us in our current position of “defense”. Separation of church and state, abortion, gay marriage, all of these issues are winnable, but they require will and backbone, things that are in short supply in the GOP! We, along with the President, are painfully aware of this.

    1. Randy, years ago I wrote a piece explaining why the choice of economic conservative/social liberal and economic liberal/social conservative was never going to last. The two are related, but I think some GOPers who have been in office for decades never got the message.

  5. Great thoughts! And the ending comment struck me as ironic and funny. “Contribute to my campaign, but I have no time for you or your thoughts!” Lol!

  6. Dear Susan, your musing “Come Out Fighting” has struck a HUGE nerve. Makes me think of the common expression used in many circles, another, “GREAT WAKENING.”

    I’m not sure if you’re fully aware of what you’ve touched on in your latest musing. Are you alluding to the fact that except for President Donald Trump who has effectively and virtually single handedly fought back the mentally deranged democrats and fake news media, that virtually all other republican legislators are chumps who come across as chicken-livered yellow-cowards because they refuse to fight back or just don’t know how to fight?

    It seems to me that you have brought yourself to the enlightened realization that America is sick and, has been sick for a very long time. And that we as Americans must learn how to fight to restore, protect and preserve all of our freedoms and liberties. Is this what you are saying?

    1. Well, Michael, I’m not sure I would exactly put it like that. I certainly do think, and have for many years, that America is ailing spiritually. I was frustrated as anything that Mitt Romney and others like him acted as if moral issues didn’t matter and we should only focus on the economy (which is a moral issue too, but often not acknowledged as such by Republicans.) I think there are some good people in government – I’m not ready to write everyone off. And, yes, we do need to do what we can to restore, protect and preserve all of our freedoms and liberties, (making sure that we ascribe to those principles as we do so).

  7. Dear Susan,

    I appreciate your thoughtful perspective, and I agree, in the narrow scope of “gun control” and abortion/infanticide, that this could’ve those on the “left” on the defensive. I believe there is something greater at stake here, and that is,the end of due process. We’ve seen this repeatedly through civil asset forfeiture, where governments take property and funds from individuals and small businesses because they happen to carry large sums of cash or make deposits of just under the $10,000.00 minimum for reporting purposes. If you’re caught in this position, it is incumbent on the individual to prove their “innocence.” This is the issue I have with the proposed “red flag” proposals. It’s really not about the gun, but to force citizens to acquiesce to the greater power of an out of control government that will determine what is best for each one of us.

    1. Tom, you are correct that this is not about the gun, but about greater government control.

  8. They always talk about ”compromise.” Where is the compromise on their part? Compromise always seems to require surrender of my rights as they give nothing in return. If Democrats want national registration or more stringent background checks then that should mean something on the other end – such as national reciprocity. Currently you can be a legal gun owner in one state or county then cross the invisible border and instantly become a felon due to the patchwork of local regulations and laws. How about hearing protection as in legalizing suppressors? If one passes a stringent background check then that should have real meaning as in increased privileges such as the authority to carry everywhere and eliminate ”gun free zones” (where nearly 100% of mass shootings occur). Change the discussion from ”gun control” to ”victim reduction ” or ”lowered crime rates.” Place sunset clauses on any new regulations: if after a period of time they do not demonstrate any benefit then they must expire. At the same time Democrats want to give felons, non-citizens and 16 year olds the authority to vote they do not trust them to make decisions on how best to protect their lives. The same Democrats who gave felons the right want to institute ”red flag” laws and confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. They just don’t make any sense and they are not negotiating anything in good faith.

    1. Flayer, I think this sentence is a great idea, “Change the discussion from ”gun control” to ”victim reduction ” or ”lowered crime rates.” My basic point is that we cannot allow a biased media and Democrat politicians to control the language and the discussion. Americans lose when that happens.

  9. Marie-Anne Harkness

    I wrote to my representatives: Congresswoman Kim Schrier, Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Good thought. Thank you.

  10. Dear Ms. Susan, I loved your musing. Interestingly, it dovetails nicely with a book I’m reading. The book is titled Jezebel’s War with America. It is written by Dr. Michael Brown. Among other issues it discusses abortion, radical feminism, gender distinctions, idolatry, the rise of witchcraft, and so forth. It also discusses how to defeat this malign spirit in one’s private life and at the national level. Blessings to you and Rabbi Daniel.

  11. unfortunately. republicans have historically been much more effective and comfortable on the defensive. it’s time that changed. the democrats have zero problem ramming their agenda down our throats and demeaning any detractor or even informative questions.

  12. I’m not sure how governmental entities would set up background checks for the private sale of firearms. I had what seemed like an extensive background check both at the gun store when I purchased my little Smith and Wesson and then when I obtained my conceal carry license. Thanks for the great comeback when approached about my Second Amendment right. I’ve been a warrior for life from the early days pre Roe when my mother and I leafed neighborhoods about the abortion issue. Shoulda thought about that dandy rejoinder!! Blessings.

  13. It sounds like you are saying if Democrats agree to abolish Roe v. Wade, then Republicans will agree to pass red-flag laws. If Democrats have to “suffer,” so do Republicans. In exchange for abolishing abortion, Republicans should agree to abolish the 2nd amendment.

    1. Actually, I’m saying two other things, John. One, that if elephants fly we may need to acknowledge that things have changed. More realistically, I’m saying that when President Trump suggests that he will consider red-flag laws and then gets a call from Wayne LaPierre and changes his mind, millions of people see that only as a power/money decision. We cannot allow any discussion of violence to revolve only around guns. Unstable and angry young men can cause mass damage in other ways if they don’t have a gun. We’ve all seen headlines about “45 killed by a bomb at a wedding in Pakistan,” or heard of cars or poison being used in terrorism. We need to get the conversation around to lots of other issues in order to actually make a difference, but if we can’t do that we need to at least make it uncomfortable to raise the issue of gun control, particularly with wobbly Republicans.

  14. That is the perfect answer EXCEPT…the lib will start accusing me of not staying on track, of obfuscating the subject with unrelated (in their minds anyway) nonsense.. I pray G-d gives us wise words that convince and convict, because HE is the ONLY one that can stop their mouths.. hugs

    1. Vanaly, you are right, they will argue that this is unrelated. I can even make that argument myself and say that there is a world of difference between killing a stranger and abortion. That is one reason I would stick to the latest Leftist craze of infanticide in the discussion as a point of a sick culture. It doesn’t matter, because all of a sudden guns aren’t the only thing being discussed.

  15. Susan Right On!
    Every human has a right to defend themselves.
    Lindsey Graham is a war mongering RHINO globalist.
    He would sell out his mother.
    There is a special place for him next to John McCain.

    1. John, I disapprove of much that Lindsay Graham says but I also appreciate other things he does. I’d rather engage with him than dismiss him. I get where you’re coming from as I did not vote for John McCain.

    1. I just got so annoyed hearing one of the presidential contenders saying that since 97% of the populace agrees with something (maybe it was 96 or 95, but it was up there) and aside from questions being crafted to get a certain response, that same contender ignores what 97% ( or 96 or 95) of the people think on other issues.

  16. How about Murray, Cantwell and Schriver? I would help but the last month, have not been able to forward any of my e-mails.

    1. I think that sending to Republicans is more useful, though if you live in a state like Washington your Senators are both Democrats. It is still good for them to know that they don’t represent everyone’s views.

  17. This suggestion is very well articulated, Susan! I would like to add that part of our nation’s mental health problem stems from the low value that many have placed on life itself. Atheism is trending upward, many pathetic leaders to the right and to the left of the political and religious spectrums are to blame for it. Good Shabbos!

    1. LJ, I agree. We are finding out that the break between man and God leads to a break between man and man.

  18. I did share your “Senator Lindsay Graham Mussing” on my FB page targeting Senator Graham. Now I will send an email with your Mussing to his office! Thank you for let us know what his office said!

  19. Excellent point. Don’t agree with the left’s premise. Have a point to counter their objection.

    1. The President has been great about throwing the extreme Left off balance. On this issue, most recently, that hasn’t happened, unfortunately.

    1. As a boy, there were farmers and sportsmen who did not misuse what they owned in the way of handguns and rifles. And such as chem used for mining and farming,etc . Then came others of revolutionary thought and threat, and seen was those who would do bad for pleasure.
      A time once was when my dad guided us out of a park ,when bikers wanted bad. We fortunately needed no use of force.
      The means of defense are not trivial. Thank you for reminder of good responce of readiness in spite of provocation.

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