Closing Holy Day

Sunday night, Oct. 23, starts the final holy day of this Jewish month that is chock-full of festivals. It seems a special gift from God this year, to take extra breaks from listening to the news and views out there. If you’re not Jewish or perhaps you are Jewish but don’t observe these holy days, why not challenge yourself to shut your computer, turn off your radio and talk only to yourself and to those you meet in person for one day a week?  You will most likely find that your level of discourse and thought rises immeasurably.

2 thoughts on “Closing Holy Day”

  1. Vallerie Fletcher

    Positive and powerful suggestion, and one that I will put into practice! Think I needed to hear those words! Health, prosperity, and joy to you as well….and as Rabbi Lapin says, with all of that, the HAPPINESS part….is up to you! Val from Baton Rouge, LA

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