Charlie Brown Republicans


Warning: This Musing
is controversial and may cause offense. I’d much rather it leads to action or,
at least, discussion.

I spent much of the last presidential cycle screaming
(mostly silently, but always passionately) with frustration at Mitt Romney.
More than once, I came close to tears trying to convince one of his most ardent
supporters that the candidate was losing a completely winnable contest.

As I recall, only once during a long, draining and
discouraging primary cycle, did I want to stand up and cheer. During a primary
debate, Newt Gingrich was thrown an attack ball and he treated it like a
boomerang, hurtling it back at the moderator. While I did not believe that
Newt’s temperament was suited for being the leader of the free world, he
undoubtedly understood a vital fact that, through Election Day, eluded Mr.
Romney. The majority of the media and Barack Obama’s campaign were not
interested in a free and open exchange of ideas but only in destroying the
Republicans. No facts, strategies or realities could make a difference unless
one could first gain control of the playing field.

This weekend, I read a book that made me want to stand up
and cheer once again. Honestly, I skipped the first two-thirds of the book and
went directly to the last few chapters. While I will go back and read from the
beginning, sub-chapter headings like, “Never, ever fall into a defensive position,”
and, “Seize the offensive and stay on it,” got me salivating. While, as a child
reading comics  I may have felt sympathy
for Charlie Brown each time Lucy placed a football at his
foot only to yank it away at the last minute, he incited the type of compassion
one feels for an abandoned dog, not the respect and trust one should feel for
an elected representative. Watching Republican candidates respond to questions
on abortion, the age of the earth or other queries meant to trip them up and
make them look foolish, is an exercise in frustration. Waking
the Sleeping Giant
by Timothy C. Daughtry and Gary R. Casselman recognizes
that most conservative candidates are clueless as to what is really going on in
interviews, debates and ad campaigns.

The immigration debate in Congress right now is a prime
example. The Democrats have set up a win/win situation and the Republicans have
accepted their lose/lose option. Despite serious abuse of government powers that
came to light in the last few weeks—abuses that attack the core foundations of
this country and trouble many Democrats and Independents— Republicans eagerly
moved the spotlight to an immigration battle that is a disaster for them, no
matter what the outcome. Way to go, Charlie Brown!

If I sound angry or sick at heart, I am. I do not expect
Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid to preserve the America that I believe will be a
safe and prosperous place for my children. After the last election, I have
given up expecting it from the Republican Party either. The next time I am
asked to support a candidate, emotionally, financially or otherwise, I need to
know more than his or her viewpoints and record. I also need answers to two
additional questions. “Are you going into this election with a huge sign on
your posterior that reads, “Kick me? and, “What P.R. Boot Camp have you
attended and what did you learn?” If the Republican Party doesn’t start a serious
and rigorous training program a la Newt Gingrich, they have lost me. When your
best friends persistently call you the ‘the stupid party’ maybe it’s time to
head down a different track.

P.S.: My thanks to the book club facilitators of Women of
who alerted me to Waking the Sleeping Giant, though the views in this blog are mine alone.

27 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Republicans”

  1. Wow. I loved your comments, but you are so right on. I was so dismayed at Romney, it sickened me that he did not mention things that were questionable, to Obama. He was cow-towing to the moderates and there are very few, very few true conservative politicians left. But, I will not give up on America. I love Ted Cruz, who has NOT compromised his principles. I have given up on Rubio and somewhat with Ryan, who have now leaned towards the middle.
    I know our grandchildren are in deep trouble as they rise as adults. It will no longer be the America you and I grew up in, where there was true freedom and liberty. It is now an entitlement society, and a society that restricts speech more and more; where right is now wrong and wrong is now right. Our society is disintegrating right before our eyes because we allowed it to happen over time (we took America for granted).
    Thank you for putting yourself out there. Very few normal (whatever normal is nowadays…just sayin…) Americans, who are not in politics, will do that.
    But, WE MUST ALL STICK TOGETHER AS AMERICANS because I truly believe that UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL – never compromise the good for bad. It just doesn’t work and will destroy your heart and character.
    NEVER, EVER GIVE UP AMERICA. Get involved in your local government, starting with your school board!

  2. Susan — as long as you were able to get the information, my feelings are fine 🙂 Additionally, I have learned, upon re-reading the comments, I simply must incorporate spell-check into my future comments. All the best.

  3. Thank you, Susan, for your brilliant and brave comments about the Republican Party. Just this week I came to the same conclusion that I am no longer a Republican but now consider myself without a viable party. But I have hope that those who believe in freedom and liberty and the living God will be able to unite into a force that will attract Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and all others who want to return to our constitutional roots and the principles that the founding fathers fought so bravely to establish. May God give us wisdom and favor!

  4. Fred,
    Sorry- but you can’t give up! Each of of us as individuals has to keep our voices loud (or soft but persuasive). There is no relying on a party – it is up to us.

  5. Well stated, Susan. After the last election I was so disappointed in Romney’s performance that I have given up everything politics. No more talk radio, FNC, or political websites. I’m done with it all. I believe the Republicrats and Democans are both worthless parties with the Repubs living in the past and the Demonrats taking advantage of every opportunity to stick it to the American people while they listen to their ipods and play with their smart phones. It’s a sad, sad time in which we live and I don’t see an end in sight.

  6. As an immigrant, I can speak to the immigration debate. I came to this country legally as a child and my parents followed the law. I became a naturalized citizen because I wanted what the founding fathers wanted a voice in my government through voting. I find it interesting that due to the humanism and secularism of this country that there are now no rules. We have people who break the law and are rewarded for it and an administration that is free to target an enemies list that is not only greater and more obviously targeted than the one that brought down Nixon. The slippery slope has disintegrated into falling off the proverbial cliff legally, morally, and humanely. Depending upon who the person is, we no longer have to abide by the law or enforce it; do what is morally right and forget humanity when we can dispose of children like toilet paper. Forget the parties, we need to look to the God of our forefathers to save us!

  7. Julia – if the side of the pond you are on is England, I hear that Queen Victoria didn’t want England to use submarines because it wasn’t a gentlemanly thing to do.

  8. Jenny,
    I hear people warn against a third party meaning that the Democrat Party will win as the more conservative vote splits. I think that has already happened with many conservatives staying out of the game altogether – not only in voting but in being willing to put up yard signs, bumper stickers and open their mouths to support candidates. Too many people like me are disgruntled Republican by default.

  9. Gerry, I agree with you that I don’t identify as a Republican but by my principles. Still, of the two parties the Republican Party officially shares more of my principles. However, I don’t see them as competent to put them forth and, sadly, I fear that too many of the poobahs see the principles as something to use or discard depending on the whims of the moment.

  10. Cindy, I recently read Frankenstein (for the first time) and I found the book fascinating on many levels. In fact, my husband and I ended up discussing it on an episode of Ancient Jewish Wisdom on the TCT network that will be airing soon.

  11. Steve: I deleted the link you supplied because my policy is to not give links I don’t know, and I wanted to post your comment before I had time to check it out. But people can do their own research and you gave some fascinating info.

  12. Oh, dear dear Susan,
    You are not alone in this. My children, who are blindly Democratic, have responded to my arguments in outrageously biased and disrespectful replies which attack my grasp of politics. Who did they learn world affairs from? Who taught them that, although it is easier to by-pass the Constitution, and use executive orders, it can(will) lead to loss of rights we should hold dear?
    We cannot be bullied into being quiet. Disdain for my beliefs will not quiet me. Louder is not righter. I’m with you!

  13. Mitt Romney was our great hope against a system spiralling out of control. Unfortunately, he was playing the gentleman instead of the warrior whom we needed to save us. The sleeping giants are about to be unleashed, and everyone will wonder how this could have happened on their watch. When they simultaneously come together, it will be a giant net that ensnares us all. For years, we have tightened the safety net around us so we can be snug in our cocoons, with our Social Security System, the Federal Reserve, our welfare system, subsidies, and now Obamacare. With nationalized education on the horizon under the guise of Common Core and the new immigration bill with its thousand plus pages of fine print no one is reading, the safety net wraps still tighter. Then there is NSA, Homeland Security, CIA and FBI agents spying on citizens instead of paying attention to our borders and known terrorists, Ben Franklin said it best. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Our systems are sleeping giants that will arise like Frankenstein to form a tyranny against us all unless we cry out for the mercy of God to save us. “Thus strangely are our souls constructed, and by slight ligaments are we bound to prosperity and ruin” (quote from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley).

  14. Susan,
    I do not see anything offensive in your comments. However, I agree with you so I may be biased! I too would like to see action rather than name-calling and false promise making. I live in Texas and I hear tell that things are better here. Heaven help the rest of the country! Republicans are in a constant battle here especially in Houston where I live. Republicans in name only is a real issue here. However, I do not really want to turn people into Republicans. I would like to turn them into well read and educated participants in the political process. I do agree that the people like Mitt Romney don’t “get it”. However, that does not let me off the hook. I have to stay involved in the process no matter how frustrating. So I am thinking of ways to convince other folks that they have to have some skin in the game no matter how busy they are. Despair is not an option. I have an idea that would cost no money but would cost huge amounts of time which I don’t have. Your husband’s Thought Tool on balance struck very close to home. Still I have to do something more than I have been and I am much more active than most. So I am praying for wisdom! Thank you so much for the ministry you and your husband provide. It has helped me in many ways one of which is to give me hope. My hope levels go up every Wednesday when I read both blogs!

  15. Thank you for expressing my thoughts and feelings. I, too, have given up on the Republican party. I am a conservative with no representation.

  16. Skwerl E Muckenfutch

    Amen Mrs. Lapin!
    I too have grown tired of the wishy washy, focus group engineered candidates. They speak volumes yet say nothing, and even worse- stand for nothing.
    I am running for local office again, and my Committee is on me to attend campaign school, which basically extolls the virtues of talking much, saying nothing of substance and standing for nothing. Don’t be provocative, don’t question- just ride the tide till election day.
    Again, I declined.
    I advised the Committee if I am not their ideal candidate, find someone who is. I have a soul and am capable of rational thought. I know BS when I hear it and will call it such. If that is too controversial, so be it.
    I remain on the ballot.

  17. This is mainly to encourage you. I found your treatise fascinating and, from what I can see – the other side of the pond – very true. The trouble is that people who are in the slightest bit honourable have real difficult in handling aggression which is so sad because aggression crops up quite a bit in the bible, sometimes it is even aggression which has a positive outcome (quelle horreur!) If nothing else maybe you have encouraged your readers to get back to God’s word and look up how to be assertive without losing your honour!

  18. When I was in elementary school, my father would absent himself many summers to participate in Reserve Training exercises. One day he showed me a huge map of the Soviet Union. His unit was given a block of instruction on Soviet propaganda and the nature of communism. This training came full circle a couple of years ago when he showed me a pamphlet written by one David Horowitz, whose parents were avowed communists and long sought to undermine the American way.
    Mr. Horowitz discovered the logical fallacies and false premises of the Left and reformed. He wrote a pamphlet how the Left operates: (1) Seek power, irrespective of whether you know how to use it (you won’t); (2) Destroy your opponent by whatever means necessary; (3) Divide and conquer. The Democratic Socialist party have engorged and subsumed so many Saul Alinsky tactics of the communist revolutionaries that they are oft virtually indistinguishable.
    It is “nice” political etiquette à la Emily Post to prop up the decent façade of participation in honest political dialogue. But this façade belies the destructive philosophy of the Left. Perhaps the time has come for Republicans to receive Reserve Training in the devices of the enemy and how to engage in the philosophy and execution of practical maneuvers to evade, mobilize and attack, if not to stoop to the Left’s level of ridicule and character assassination, at least to anticipate such tactics and assume the offensive to expose and defeat their false premises and empty promises.

  19. So the US is now at a tipping point, and you don’t like it. The deck seems to be stacked against your party. The future appears to belong to liberals, not conservatives.
    What is one to do?
    In order to understand the bigger picture, I would recommend reading “The Fourth Turning.” In 1997 two historians told us in The Fourth Turning that the US would enter a crisis period lasting from 2005 to 2025. About the time most of the people have died from the last crisis period (1925 to 1945) then the country would become susceptible to a new crisis. More on The Fourth Turning –
    I think the problems related to the Republican party are just part of a bigger problem related to the state of the country as a whole. There is no solution without a lot of pain.

  20. Susan Heumphreus

    Here is another “Susan” who agrees with you 100% I especially loved reading your analysis of Republican’s inability to take control of an interview, and their acquiescence in this ridiculous “immigration reform” script.
    My husband and I have been “done with the Republicans” for a few years now. Romney’s poor showing didn’t help. We have ceased contributing to ANY party-sponsored fundraisers.
    What keeps us at least minimally optimistic? People like you and Rabbi Lapin. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. The Tea Party. Other friends who post on Facebook. There are way more Constitutional conservatives than one would think. However, it still frustrates me that other conservatives think it’s OK to sit back and do nothing BUT post on Facebook!
    Thanks for your willingness to speak boldly!

  21. R. Saul Levinson

    The Repubs are more than the “stupid party”. They gingerly stick to such “no compromise” positions on immigration reform, states rights, health care, welfare reform, and spending reform as they see it, that the whole underlying functional precepts of our government and its reliance on compromise results in government inaction. The media and the Dems didn’t back the Repubs into taking such immovable positions, they did that to themselves. Until the Repubs learn that compromise is essential in the functioning of our government they will continue to lose elections, and lose the support of citizens that just want the government to at least, minimally, serve the people.

  22. The problem in my view wasn’t the media, it was the leadership of the republican party choosing a candidate whos “platform” had no conviction, but was attempting to make everyone happy, and in doing so, made very few people happy. Mitt Romney, a MA Republican.. is, on most issues (not rhetoric, but track record) more liberal than Washingtons former Governor “Queen Christine”. Unfortunately, the way the system seems to work anymore is Best Liar wins the Whitehouse. and the current Emperor is a fantastic liar, because his worshipers will believe anything he says, even when he’s caught in a lie. if the Republicans really want to win.. they need to promote a candidate that will ignite the base. their current concept seeeems to be to (rightly) assume that most of them aren’t going to vote Democratic, so run left, sound like an everyman guy, and try and pick up 5% of the displeased Democrats to win an election…
    HOWEVER .. all one has to do is look at the issue of firearms and see that if you upset a core group.. they can and will mobilize. put out a candidate that Republicans would gladly rally around.. not hold their nose and vote against the other guy…. that they’d find that there are a LOAD of conservative voters out there who as of this time, have “checked out” of the process.
    Personally, in Good conscience, i could not, nor did i, vote for Romney. I (and a TON of people i’ve talked to) voted for Ron Paul in the primary, and truthfully think there was some funny business that kept his primary numbers low, because, despite liberal NY based Republican Pundits denial, Ron Paul won the debates he was invited to… the Base likes Ron Paul, the Establishment does not. Since Paul had towed the party line, i voted for Gary Johnson, of the Libertarian party, even though i am a Card carrying Republican PCO. I would not vote for Obama, nor for Romney, because they are two heads of the same snake. big intrusive government, no respect for the fundimentals of the constitution unless it suites their need-of-the-moment, and the same recycled bureaucrats behind the scenes.
    “Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class — whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy.”
    ― Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

  23. From my perspective the election between Obama and Romney was between the devil and the devil, so I voted for an independent, knowing he couldn’t win. Romney is a Mormon and I made a commitment to God to have nothing to do with Mormons after this experience. Years ago I allowed some Mormons in my home and was given a Book Of Mormon a.k.a. “the BOM” and set it on my night stand. I never opened it again, but merely saw it as U went to bed each night. Unfortunately that became like a spiritual allergy – the more times I saw it, the longer I lay awake each night praying away the darkness that was growing. Eventually I stayed awake the whole night and gave up to God who then set my eyes on the book and reminded me of a spiritual teaching that demons come through false pictures of Jesus. So I threw it out and committed to have nothing to do with Mormons. Years later when Romney was running I argued against him on a forum and eventually learned of the verses where the alleged “alternate testimony of Jesus” actually was in the BOM and I read enough to compare them with the words of Jesus in the Gospels. It was an obvious fake, not the precise intent and tone Jesus conveyed. So I learned the BOM is indeed a false picture of Jesus. Of course the logic then came if Romney is willing to fake his own spiritual life, the thing that is most important, wouldn’t he also fake other things? To be brief Obama may be worse but perhaps an incompetent devil is slightly better than a smart devil? In any case I do like your Charlie Brown analogy. What is needed is Newt as chair of the Republican Party – which I messaged his daughter. We also need a complete spiritual reformation as explained here. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing Jesus the creator as absolute perfection in human form who we should all know and grow into as much as possible. If America does this, we should then elect better government like our founders did.

  24. Susan, I agree that republicans find ways to lose very winnable elections. But I think the problem is that we associate republican with conservative. Many republicans are not conservative. And there is not a champion for the conservation viewpoint on the national public stage at this time. I am hopeful that maybe Paul Ryan will become a solid conservative leader. But I have lost faith in the Republican Party.

  25. Susan, brilliant observations. The GOP so “O” they don’t even know who they’re fighting, and it’s worse than you think. Using marketing technology, the Obama campaign created 30,000 (!) profiles of people, and crafted messages that were pre-campaign already shown to move numbers. The commercials and emails to target groups of cultivatable voters — both to encourage Obama supporters and discourage whoever wanted to vote for the eventual GOP nominee were literally already written in advance. The questions thrown at the nominees were designed to generate the “live” soundbites these pre-written commercials needed. No wonder a deer friend, who’s not “that” tuned into politics, asked me the week before the election “why do the Republicans seem to only talk about banning condoms?” **pull football** The GOP — especially the consultants — have no idea what they’re up against or how it operates. Good news: a former PalPal exec, and one of “us,” does. Check out Rod Martin:

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