Your Mother’s Guidance

Facing Fear

A 'Your Mother's Guidance' post by Rebecca Masinter Anxiety in children was on the rise way before COVID but, unfortunately, it is even more prevalent now. Fear itself isn’t a problem—it’s an opportunity to either become empowered and take action or, God forbid, to take the opposite path and become anxious and fall into dejection. …

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What’s Positive about Pigs? (and camels)

‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ by Rebecca Masinter Chapter 14 of the book of Deuteronomy lists two signs that kosher mammals must possess: they must have cloven hooves and chew their cuds. A few animals have one sign but are lacking the other one, rendering them non-kosher. The Torah lists these animals. We would have expected that …

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Shalom – How to Pursue Peace

A ‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ post by Rebecca Masinter Numbers 6:22-27 includes the timeless instruction from God to the Priests to bless the Jewish people. The blessing begins with the word “Yevarechecha,” “May [God] bless you,” and end with the words, “v’yasem lecha shalom,” “and He should put peace upon you”.  Ancient Jewish wisdom points out …

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