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What Homeschooling Resources Do You Recommend?

That is a bit like asking me for the secret of successful marriage or how to build a multi-million dollar business. In the final analysis, while there are many useful home-schooling resources and taking advantage of the hard work done by others is a no-brainer, as human beings each of us has to independently sift […]

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Dennis Prager on the importance of hobbies

There is a lot of what I consider nonsense written about raising healthy children, so I would like to use this site to share useful and good things that I come across. To that effect, here is a link to a post by Dennis Prager that I think makes an excellent point.

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Everyone Homeschools – Even You

Maybe your children go to school. Maybe you don’t have children or they are no longer little. If you have breath in your body, you need to think of yourself as a homeschooler.  Learning is a lifetime occupation. Unless you want to be boring, bitter, unimaginative and stuck in a rut, keep learning. Whether you

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What Is This Page?

On my husband’s live chat podcast a while back, one listener asked for homeschool resources. My husband suggested that he ask me by writing in an Ask the Rabbi question on the topic, which he (and others) did. Rather than list resources in an Ask the Rabbi answer, I thought I might try something different.

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Should my children read Harry Potter?

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I’m an orthodox Jewish homeschool mom of five and I love your show! Our homeschool curriculum focuses heavily on reading good literature and my kids have just reached the age where Edward Eager’s tales of magic, C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, as well as many others in the fantasy genre

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Having it All

I got a lovely Mother’s Day card from one of my daughters that brought tears of joy to my eyes, but it also highlighted one of the enemies of successful living. Among other sweet words, she wrote, “I am only now starting to realize how much of your own life and time and personal pursuits

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When Loving Children Isn’t Enough

My husband and I flew home from Dallas a short while ago after a week filled with appearances, including our multi-day presentation on marriage and money. Two tired travelers, an evening flight and a crowded plane suggested that zoning out was the best strategy. I had never heard of the movie being shown, Way, Way

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When Society Doesn’t Fit

Sometimes, approaching a familiar topic from an unexpected angle provides perspective. When a writer presents a peek into an unfamiliar culture and he is motivated by interest rather than by an agenda, he offers that opportunity. A book I recently read, Plain Secrets: An Outsider Among the Amish by Joe Mackall gave me not only

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Lifetime Learning

After our friend, Mike, served multiple military tours overseas and was back in civilian life, he explained to me that one is never an ex-Marine. You may not be on active service, but you are still a Marine. I hope he and his comrades won’t find this offensive, but I feel somewhat the same way

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How Dare You!

This past week my daughter brought her homeschooled six year old son in for his state-required annual evaluation. Now, Emily (name changed upon request) may have her own family and business and present herself to the outside world as the competent adult she is, but she is still one of my babies. This is to

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