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Is This Why American Airlines and Fedex Lost Aircraft This Past Friday?

An American Airlines airplane aborted a take-off from Chicago’s O’Hare,  just in time, thank God, when one of its engines exploded and caught fire this past Friday.  A few hours later, a Fedex-owned aircraft caught fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida.  Were these both cases of negligence by maintenance crew?  With modern airplanes equipped …

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Closing Holy Day

Sunday night, Oct. 23, starts the final holy day of this Jewish month that is chock-full of festivals. It seems a special gift from God this year, to take extra breaks from listening to the news and views out there. If you’re not Jewish or perhaps you are Jewish but don’t observe these holy days, why not …

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More Police Officers Killed

Two more police officers were targeted and killed on Saturday in California. Meanwhile, for taking on the job of protecting the public you get reviled by President Obama and the media who assume you are guilty even after being proven innocent. If the bad apples in politics were removed, we’d have an almost empty Senate. If the …

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Does God Determine How Much You Earn?

The Jewish “New Year”, Rosh Hashana,  has just ended.  I have been privileged to be teaching in Jerusalem where several people have asked me the same question.  If God judges every human on this holyday, and furthermore He determines the fate of everyone including their financial fortunes, why bother working?  Everything is up to God …

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Debate Prep

Actually, I’m not talking about Trump or Clinton prep, but rather my own and that of other citizens. The Wall Street Journal yesterday had a fascinating piece contrasting serious policy debate, where elected officials lays out their beliefs while trying to decide public policy, from our current TV debates, where each individual basically does shameless self-promotion.  I …

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