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How Can I Tell My Son…

Peace be with you. I’m a Christian by faith, and I have great love and respect for Jews and Israel. I’ve read the Torah and many books of the Bible and always wondered, why were male Jews allowed to marry more than one wife and/or be with their wife’s servant? Among the 613 and 10 […]

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Are My Sprains, Breaks, and Injuries Sending Me a Message?

I was reading your book “Business Secrets from the Bible” and really like it! You mention how activities such as business and marriage and warfare can be greatly aided by The Bible because they are specifically addressed in the Bible. I do not mean to completely flatter you (well kinda ;)), but my knowledge of

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My Son is Doing the Opposite

I have prayed since my boys were babies that they’d grow up to marry Jewish and find their destined brides at the right time. My son is dating a non-Jewish woman. I’m going to Israel in a few weeks. What additional prayers or commandments can I do to have my son move toward having a

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I’m the Breadwinner

Dear Rabbi and Susan, You mentioned in your recent podcast that it is detrimental to a marriage when the woman is the primary breadwinner. What advice do you have for a wife who is the primary breadwinner when her husband is physically healthy but has chosen to be a househusband and won’t look for work?

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Our Son-in-Law

Dear Rabbi and Susan, Our son-in-law has disrespected my husband and me on two separate occasions when visiting him and my daughter. We live far away, and so we see them in intense bouts. He has a lot of baggage from his childhood (he never spoke to his father until he was on his deathbed)

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Has God’s Promise Expired?

Does the following scripture in Deuteronomy 6: 1-2 only mean that this promise is only to last for 3 generations? Has this promise expired? “And this is the commandment, the statutes and the laws, the Lord your God commanded to teach you to observe in the land that you are crossing into to inherit. So

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My Wife Kept an Inheritance a Secret

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I don’t know what to do. While my wife and I have always had a roof over our head, there are times we have only been able to afford soup and crackers for supper. I work for a non-profit, a job I love, and my wife is a teacher. Despite our

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And Promises To Keep…

Can you talk about the importance of keeping your promises? Noah Dear Noah, We are pretty sure that you do not expect us to reply saying, “Actually, promises don’t matter.” On the other hand, if you are hoping that we will provide you with a convincing case to show to someone in your life who

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I’m Not Ready To Be Gramps

I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. The inquiry I would like to make is regarding grandparenthood. Here is my story: my 29-year-old son has recently chosen to get married to his living-with girlfriend in August 2024. (Great news) He tells us that the doctors have told him that due to STDs that he

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Dear Rabbi and Susan, In the process of working through my five Fs, I’ve been reading the Bible with a group of friends. One of the things I find disturbing is the genocide in the Torah. Can you help me with the concept of conquering a people and killing every man, woman, and child? Fred

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