Burying Justice

I have a number of draft Musings on my desktop that I’ve started but not yet completed.  I am having trouble finishing them.   Some are frustrated and angry; others seek a glimmer of hope. I am leaving them for another time. You see, they are all predicated on seeing a future for the United States of America.  But today, I feel like I am attending her funeral. 

I hope and pray that tomorrow America rises from her knees.  Tomorrow I hope I shall see where and how I can fight and help us move forward, but today I am in mourning.  That is awkward, as right now I am in the midst of celebrating the Festival of Tabernacles/Sukkot, known as “The Time of Our Happiness.” It is the most joyous of the Jewish festivals and a rather demanding God insists that we celebrate it in happiness. 

So, what happens when a loved one happens to pass away over this eight day Festival of happiness? Burials do take place, as Judaism requires us Jews to  hold funerals as quickly as possible, but in honor of the festival, no eulogies are spoken.. The immediate family that would normally retire home to sit shiva and follow other details for the  week of mourning, do not do so.

A few tears ran freely down my face as I listened today to the shredding of a justice system that sometimes failed, but at least officially upheld high standards. Those standards were trampled by those who swore allegiance to a Constitution whose lofty ideas they now publicly mocked.  Some of those politicians  who claim to defend the constitution have openly abandoned all Constitutional norms and are sanctimoniously applauding an assassination attempt on the character of a highly regarded judge, finding it irrelevant whether or not it is truthful.  Others look incompetent and out of touch in their impotent attempts to defend the nearly 300 year-old fortress of American constitutional tradition. They left Judge Kavanaugh on his own.   

Because it is Sukkot, I washed my face, put on a smile and planned my menus. Today, I have nothing more to say.


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  1. The really big problem with this Ford-Kavanaugh incident is that if it succeeds, it will have set the precedent that our political process can be overturned by a single accuser with no corroborating evidence or witnesses. That opens the door to extreme chaos, unless everyone is an angel or there are no “the ends justify the means” types, as it grants veto power to any individual willing to attest to a disqualifying story regardless of its truthfulness. That will destroy our society and MUST be rejected. So this isn’t just an issue of Ford-Kavanaugh. Far bigger than that is basic societal and governmental order that is at stake.

    1. You are absolutely right, David. Have you noticed the irony that many of the same people who agitate because there are people wrongly in jail because of inept or corrupt police and legal work are the ones wanting to convict someone on the basis of no evidence?

  2. Judge Kavanaugh is the type of man any evil person would fear and try to destroy. And it doesn’t matter if his family is destroyed in the process. So many questions arise in this fiasco: Why was a 15-year-old girl at a drinking party? The woman who claims she witnessed repeated drunken rape parties – what was she doing there? Was she stalking Kavanaugh? And where were these girls’ parents? It’s strange to me that the ones who are so concerned about these alleged abuses have so savagely abused Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters. If they’re going to conduct an FBI investigation into the high school history of this good man, we should demand FBI investigations into the high school histories of every justice now sitting in every court in this great country. And while we’re at it, let’s go back to what every Senator and Representative did during their adolescence. How many perfect teen-agers will we find? It reminds me of a scene or two in “To Kill a Mockingbird” – facts didn’t matter, the black man was guilty of rape as soon as the woman accused him, even though he could not possibly have done the deed. The “crazy” recluse was automatically guilty of every strange thing that happened in the neighborhood, even when he was proven innocent. In the book, some lives were lost and others destroyed. Where and when will this insanity end?

  3. I’ve been mourning as well for two days now. I’m sick and frightened. It seems that evil has the upper hand now. I wrote my senator, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, a heart wrenching letter (I’ve never voted for her but I was hoping she was a relatively sane Democrat.) I doubt she ever sees it. I also wrote Senator Jeff Flake and gave him a piece of my mind. Then I went and bathed to wash the whole thing off. We cannot be complacent any more. We are engaged in a vicious war against evil. I feel helpless but I can pray and fast with my congregation at least and that’s exactly what I plan to do tomorrow. Love you both,
    Dianne P.
    a faithful viewer

  4. I thought that I was the only one having an emotional meltdown over this whole moral- political situation. That old saying misery loves company doesn’t make me feel any better. However as a Christian I stand with you all in prayer against the destruction of our nation.

  5. It is always intriguing and somewhat mystical for us to seek God’s understanding of a matter pressing against us that is causing us much apprehension and anxiety. But, we do it believing that ultimately He will help to enlighten us and to guide us in the right direction. Knowing that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all, we rest assured that He is not confused, perplexed nor deceived by all the cunning and wiley ways of men. God is light in every sense of the word. He cannot be deceived. So let us ask Him now for understanding and wisdom for the sake of our blessed country. He is our rock and the anchor of our souls.

    These engaging matters concerning the SCOTUS nominee confirmation in the Senate Judicial Committee that will affect all Americans for generations to come is no doubt weighing heavily upon the hearts of many people. Susan, you have commented in your “Burying Justice” musing today regarding the future for the United States of America, have said, “I feel like I am attending her funeral.” I read a piece today from a commentator about this confirmation process, saying, “this place has become a sewer of lies, a cesspool of indiscriminate human destruction.”

    What struck me so strongly in an unusual way during the testimony of Judge Kavanaugh was his quotation from Hosea 8:7, saying, “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind:” My fellow friends, this is a warning to all of us, not just one side. As Americans and as believers, whether Jews or Christians, I believe we should give much weight and take great heed to these words given in the heat of battle. I believe this warning may be prophetic. We have been witnessing and many times have been complicit in the bewitching of the American people for decades and have done little to nothing to stop it. I fear, we too have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind. May God forgive us all. May God help us to get on the right path, do the right things and take heed to His plans to save our nation.

    Thank you Rabbi and Susan Lapin,
    Michael Caruso

  6. Dear Rabbi Lapin and Susan,

    Thank you both for being true to God’s Word, for echoing the depths of His heart, and for consistently yet lovingly saying what needs to be said. I consider myself blessed at the highest levels for having been led to your ministry by the set-apart Spirit of God. I am a better daughter to the Living God, as well as a better wife, mother, home educator, sister to my brothers and sisters in Yeshua, neighbor, gulf-bridger, and standard-bearer to this broken world because of you. We DO need a rabbi and I daily praise the Holy One of Israel for giving us you!

  7. I would like to add a thought. If the criteria for a leader is for him to have a spotless character and to be devoid of all apparent vices, we will get men without courage, without wisdom, devoid of experience, and possibly of low intelligence and will this be the type of leader that appeals to a future United States of America? Is this the criteria by which the citizenry will use to elect future leaders? The type of men of which radical feminists would approve? Is this where we are going? UGH!!!

  8. Democrats have had to dig all the way back to Kavanaugh’s high school days to get anything of interest on him. This certainly sets a drastic, new precedent. Teens often make bad choices in a swirl of hormones and poor judgement. We’ll never what really happened, but a person’s character can improve dramatically over the decades. That’s the goal, I’d hope, for most people.

    In contrast, Bill Clinton’s character was fixed. A lying adulterer in his 20s straight through to his 50s (and probably beyond). Trump’s is fixed, another lying adulterer, who’s spent his adult life consumed by greed, ego, and lust. Neither are good men.

    The Democrats inability to find a Kavanaugh scandal within recent decades probably means he’s developed into a decent man.

    1. Hateful people had to resort to going way back to a time where character could not be defended because it was so long ago and as Jacob (in the comment above me) said, even if the event took place (which it did not) it would have taken place by a person with an under developed mind – this is maddening. PRAY FOR THE TRUTH TO PREVAIL! Pray for Judge Kavanaugh and his family. Blessings –

  9. Susan:
    On April 12, you published a musing, titled, “Yet We Live.” In your article, you said, you wanted to share an uplifting, optimistic, and soul-searching video. I watched and listened to the song. I looked at the faces, from the very young to those who personally experienced one of the world’s greatest atrocities. I listened to words like, “And both my eyes still look toward the light.” and “I ask and also pray how wonderful that hope is not lost.”
    I am old enough to have witnessed many of this country’s historical highs and lows. Today, I join you in hoping and praying that America can rise from her knees because we live in perilous times. So many are working to cast aside our Constitution and take this country in a dangerous direction.
    I sometimes reread that particular musing and even more often replay the video. I needed to do so today.
    Thanks for so often saying what needs to be said.

  10. The greatest weapon we have is our vote in November. I pray all of us use it. My heart is broken for this family, for our judicial process and for this beautiful nation founded on the principals of the Almighty. He sees and has a plan….that’s my joy in this season.

  11. I totally agree with what you said and how you feel. In a Post-Modern world where feelings trump truth, and people believe that just saying something makes it true, this is what you get. Do not stand on neutral ground or we will enter, if we haven’t already, another Dark Age period.

  12. Dear Susan,
    While I respect the opinions expressed here, I’m finding it difficult to understand why the mourning is taking place now.
    The day #45 was elected to the highest office of this land is the day America died. Civility ? How can those who claim to Love God and Jesus Christ support and individual who lied his way to the presidency. An individual who lies daily! This is not about politics, it’s not about Democrat vs Republican. I believe as a Christian, that it’s about good vs evil. God will not be mocked! His Truth will prevail. If the judge is innocent why wouldn’t he agree to an FBI investigation? What does he have to hide? Please , open your eyes and see the truth!! Trump is relying on Kavanaugh to pardon him if he is nominated to the Supreme Court. For the sake of our country let’s pray that never happens.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Nancy–
      We don’t agree with much you wrote in your letter here, but we appreciate you reading our work.

    2. Hillary Rodham Clinton, civil?

      National civility during Obama?

      Former President, Bill Clinton! (known sexual misconduct with 19 year old Monica Lewinski, and many others)

      Good policy is what we choose to vote for, and now we have much better policy with President Donald Trump.

  13. Thank you for your commentary, Susan. What you say is so unfortunately true. The death of civility; the death of reasoned discourse; the death of the traditional family; the death of classical education–the death of the American dream.

  14. I am full of joy as God showed up. I don’t believe Ford will do much. I fear she was used and will need mental help. But the Judge ended with 100% statement with God as his witness that he is innocent. God was with him.

  15. It just seems there no shame in what the Democrats will do to gain power. They don’t care whom they hurt nor falsely accuse. It extremely troublesome. What can they possibly do next? They’ve already messed up a highly regarding judge. It’s so sickening. Where do we go from here? what’s happened to this Country??

  16. Dear Susan,

    “Those standards were trampled by those who swore allegiance to a Constitution whose lofty ideas they now publicly mocked. Some of those politicians who claim to defend the constitution have openly abandoned all Constitutional norms and are sanctimoniously applauding an assassination attempt on the character of a highly regarded judge, finding it irrelevant whether or not it is truthful.”

    I haven’t heard it said any better. This grief is felt by many. This civil war, yes I said it, is past the beginning.


  17. I,also, am deeply troubled by the savaging of Kavanaugh’s reputation. I can’t watch this wrongful attack of Trump’s noteworthy and respectable nominee for the Supreme Court. I can only hope that somehow this will quickly pass and his nomination will be confirmed. Those supporting this travesty of justice should be ashamed of themselves. It is slander at its worst.

  18. I am not responding to individual comments as I usually do. I want to share my platform with all of you so we can support each other as we fight for our country.

    1. In my opinion, YOU and Rabbi both ROCK and am GREATFULL for discovering U2…….BIG HUGS of STRENGTH YOUR WAY…..

  19. Today it didn’t matter whether I applied legal/Constitutional standards that I learned in law school or biblical/moral standards that I learned from Torah…. today was a tragedy. Young female friends, just starting their families, were screeching on FB to believe females…. no evidence needed. They had no thought what could happen to their lives, their families, their sons [and, I suppose, eventually their daughters]should these new standards of hysteria as proving truth be applied to people they love.

    I tremble for a world where we return to mob rule and virtual lynchings. Truth be damned. Evidence be damned. To what lower level of Hell on Earth have we fallen.

    G-d help us.

    Sharon Victoria Frisco, Ph.D.
    Ms. Senior Michigan USA 2018

  21. It was very difficult and heartbreaking to see this man choking back tears as he fought for his reputation and innocence in front of the world and those jackals in the Senate opposing him.
    I prayed for him and his family during this travesty.
    God bless the Kavanaugh family.

  22. You are a kindred spirit, Susan. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to go to sleep to escape but Judge Kavanaugh needed us today no holds barred. The 20% of “undecideds” need to reflect a sense of responsibility at the polls to restore Constitutionality to the judicial process. Our 40% MUST show up at the polls because we know the opposing camp’s 40% will be there in force. God bless and God speed Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment. I am holding my breath waiting for that vote to be taken. Blessings.

  23. Democratic senators used Dr Ford as a political bomb in order to savage Judge Kavanaugh just to thwart the President. Those senators ripped human decency and morality to shreds. Hopefully, on a personal level Dr Ford will get counseling for the trauma she clearly experienced at some point. Unfortunately, they severely damaged Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation without a qualm. What’s most frightening to me is the death of the souls in America.

  24. The anger and nausea you feel is rampant. We are seeing as we have long seen, a clear and vile pattern emerging: whenever a successful conservative figure is to emerge victorious, accusers from decades ago mysteriously pop out of the woodwork to facilitate sordid innuendo and public character assassination on the pillory of the wanton American media. It matters not whether the accusations are true or false, they demonstrate one thing: the democratic socialists have learned from their fascist and communist mentors how to neutralize, even destroy any opponent toward the triumph and the greater glory of socialism: the glorious end justifies any and all means. Yet every evil means must have evil ends. I would be so ashamed to be a democratic socialist: not one of them could live up to the standards they set, or survive the withering micro-scrutiny they apply to others, yet not to themselves or to their own kind. It is indeed frightening that the ghosts of Goebbels, Marx, Lenin and Trotsky stalk the halls of the Senate, where constitutional rules and order once prevailed, and basic human decency suffers. As I articulated once before in a Musing, Peter Ustinov in his autobiography noted that today it matters not what virtues a man has, what matters today is the absence of vices. A man need have only the brain of a head of gouda, the resolution of a rabbit and the courage of an ostrich, as long as he displays no vices, he is home free. Alas! Such travesties can only drive decent men away from politics.

  25. I feel sick over what is being done to Judge Kavanaugh and his family. It makes me think of the Salem witch trials. So outrageous and so unfair.

  26. You are so right in your observation. What American could walk away and not know we are in trouble in the highest government places.

    1. We have been in trouble for decades if not at least one century. Brick by brick the tyranny has been building…..Our Rabbi states it started in 1962. In my humble opinion and observation it has been growing. The first was ‘When did Congress start to get paid’. The second was the start of Income Tax.

  27. I am also sick at heart. They have taken advantage of a hurting woman to destroy her and a fine upstanding man just for a power play. Two families played with in the public just for a disgusting power play.

  28. Joan Marie Gloss Snyder

    It is so disturbing and uprooting that I simply cannot watch the process. What is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right and woe to our country. These attacks are ruining the democracy that has set a standard and now will mean that this country no longer can stand for justice. Lying is still a sin.

  29. I was disgusted by the whole thing. I couldn’t listen to the lies any longer and turned off the radio. That woman is being used, or she is a liar, or a combination of both. Her screechy high pitched voice and phony recall was too much to take. None of the Democratic Senators asked her questions. They just went on and on about how brave she is. She will be on every talk show for weeks, will have someone ghost a book for her and will become a professional victim, like Anita Hill. She will be asked to speak at graduations and other ceremonies where she will get a standing ovation when she walks on stage. And Judge Kavanaugh will be know as a serial rapist from now on. I’ve had it.

    1. But don’t let them win. Judge – soon to be Justice – Kavenaugh has not given up so we must not let him and what he stands for down. Remember who is behind this and vote, contribute, campaign.

      It is outrageous that an accuser can arrive armed with the advantage that her ”inconsistencies” or lack of memory are attributed to her trauma whereas the accused must be able to prove where he was every single day for a span of 2 years 36 years ago in order to prove himself innocent! The witch trials have begun again.

      By the way, I did not find her brave not credible. Quite the opposite. She is a fantacist.

    2. I listened to the broadcast taped on Friday and I couldn’t believe that someone else reacted as I did to watching Thursday’s hearings. I watched with a friend and we were both so angry and depressed and saddened by what we saw that it was difficult to plow through the tasks before us. I felt very alone until I heard that you Susan experienced the same emotions. We must vote republican and pray. SNL made fun of Kavanaugh in skit last night. …… I did not watch! But how vile and disgusting no skit about about the accusers performance…of course

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