Body and Soul

While preparing Gila Manolson’s book, Hands Off: This May Be Love for a second printing, I took the opportunity to look through it again. The following quote jumped out at me:

“God created our bodies and souls to work together as one, with the soul defining one’s identity and the body expressing it. Our dress, speech, and behavior should all reflect who we really are, deep within our innermost being. Only then can we be fully ourselves.”

Gila Manolson; Hands Off: This May Be Love

3 thoughts on “Body and Soul”

  1. This reminds me of the expression “clothed and in his right mind”. People are not aware how they invite others to see them as totally deranged just by the way they carry them selves. This has nothing to do with affording clothing. Most of the “threads” cost a pretty penny for the designer labels.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Avril Amanda–
      Good point. Most people dress in the way they wish to be perceived. Other than those few who dress exclusively for utilitarian purposes, the rest of us dress deliberately.

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