Biden, Bullies and Bahrain

These days, it’s pretty difficult to tell what is satire vs. what is news. So, when I read advice in a major publication that anyone interested in law and order should vote for Joe Biden because otherwise the streets would be torn apart by riots, my first response was to chuckle. Then, when I saw the author, I realized that he was serious. In other words, “You’d better vote like I want you to or I will rampage through the streets.”

Obviously, this is the advice we give kids all the time when faced with a bully. “Give in.” Everyone in the class should hand over his allowance to the bully because, if not, he will make your life miserable. Is a co-worker sabotaging your work? Hey—just let him do better than you or he might threaten you even more. (Yes, that is my tongue bulging out my cheek.)

This is the policy that until now most American presidents took with the Palestinians as well. You raise your children to blow themselves up as long as they take others with them? We’ll grovel so that maybe you’ll blow up fewer of us. It worked exactly as it works with the schoolyard bully, leading to a stronger and more implacable enemy.

This week, President Trump’s unconventional leadership resulted in an unprecedented breakthrough with peace agreements between Israel and Bahrain and Israel and the United Arab Emirates. More treaties are expected. Had something like this happened under any other president there would be universal acclaim. Instead, petty minds carp about not enough people wearing masks during the ceremony marking the occasion.

For decades, Palestinians have been used by the countries around them. Rather than being given a helping hand by “cousins” who amassed untold wealth, they were condemned to poverty and told that they could never succeed because of Jews, Zionists, the American Satan and Israel. Complicit in their victimhood, they elected corrupt government after corrupt government, where leaders lived like kings while too many of the ruled huddled in hovels seething in hatred.

Now, some of these “cousins” are recognizing that the world has moved on and that the tactics of the past no longer work. That is a huge step forward, even if it is unfair to those in whom they bred hopelessness. However, it does finally provide an opportunity for the Palestinians to assert their own willingness to aim for a better future rather than drowning in the failed past to which their corrupt leaders condemned them.

Perhaps most incredible, as the Arab world takes steps forward, rising leaders in the Democrat Party right here in the United States are supporting similar policies to those that have subjugated the Palestinians. These policies breed resentment, jealousy and violence.  Like a spiritual dark cloud, the worst of human nature moves from one area of the world to another. Vote for Biden or I’ll tear your neighborhood apart? One can only pray and work hard to ensure that there are enough Americans willing to stand up to bullies.

You may not be able to control world politics,
but you can harness your own thoughts and actions.

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19 thoughts on “Biden, Bullies and Bahrain”

  1. I miss listening to you both. I can’t find where to hear you. I use download your pod cast on sound cloud but you and G are not there. Can you in your next letter put where I can listen to you, because I truly like the things you talk about. Thank you John Uryga

    1. Hi John – Rabbi’s staff weighing in on this question. There are two distribution streams for Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s podcasts, one through our podcast platform (Libsyn), and then also through The Blaze Radio Network. The Blaze altered which platforms they publish to earlier this year, and Soundcloud was dropped. I have listed below all the various places you can find Rabbi’s podcasts.

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      I hope this helps you and others who may be interested. Blessings, Jessica

  2. Hello Susan,
    Thank you for your brave heart and honesty. This is right on. I appreciate all of your musings. I am passing this one to many more people. It hits the nail on the head!
    Thank YOU!

    1. Carla, do you sometimes think we are living in the Twilight Zone? I do and I don’t think I’ve ever watched the show.

  3. So right on target, Susan! Thank you for words of wisdom and discernment. Blessings to you and Rabbi Lapin.

  4. A friend of mine commented, “I never believed there would be peace in the Middle East but not in America.” (She lives near Lancaster, PA, where there is unexpected violence.) This has been a year of the unexpected.

  5. I love President Trump! He keeps going and is doing so much for America and Israel and he has a great foreign policy! God bless President Trump! God bless America! God bless Israel!

    1. Connie, did you see his declaration that we need a pro-American history being taught in schools? How amazing that it even has to be said.

  6. John Thomas Themalil

    Dear Rev Rabbi & Susan Lapin, we wish you
    לשנה טובה ומתוקה L’Shana Tova u’methukah
    – A good and sweet Rosh HaSHana
    John & Family

  7. A Supreme Court Justice spoke of ill use of voice.
    “Freedom of speech is not right to yell,”Fire!”, in a crowded theatre.” The call to” equity”, is not to gain over on others by poor method is it?

  8. A recent article from the Federalists, reveal one of the co founders of Marxist BLM, Alicia Garza, has launched projects, that tie to the Chinese Communist Party. Some of their funds go into the Chinese Progessive Association associated with the Communist Party. The Islamist Socialists have joined, with their own agenda in mind. The riots have been encouraged by Maxine Waters, who said, at an “L A Rally, stormtroop the Republicans in the streets,” Pelosi encouraged a “summer of resistance to Trump,” and Obama called it a “revolution to get things done.” Thank God, President Trump, Pence and their team have accomplished a lot in 31/2 short years, but criticized for it continuously, by the Socialist Democrat leadership. You can research this, and the 50 Communists in Congress. Thank you for your good programs and emails. Blessings.

  9. American Patriots need to fast and pray and the get chutzpah to put feet and hands on those prayers. We all need to vote our minds and bust the bullies at their own game.
    Let’s follow Joshua and watch the walls come down!

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