President Biden and Transgender Day

The American Alliance of Jews and Christians suggests that the president’s message to Christians is clear: There is no longer room in America for you. 

There’s no room in America for Christians! That’s the message President Biden imparted to the country last week when he declared Easter Sunday to be ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’. Transgender activists first proclaimed ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ fifteen years ago on March 31, but neither President Obama nor President Trump took the slightest notice of it. It wasn’t until 2021 that President Biden officially proclaimed the occasion, a favor-currying activity he repeated in 2022 and 2023. The difference this year is that March 31st was Easter Sunday. President Biden could have proclaimed his special day of visibility on Saturday, March 30 – or perhaps Monday, April 1 would have been more appropriate. He could easily have explained that both his day of visibility and Easter Sunday deserve their own day.

When it comes to symbolism, juxtaposition matters. Which special guests at the State of the Union speech are invited to sit next to the First Lady matters. Imagine if a president proclaimed September 11 each year as National Honoring Islam day. The president, for his own reasons, might wish to honor Islam but the day would be a slap in the face to Americans. Imagine if a president proclaimed the third Monday of January each year to honor Eugene “Bull” Connor as the longest serving Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama. The president, for his own reasons, might wish to honor whom he wishes, but to honor the man who tried to obstruct Martin Luther King’s work on the very day set aside to honor MLK would send a chilling message to black Americans.

“Male and female He created them…” is surely one of the clearest defining binaries in the Bible. So-called transgenderism is a shrill denunciation of that aspect of God’s creation. It would have been the simplest thing in the world for the most powerful man in the world to have kept the day celebrating the obliteration of a basic Bible principle separate from the day celebrating Christianity.

By deliberately proclaiming a mockery of the 27th verse of the Bible on the very day of monumental Christian importance, Easter, the president effectively chose to make an important announcement: There is no room for Christians in Biden’s America.

For decades, the American Alliance of Jews and Christians has insisted that no room for Christians means no room for Jews either. Our futures in a safe and prosperous America are intertwined. President Biden’s actions and statements make that increasingly clear.

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