The Betrayed Conservative Woman Syndrome

Like many others, I have been extremely emotional about the accusations surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. I am pretty sure, based on past history, that some readers of this Musing will agree with me, others will violently object to my words and a number of readers will remove themselves from our email list. I could easily write about something less controversial. I am not doing that because I think that our country is worth fighting for and sharing my thoughts is my way of doing that.

As always, whether you agree or disagree, as long as your words are polite (and follow a few other basic rules) your comment will get posted.  It is rare for us to delete a comment. So, if you disagree and your emotions are running as high as mine even if in another direction, I would appreciate the opportunity to hear them. We can only grow and expand our understanding when we talk to each other.

For a few short years, mothers possess mythical powers. We can sit at a traffic light with our toddlers and know exactly when to tell them to say, “Change light change,” to make the light turn green. We can announce that it will rain after lunch, go to the park in the morning, and then cozily sit inside reading books in the afternoon as they marvel at how we control the weather. We magically pull out a new box of cereal from the pantry when the old one is finished. Of course, our children soon grow a bit and learn that the only power we used in all those cases was that of observation.

I’m delighted that Lindsay Graham reacted to Democrat politicians with anger and disgust during the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. Orrin Hatch too has found his voice. At the same time, I ask, “What took you so long?” You see, I am one of the women Republicans are supposed to represent in Washington DC. And I, along with millions of other conservative women, have been angered and disgusted for decades. Mostly, our ire has been directed at Republicans for leaving us undefended and unrepresented. Where were your powers of observation until now?

The I.R.S. targeted us and conservative students at universities were forced to stand in restricted areas to share their views. Speakers we supported were attacked at tax-payer funded institutions.  The media lied about and insulted us. Unelected bureaucrats annihilated our freedoms and the cherished country we love was smeared.  Where were you then?  You were playing best-friends with those destroying us as old-time-congressional-integrity visions of Tip O’Neill and Daniel Moynihan danced in your heads.

When we needed a brave, articulate and principled leader you salivated at the thought of your adored darling, John McCain, a man whose political posturing made many of us cringe. We thought that Mitt Romney would have made a great Boy Scout leader in the 1960s but that he, like you, was completely out of touch with the foes we face and the lives we lead today.

We tried to tell you. We bought books and listened to radio shows and podcasts that begged you to pay attention. We wrote and called you urging you to care more about us than about getting a positive comment in the New York Times. You ignored us and continued to speak of bipartisanship as a cherished goal, supplying those who hate us with a Potemkin village in which to hide. When we urged you to understand that most reporters wanted to destroy you rather than give you a platform, you looked at us blankly. The liberal Left knew that all they had to do was call you names – racist, homophobe, misogynist, xenophobe – and you would crumble. We elected Donald Trump with overwhelming relief that someone, finally, understood that what was needed was not defense but offense. You see, we women aren’t big fans of violence but we count on the Marines to use it when necessary. We may not like the way Donald Trump acted over the years in his personal or business life, and we may recoil from some of his communication, but we knew he had our back in a way that you, repeatedly, did not.

Will this disgraceful episode make a difference? I certainly don’t represent all women, all Republican women or all conservative women. But I do represent many. Like millions of women who register as Republicans, I hope you will stay ‘woken’. For years now – and I don’t feel good saying this, but you really have to know it –  the adjectives we have associated with you are spineless, wimpy and stupid. That isn’t a winning combination. The Left would like you to believe that all women think one way and that you need to cringe, grovel and betray American principles of law and justice for them to pat you on your head. You have fallen for so many lies like that over the years.

Will you finally muster the courage to stand upright and do the right thing rather than caving under bullying? Will your powers of observation lead you to see that the behavior that is appalling you now has become standard Democrat comportment that must be continually, decisively and aggressively fought? Will you stop feeling the need to pile on and tear down the president we elected? You have made us proud this week. Millions of women are praying that you continue to do so.

109 thoughts on “The Betrayed Conservative Woman Syndrome”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head! The talking heads for the women libbers try to make politicians think they speak for all women. Concerned Women for America represents more women than they do. It’s time more of us speak up–like you’ve just done. Thank you!

  2. Thank you! Wonderfully expressed… Now let’s see if they take it to heart and make the changes in their lives to follow up on the wisdom they should be employing!

  3. How wonderful to read all these comments and to know that there are others out there who feel the same way about mob rule as I do. Professor Alan Dershowitz ( who also seems to have woken up lately) said it best: the orchestrated smear campaign by the Democrats was “sexual McCarthyism.” Senators like Diane Feinstein thought that they could play the sexual victim card and would immediately win the sympathy of the entire female electorate. How wrong they were. Real sexual abuse victims were done a great disservice by the uncorrorated baseless accusations Dr Ford leveled at Justice Kavanaugh. If she was a victim it was as a victim of Democratic delusions.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful words! I am a grandmother of 10 and very worried about the kind of life they have to look forward to. I have a master’s degree in education, but am appalled at the education system. As a Republican woman I am ridiculed for my conservative stand. Nana

  5. Joan Gloss Snyder


  6. %YES YES YES. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words that are both eloquent and to the point. We too had a “magic” with the traffic lights that lasted a very long time. What a delightful memory among so much turmoil and sadness. So many should be investigated, so many should be held accountable and so many should be forced to have a “real” job as intended from the beginning. My heart goes out to the Kavanaugh family. What a circus and to what end? For political gain only. Disgraceful. It is unfortunate indeed that Ms. Feinstein will not suffer the consequences of her actions – at least for now. I hope she will get what is due her for her many trespasses. It is difficult for me to understand how she is not seen for what she is.
    Again, thank you. You speak for me 99% of the time.

  7. Thank you for your wonderful musing comments. I agree with you with out reservation.

    I want to ask those that hear the comments that “educated people oppose Trump” and his agenda, not to believe them. This is such a damaging message that is not true. There is tendency to hear something and accept it as truth, and it becomes truth. Your musings are proof that smart and educated people do support President Trump and his conservative policies.

  8. Susan – thank you! Your thoughts/musing are once again – on target and hit the mark. I applaud you and I am so happy that you are becoming a voice to be heard in our great country. You have my vote as a true representative for conservative patriot women!!

  9. Please call and thank Sen. Manchin for standing for civility and fairness. (202) 224-3954. Sit down and make as many phone calls to various Senators that you can.

  10. Another good musing. A while ago I decided to change my political party from Republican to non-partisan because of the stances and behavior of Republicans. I did this because my alliances are first and foremost the living God and second America. Because I know what Americanism is and these representatives weren’t and don’t represent their constituents and conservatives I didn’t want to affiliate with them. This was a very freeing decision because I’m intelligent and can do my own homework before voting and one of the real benefits is very few political phone calls or mailings. I also have been in staunch opposition to the women’s lib movement since I was a teen and always will be. God has shown me the person I should be and what I should stand for, therefore, I don’t need propaganda or the ungodly to try and sway me away from His ways.

    1. I have thought of going Independent myself, but did not want to give up voting in primaries. Stay strong.

  11. Vallerie Fletcher

    Geaux Susan! Last night I watched in horror as “The Resistance” gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the senate vote of Hon. Brett Kavanaugh – and I became very angry and yes, even afraid. I realized that I needed to pray. I want to encourage all of us right now to pray, take a deep breath, continue to stand with integrity for what is right. I find myself more nostalgic now more than ever – perhaps as an emotional defense. However, I remember from your and Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s teaching that Our Heavenly Father wants us to look to the future and not to spend too much time in the past. I break down the word, “nostalgia” and it means “pain for the past” – exactly how it feels. Bless you for providing this platform. My continued; perpetual appreciation, VF

    1. Valerie, I agree that prayer is essential. But then please call Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski – and call those who are voting to confirm and thank them for standing for you.

  12. Go, Susan! These days, most of us are afraid to speak out for fear of political retribution. Although I agree with Dave (above) about Lee’s love of country, the tide turned at Gettysburg because of the courage of one of the greatest American heroes, Joshua Chamberlain. He went on the offensive with no real hope of changing things, but had he not acted, the nation would have split, and there would not have been sufficient military power to stop the Axis many years later. The tide appears to be turning once more today. Thanks again for the wisdom and action of you and the Rabbi.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Hello Rita–
      Are you suggesting that Mrs Lapin ought to run for president? The patriotic me thoroughly endorses that sentiment. The husband me dreads it.

  13. You cause my heart to swell and tears come to my eyes from your words of common sense and truth. My faith in the American People is stronger reading your comments and those who took the time to respond. I’m so sick and tired of the left’s manipulation of the facts. Their baseless character attacks is a reflection of a group who have no winning argument. Thank you very much. I needed that.

    1. Dennis, manipulation of facts today means that major ‘news’ outlets only report what fits their narrative and report items that would have gotten them kicked out of journalism school a few decades ago.

  14. Thank you for saying this !! So often we feel alone in how we see things playing out . Yesterday I watched some liberal news program for a few moments , and 3 Democrats were saying that to the Democrat party the most important thing is to solidify in the American culture the social change that they want , BUT they said “we have in turning against white males and religious people we are loosing the white working families , black and hispanic votes which we could always count on …” and “we should have seen the signs when we saw that Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz were always ahead in the polling, 2016 , NOT typical Republicans”.. The really sad thing is that the Republicans have said similar things about realizing they are losing their voting base , years ago , and did nothing .

  15. Susan, we are seeing how low the Democrats are willing to go to seize power. My fear is that we haven’t seen rock bottom yet.

    1. My hope is that they are overdoing it. I heard this week of a second solid Democrat woman voter who is disgusted by this spectacle.

  16. Dear Susan,

    I, too, must add my comments and say, “Thank You!” You are voicing what I have felt for many, many years. You and Rabbi Lapin are such a blessing-thank you and know that my husband and I, who are Christians, are behind you 100%!

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Glyn-
      We all, who see Bible-based Judeo Christian values as vital for our nation’s survival, must surely stand shoulder to shoulder.

  17. Thank you, thank you for speaking out and thanking Conservative Senate leaders for–finally!–showing some courage by standing up in public and supporting all of us (women and men) who believe in those ideas and truths that, in fact, come from the Old Testament. And thank you, also, for your courage in speaking out. Not just missing, but SPEAKING OUT!

  18. Mazel tov, Susan!!!! Just posted a piece on my FB page (where I can really rant) that stated we are now in the era of the “defiant conservative”. I am thrilled that we and those we count on to speak for us have found our voice and won’t back down. I pray that Justice Kavanaugh and his family will eventually emotionally heal after the torture they underwent last week. Thank you, thank you for saying exactly what so many conservative women think. Blessings.

    1. Kristin, I’d be delighted if you shared my piece on your FB page. Thanks for writing your own.

  19. Until ’68 was a democrat, but became very upset at what was coming into the public schools curriculum at that time, and became a mama bear and ended leading a fight against it and learned that once you take a conservative, common sense stand, you are attacked severely, but I stood ground, so understand the horrendous dirty attacks on Mr. Kavanaugh. Also, one of the most revealing comments above were made by James regarding the tactics of the “progressives” (communists) who use Leninist (Lew Ayers) rules of destroying a country from within – especially using the children by indoctrinating them from K-12 and the colleges and even private schools (if they accept 1 penny from the federal government, the parents have lost control of what is taught – all “education” being mandated by the federal gov’t). Gov’t control of our children, as in Germany, USSR, China, etc. is essential for big government. We are seeing now the effects of such indoctrination as our younger people believe in more government control than in liberty and individual freedom. Am so glad am able to read your comments, Rabbi and Mrs. Lapin. (I became an Independent and vote only for conservatives, and also have been very disappointed in the Republican wusses.)

    1. Someone wise said that Republicans look at the next election and Democrats look at the next generation. We do have to seize back education.

  20. I commented above, but after I have read all the comments, I now wonder if I am doing enough. I am a stay-at-home mother, homeschooling my family, and extremely busy with newborn twins. From my study of history, I believe that a woman is most effective in effecting change by properly managing her home and children, and frequently offering hospitality to guests. But is that enough? Should I be instead at rallies and demonstrations or building a social media platform? I am completely unknown outside my family, friends, and those I meet out and about and invite into my home. Can I do my part quickly enough following this old-fashioned path? It seems that our country is falling so fast.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      This is a phenomenally important question, Priscilla,
      and I know that Susan and I will want to answer it together soon.
      Meanwhile, stay strong and loving for your family and those adorable new twins. You’re the backbone of our entire society.

    2. Priscilla, this is definitely something we should speak about more. Right now, newborn twins and homeschooling mom suggest your plate if full. Take care of yourself.

  21. Thank you. Don’t ever stop. We need brave women like you to be our voice. I pray our legislators show some degree of integrity and backbone. I’ve been very ashamed of their treatment of our president and Judge Kavanaugh. No you are not alone. Thanks again.

    1. Bonnie, I honestly don’t think of myself as brave. But I have never had a poker face or the ability to pretend very well.

  22. I could repeat all of the above comments and still not adequately express how much I respect and admire your wisdom and courage.
    Why can’t these supposedly intelligent and learned people realize that if they get what they want that the overwhelming majority of them are going to be the proletariat. They will become the peasants of Soviet Russia and N. Korea. Do they really want to stand in line for days to get a small bowl of weevilly rice or a loaf of stale bread. By the way, it seems that most of our mainstream churches are acting just like our republican polititions. For heaven’s sake let’s not offend anybody.
    As always, BT

    1. Is it any wonder that history has been removed from schools or revised to reflect lies? The less people know of history, the easier it is to fool them.

  23. When are you running for a seat in Washington? You have my vote! I was beginning to think I was just weird,unprogressive,narrow minded,etc.
    Thank you!

    1. One of the frightening things Deb, and I think one of the intentions, is the attempt to intimidate people not to step into the arena. How many people will volunteer to be torn apart and whose family will encourage them to be that person?

  24. This President – deemed ‘crude’ by many, is the first one in my lifetime – who says what I think, knows how I feel, who, without ‘lip service’, understands “We the People”

    To watch Judge Kavanaugh be ‘crucified’ was more than a fair and honorable person could take.

    The Democrat Party (today) is not the same party of JFK

    And while I cannot speak for the Jewish Brethren of God’s People, I can speak for what the Bible says for the Christian Brethren of God’ People…..

    One CANNOT believe God’s WORD and be / support / vote for a Democrat

    This is the TRUTH

    And thank you Rabbi & Susan for what you do and how you do it.

    My Christian Faith is stronger learning the Jewish Wisdom as Jesus knew it

    Blessings to you

    1. It was incredibly painful to watch these proceedings. So much for the pretense of having moved beyond mob hysteria and lawlessness.

  25. Dear Susan,

    I watch Ancient Jewish Wisdom every time it is possible for me to do so. It is because I always, without exception, learn something new and honest. You both speak the truth. Not your truth. The truth. You teach and lead by example. I know I would have been a better person had I found you earlier. We are told, “Find yourself a teacher.” I now have two wise teachers, I’m finally open to real learning.

    We are witnessing a travesty of deceit the likes of which I have not seen in my 6 decade life. I have had many sleepless nights of late, truly in fear for the future of my children and grandchildren. I admire your willingness to speak from your heart even if there are some who will turn away from you. This is courage and why you are respected. Your words resonate with me in a perfect pure tone. I pray that your words are heeded, and that these elected representatives of the people stay awake, and fight the evil that is desperately trying to destroy our country, communities, synagogues, places of work, schools, friendships, and families.

    Thank you and Rabbi Lapin for all you do for tikkun olam on so many levels. May you go from strength to strength to continue your great work. B’ Shalom. Janet

    1. Janet, your words deeply touch me. I too worry about the world I am bequeathing to my children and grandchildren. I know that we need a return to God’s ways and also know that there are many, many people in the world who agree with that. I fight not to get discouraged by loud voices trying to drown that out.

  26. Susan, I am not American, or a woman, but I agree with your sentiments. I am Canadian and have watched the Judge Kavanaugh Senate confirmation with a big knot in my stomach. The Democrats seem to have lost all sense of right & wrong and are seemingly willing to use any means to discredit Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Do they not realize this behaviour only discredits their cause? I pray that the American public see this circus for what it really is, and support the true Republicans running in the mid term elections. We need a strong, united and righteous America again, not this divided discourse we see today.
    God Bless America.

    1. Gary, we all have to care what happens in other nations and certainly in a country as influential as the United States. Thank you for realizing this.

  27. I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe that there are a lot of conservative women whose views are not reflected by our media and would never demonstrate the behavior we have witnessed recently toward those who have conservative beliefs. I was glad to see Senator Lindsey Graham speak up in the recent hearings and say what was obvious to many of us. I appreciate your candor in this musing and pray that like minded women will get out and vote this November.

    1. I agree, Pattie. We all do need to vote even if we think we live in a state where we think our vote won’t count.

  28. Yes, yes, yes Susan. You are right on. I am a Republican PCO. For many years the grassroots of the party ignored us. And yes, President Trump has our back. He has American Jews’ back. Why can’t all who believe in ethical monotheism see him as our champion?

    1. Marie-Anne, do you mean the leadership? I thought we are the grassroots. Or am I missing something?

  29. Please, Mrs. Lapin, tell us how you really feel! LOL. That was so well said I’m going to share and share. BTW, Mom’s ALWAYS have mystical powers. They morph undetected to infinite areas of expertise throughout life.

  30. I couldn’t agree more, Susan. You speak for so many of us! My four daughters (and son!) all wish the minority of women would stop speaking for the majority of us, and wish our Republican representatives would show some backbone and do what we send them to DC to accomplish on our behalf. They have allowed themselves to capitulate to the Democratic bullies for way too long!

  31. BRAVA!!
    For so many years I was speaking and writing on this subject. No one listened, and I became tired of being called evil to my face by people supposedly near and dear to me. I finally went into a type of hibernation the last few months. And, in that hibernation, I found myself reaching back to novels from older generations, and books that expressed the ideas of a more vital America that we had once upon a time. I have been an actress, an attorney and a home school mom. My acting coach, Sal Dano, used to warn us to read history [back in the late 70s and early 80s]… that we were marching, as a society, towards being ‘too civilized’ to endure & suicidal, and that the left would take us down. He appears to have been correct. As an attorney I watched in horror as the supposed supremacy of European law and law from the eastern US was foisted on the rest of the country as more civilized, more polished and sophisticated, more caring. When in reality it was always intended to foster elites and a way to manage the ignorant and malleable mob [aka sheeple, in the vernacular].

    If no one starts to stand up against these people, we will go down … the history written about this time will not be pretty.

    So I applaud you. Throw down the gauntlet. Hopefully it isn’t too late. Better to have a crass, but realistic and hardheaded president… then a soft tyrant.

    1. Sounds like you have many interesting stories to tell, Leslie. Please come out of hibernation.

  32. Bravo, Ms. Susan! While I am not a woman, I agree with you 150%.

    Your operative phrase is: ‘We can only grow and expand our understanding when we talk to each other.’ True indeed for your readers. But the Republicans, with whom I have voted since 1968, have behaved collectively as spineless jellyfish nincompoops, insisting naively on talking to their opponents, crossing the aisle and garnering respect for their Democratic opponents. But these opponents, in denying a God along with His Judaeo-Christian ethic, have subscribed to a new religion. My father, who long studied communism and its evil fruits, advised us long ago that communism is not nationalism, it is not politics, it is a fanatical new religion, devoid of God. Our Democratic Socialists have transformed into a party of Bolsheviks whose only motivation is to seize power without regard to the innocent heads that must roll along the way, Kavanaugh’s included: the glorious Socialist end justifies all despicable means. This has become evident in their tactics over the last 15 years, to a vengeance now with the sordid public pillorying of Judge Kavanaugh, to destroy any opponent. As a result of the broadcasts of the smutty Senate ‘gutter’ hearings on all media, now every child in America has a cognitive tree for rape and sexual depravity. I have quite lost respect for the Democrats and would be deeply ashamed to be one.

    David Horowitz was born into an American communist family, but later he saw the light. He has long analyzed the American Left and he warned us that that their sole mantra is to gain power. Once they seize their power, they have not the faintest inkling or expertise how to wield it fairly or effectively. But the dynamics they propose and will later enforce must result in totalitarianism, where the labels of ‘right’ and ‘left’ all melt away. Straight from the playbook of Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels and Lenin, they will (1) destroy any opponent, (2) accuse their opponents of the same crimes they themselves have committed, and they will (3) propagate any lie to their benefit, for a lie repeated often enough will be accepted as truth by the weak-minded. Bottom line: I would challenge any of these accusing Democrat bottom-feeders to run the morality gauntlet they have imposed upon Judge Kavanaugh, with an Inquisition into his high school days. Fortunately, given the courage of Lindsey Graham and David Perdue, it seems that Republicans are beginning to wake from their ‘bipartisan slumber’ and fight.

    1. David Horowitz was one of the entry points on my husband and my way into being involved in politics. His personal story gives him a deep understanding.

  33. Thank you Susan for expressing thoughts and frustrations I have had for the last few years. Now that
    Trump is president I have personally felt a lifting of a dark cloud that was hanging over our country. I was pleasantly surprised when Lindsey Graham found his backbone, but I’m not going to hold my breath that he’ll keep it. I also enjoy all the comments of your readers.

    1. Sandra, I too have been incredibly frustrated with the Republicans over the years. We can hope and pray that a veil has lifted from their eyes. They thought these people respected them and saw them as equals. They have seen otherwise now.

    2. Thanks for your courage. As soon As I typed that sentence I became aware that for conservatives to speak the truth it takes courage. And why is that? Because the foundations of our country and society vociferously and violently threaten us. Schools and universities, the media, the medical and psychological professions, liberal churches, the entertainment industry and liberal politicians have been silencing dissent since the 60s. We are conditioned to flinch when they take the podium, microphone or the pen. When a conservative is elected to any position democratics demand that they reach across the aisle in compromise and that is what they do. They compromise while their opponents advance their agenda against the will of the voter. They flinch! Graham, Grassley, and Hatch advanced our agenda this week and conservative women are grateful.

  34. Thank you Susan. It’s encouraging to hear from those I respect are willing to take a stand. I pray Gods blessings on you and Rabbi Lapin.

  35. Bravo, Mrs. Lapin! Well said! You’ve said everything I would like to say, you just said it ever so much more eloquently! Thank you!

    1. Karla, I know that many women feel as I do. I also know that many women don’t. I have no respect for those who want to bully others to be quiet.

  36. I’ve always thought it so strange that feminism requires me to work. To reduce my choices. No, I can’t stay hone with my babies. No, I can’t be pro-life. No, I can’t pray at school. No, I cant vote for a man, but must vote for Hillary, solely because she was a woman, too. I’ve been crazed the last two weeks with the nomination. He better be confirmed!!!!! What wusses our leaders are if they do not. Democrats are NOT the party of freedom or for women or for America!

  37. Awesome!! Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better.
    I love the articles and the show. Keep it up!

      1. Finally! I’m sick of the media showing all of these loud-mouthed, obnoxious women holding them up as if they were the standard. I’m praying for conservatives (women and men) to show up and VOTE the RIGHT way! God bless you! Anne

        1. I’m sure you’ve noticed how much (sarcasm here) general media coverage women’s marches get when they are pro-life. Just about none.

    1. Donna, somehow those of us who agree on this side are less able to head off to rallies and wouldn’t feel right assaulting someone like Diane Feinstein when she’s eating out with her family. I think that reserve is correct, but others easily assume that no one feels as strongly on our side.

  38. You put in writing what we have been thinking for many years. We are tired of being ignored and our votes taken for granted. My hope is our Republican representatives become our voice in Washington FINALLY.


  39. “The best defense is a good offence.”

    A big reason Robert E. Lee lost the battle of Gettysburg and ultimately the Civil War is because he was hesitant to go on the offense. Lee was an American general before the war and so hesitated to attack the country he once loved. He had a heritage as an American. This caused him to wait too late to go on the offensive. Unlike Sherman. He was content for too long just to work to protect the Confederacy from attacks by the Union. When he moved against the North it was too little too late.

    The Republicans want to play gentlemen and nice guys, while the Democrats are willing to attack them and all they stand for like rabid, ravenous wolves. But hey, we don’t want to be excluded from all the high society parties or talked badly about by CNN.

    Just like the Europeans who are allowing and even encouraging the take over of their countries by the muslims.

    I hope the can find their loins and be the men (and women) they were elected to be.

    Proud of gutsy women like you and my wife and Miriam and Jocebed and Deborah. You ladies have more chutzpah than most of these “men”.

    1. Dave, the Union generals before Gen. Grant had the same problem. I think they gave President Lincoln many sleepless nights.

  40. Thank you so much for saying this! Donald Trump has released all the thoughts that we conservative women have kept hidden for so many years. He has given me the courage to actually say what I believe out loud. We young women have grown up under the constant cloud of embarrassment and shame, knowing that society looked down on us simply because we loved being women. If we said aloud that we wanted to have children, stay home with them, or heaven forbid, cook and clean for a hard-working husband, we were met with mockery, or even outright disgust or hatred. For some reason, although I don’t know exactly how, Donald Teump has made it okay for us to enjoy that life-style, and to talk about it out loud. I wake up every day with relief, knowing that somehow, We the People have broken through the mental chains that the Left has kept us in for so long.

    1. Susan,
      Thank you for a very articulate musing. Very well spoken. I am not a Republican woman but a Republican man but I couldn’t agree with you more. The betrayal that you spoke of applies to us men as well. Our values are not being represented.

      1. I know, John. But it riles me up when the media speaks as if every woman agrees with Diane Feinstein.

        1. Susan, eloquently stated! You have put into words exactly how I have felt and do feel! It’s as though a veil was lifted when John McCain died and now these men are finding their voice. I’m sick of being told how “all women” feel. I am a conservative women with a brain and I’m grateful to read your comments and verify that I am not alone! I’ve had it up to the proverbial “here” with the women who do not represent my views being listened to for fear of offending them. Thank you for expressing this sentiment so well!

    2. This country is going to lose good, strong women, who have taken repeated beatings that most could never endure, if the right people fail to fully understand, help, and pick them back up. Some things are way beyond politics.

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