Be Still My Heart

“I vote with my heart,” says a supporter of Cynthia Nixon, the Sex in the City actress who is running against Andrew Cuomo for the governorship of New York State, “and Ms. Nixon won my heart.”

I assume that the above quote, appearing at it does in the April 16, 2018 edition of New York magazine, a sanctimonious liberal publication, is not meant to discredit Ms. Nixon’s supporters, but to represent the depth of their commitment to her. I am not at all a supporter of the current governor, but I find this quote cringe-worthy.

After decades of women insisting that they could be as rational as men, increasingly, scores of females happily confirm that one reason for the early 1900 reluctance to grant women the vote (because they would vote emotionally), was substantive. A school textbook from the 1980s says, “…These reasons may seem ludicrous to us, but at the time were taken seriously by a wide cross-section of women as well as men.” The assumption that the reasons were ludicrous is today being challenged daily.

President Trump’s election, cited by Ms. Nixon as the main impetus that spurred her to run for office, has laid bare many illusions. Among them are the idea that liberal-leaning voters are in favor of free speech, equal justice for all and an unbiased press. Traditional and principled liberals are increasingly appalled by the hate-filled, anti-democracy vitriol coming from those with whom they thought they were allied.

Women too have lost credibility. For years, the popular media view of supporting women has meant supporting only liberal women. Conservative women, just like conservative Blacks and Jews were rendered invisible. The 2016 election ramped up the bigotry and bias.

I too have a negative emotional reaction to the man Donald Trump. Bill  Clinton evoked similar feelings in me, for many of the same reasons. I want neither man as a friend or neighbor. That is almost completely irrelevant to my actions in the voting booth. While personality isn’t unimportant, it is a small consideration compared to policy and other factors. I am a stronger supporter of President Trump today than I was when I voted for him. Not because I find him a more attractive individual – I don’t – and not only because I appreciate much of what he’s done. Just as my disgust with  Hillary Clinton’s behavior in her political life is part of what propelled me to vote for President Trump, the hysterical reaction from so many women to his election confirms for me that he is just what this country needs. Repealing the Nineteenth Amendment may be far-fetched, but women voting as informed, reasonable and rational citizens shouldn’t be.

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  1. Dear Susan , in the 80’s I picked up my Grandmothers 1920 college government book and read the long reasoning pro and con concerning women’s right to vote ,and I began to rethink my feminist beliefs. I have never before heard anyone else even mention that there might be some validity to the “con ” argument. Awhile ago my 19 year old daughter told me she had voted for H. Clinton.. I described both arguments to her , and then asked her what she thought of these views. She said until she has a “horse in the race ‘ family , land , children, etc, her voting had been for selfish reasons , not about the good of the people or her country. We had always insisted our children know the importance of voting , but she said after thinking it through that she had no business voting until she matures more !. I did not expect that answer . But I am impressed by it.

    1. I’m impressed with that answer too! I hope she convinces her friends as well that they need to use their brains.

  2. You remind me of Bill Clinton’s first run when broadcasters stated with a straight face: “Women will vote for him because he’s handsome.” Oh, how I cringed. And oh, how he caused so much more cringing through the years! I agree- I would not want Trump or Clinton living next door, and for the same reasons.
    In the meantime, I appreciate how many commenters point out in various ways how our nation is being led into a socialist revolution and into totalitarianism- I am seeing more and more people waking up. Keep up the good work, Susan, and everyone else.

  3. I asked this website twice for 10 seconds of help but failed, in 2013 and 2015. Simple request. I heard Rabbi Lapin Friday. So I came here now to try and earn that favor from you rather than from the website staff.
    Please destroy the liberals’ hold over female voters by calling for someone to run a test. Have two young women go to a public place where they can each legally wear a button. The meeker they appear, the better. Picture Talia Shire’s role of Adrian in Rocky. One wears a button saying vote Republican 2018, the other vote Democrat 2018, or something comparable. They are at the same public event or place, but are not seen together. Each reports the reactions, particularly describing who reacts.
    If they confirm the Republican bait is scorned and the Democrat bait is cheered, that test ends liberal control of female voters. For it then launches a second Me To campaign – this one about harassment of women due to their political views.
    Women will fight against harassment if someone launches the ability to fight back. Please call for proving a majority of women support liberals because they are harassed into doing so, either directly or by knowing those who are. The non-liberal American woman is openly hated – please call for proving that.
    I will post this if prayer clears it … I had to add the Talia Shire reference first.

    1. I don’t think there is any question of what will happen. The test has been run in real life many times. I appreciate your optimism that if only people knew the facts that would change their emotions, but I don’t think that is true not only in this area but in many others. I know this isn’t the answer you want, but there is no need to prove over and over that the earth isn’t flat.

  4. Delos Wakeman was a suffragette who walked with Susan B. Anthony. Mrs Wakeman was a well educated, gracious, kind, gentle, highly intelligent lady who had a quiet strength about her. Each time I hear recent feminists, I cringe, they terrify me.

    1. I think that the word feminist had become quite unpopular pre-Trump. All of a sudden it had a resurgence but not in a way that brings credit to it.

  5. ps its just after 11am EST (4-27-18) and I am waiting to hear your husband on Glenn Beck radio show!

  6. Thank you, Susan, for expressing both eloquently and diplomatically (not my forte) what I’ve believed for too many years. I am female, have always worked in what are traditionally male-dominated industries (construction, manufacturing, engineering) and never once believed that my success or failure was dependent on any “white male patriarchy.” I work and vote with my head, not my heart – or my “lady parts” as what seems to have been the operational organs that prevailed in 2016. And women who openly admit to doing are embarrassing to other women who are genuinely accomplished, IMO.

  7. what exactly compels you to write here that you would not want trump or clinton as neighbor or friend? my guess is that both would be excellent as a neighbor or friend and with that neighborly friendship, they would be open to hearing your and your husband’s teaching….

        1. No, I do not. Only those who have not worked on themselves to be men rather than males.

  8. Irrationality seems to be gaining a tighter grip on the left, and the never Trumpers on the right, by the day. Not just on women but on men, too. I listen to the nihilistic drumbeat of politicians, media, the Hollywood “elite”, and all I can think of is the Biblical maxim, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Thankfully, President Trump has apparently caught President Reagan’s vision of what our nation can be – that shining city on a hill. It is too bad so few even in his own party are willing to really put their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor on the line and join with him to see that vision fulfilled. He has done incredibly well so far, but unless men and women of good will are willing to fight for that vision too, to come together in unity of purpose, the irrational wackos, male and female, those i’ve come to think of as liberal lemmings, will take this great country irretrievably off the rails.

    1. One thing I see, Joyce, is that there is irrationality etc. among individuals on the Right, but the very institutions of the Left are soaked in it.

  9. Just a little note of PRASE and GRATITUDE for your weekly gleam of light in the quagmire of feelings.
    Many years ago I developed a question for those who talk equality over ability-“Do YOU care who does the brakes on your car, OR do YOU want them done RIGHT”.
    I can teach anyone anything WHEN they want to, but until then nothing is done.
    One last thing, there is NEVER anything mentioned about the MEN who were in the background supporting those women during the ‘Women’s Suffrage Movement’. It is ‘E Pluribus Unum’ NOT us vs them…..
    As well as ‘illegitimi non carborundum’
    Hv a GR8 day and thanks for helping be a better EVERYTHING.

    1. O.k., Carl. I have no idea what “illegitimi non carborundum” means. I’ll have to look it up.

      1. ‘Illegitimi non carborundum’ is a high-falootin’ dog-Latin phrase to say ‘Don’t let the b******* grind you down.’

  10. Amen, amen, amen, Susan! Honestly, high profile leadership roles takes a whole lot of testosterone and we women have only a fraction of that with which God blessed men. Women wear out drawing down on their adrenals trying to “man up” to the responsibility of such professions. Some women can do it well, of course, but often they forego marriage and familyl life. The typical yippy feminist has no idea of the wisdom of why the good Lord hardwired the genders as He did. We are not men and they are not us…thank God! Great column as always 😉 K

    1. That’s a strongly stated point of view, Kristin! There’s so much to say on the topic.

  11. I really like what you wrote. Your words dovetail beautifully to what an ex-KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the United States, said the first step, out of 4, to destroying a country is “demoralization”, i.e., to destroy the family, i.e., to destroy the father figure, i.e., by appealing to the emotions of women. Feminism was born. All we needed was 1 or 2% of the population to buy into it. Bingo! Done. Of course, I am over simplifying Yuri’s 4 step process but your reference to striking of the match by the ‘hysterical reaction’ of a few is all that is needed to light the powder. All the left needs now is an opposing team on the streets. In 2016, a sinister part of me theorized that Donald Trump would win the presidency simply because that would galvanize a significant amount of anger by many on the left. Bull’s eye. Scene two is next, you know, Yuri’s step 4: Normalization (the squelching of civil unrest by martial law), calls for civil war, that requires at least two opposing sides. Perhaps some event or someone prematurely short timing this presidency, either this term or the next, would do the trick. The angst of many on the right would then flare up. Bingo again. Team two ready. As you indicated… “…informed, reasonable and rational citizens” would not fall for this. Alas!

    1. Scary, Darryl, and quite accurate. And many tend to forget that New Czar Vladimir Putin was also KGB and likely remains so in outlook and methodology.

    2. Darryl, it is not uncommon in history to find that one side is very open about its tactics and the other side completely ignores what they say because it is so different than the way they think.

    3. Has anyone read “God’s Chaos Candidate” by Lance Wallnau ? This book came out a few months before the November 2016 election. It is a great read. I became a Trump supporter shortly after he threw his hat in the ring because of the values he was upholding for our nation. Trump has had some amazing accomplishments as President. Here are just a few:
      1) ISIS is shrinking.
      2) Russians backed down over Syria.
      3) China blinked, and totally capitulated on trade.
      4) North Korea has also blinked and is hopefully meeting with USA/Trump. ( That’s not happened in 60 yrs)
      5) The American people got a TAX CUT!
      6) We have the lowest unemployment in decades.
      7) Lastly, it appears we are on the brink of uncovering the real election meddling, and covert attempt to subvert the American people’s will.

  12. To be rational, I think, is to make sense of things. Politics was not made to make sense. Politics was made to empower the establishment, the status quo. President Trump makes no sense yet he disrupt that status quo, that establishment of professional politicians. This businessman with no political background whatsoever was voted in by those fed up with hearing and seeing politics as usual. Anyone expecting a perfect president is not rational because there is no such thing as a perfect leader.

    1. I’m not sure I agree, Lisa, that politics was meant to power the establishment at the start of this country. That was one of the areas of disagreement among the Founders. But, President Trump has certainly shaken up the status quo and if it wasn’t so serious it would be amusing to see how so many can’t handle the results.

  13. Thanks so much. I had to hold my nose to vote in this last election. I am appalled at the way the president has been treated. I’ve disagreed with many of them in the past but have chosen to be respectful. The so called women’s march with the pink hats and foul language was such a bad example for young girls. It just made me sad. But that’s our present day culture. That’s for speaking up for decency. I admire your family

    1. I agree. To march against vulgarity by using vulgarity was an incredible statement. I was appalled as well.

  14. Alas, all too true and well taken is your point that women vote with their emotions and from their viscera all too often! Coming from a woman, this admission is doubly alarming. To this one must add the observation that many women’s reaction to Roe vs. Wade is perplexing, in that so many adopt a ‘feminist’ stance that seems anti-maternal, i.e. pro-pleasure and against the triumph of human life. But I admire your separation of the two points that (1) Mr. Trump’s policies are an imperative that must be supported, vs. (2) A negative gut reaction to Mr. Trump that detracts from the political imperative of our nation. I myself feel that Mr. Trump now very likely represents the last chance of Western civilization in America against the New Left (and the Media) that has become exclusively Marxist, and whatever his idiosyncrasies or failings as a person, he has been thrust forward by Divine bequest. May he not falter in the righteousness of his vision, nor may we falter in supporting his righteous initiatives. For I feel his head and his heart are in the right place and our nation has begun to feel the effects of his invigorating policies, whether or not the slavish Leftist media with their ingrained double standard allow him credit. For they won’t: quod erat demonstrandum, ad infinitum.

    1. I don’t think all women vote with their emotions and I do think that the feminization of our society has men voting that way as well. We no longer train people to be able to debate and learn from those who think differently. Instead we elevate feeling to the highest level.

  15. Susan, thanks for saying what I can’t say simply because I am a male living in America. With the blade of a surgeon’s scalpel, you precisely expose the irrationality that is running rampant in our political arena today. Blessings, as you continue to dispell the myth and share the truth.

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