Back to you, Mr. President

As the massive Republican presidential candidate field narrowed down in 2016, I wrote quite a few Musings sharing my thought processes. Donald Trump was not a natural choice for me, though by the time election night came I was fully on board. This time around, only a few avid never-Trumpers are even thinking of a Republican primary challenger and some of those are openly declaring  that they would prefer a Democrat to our current President. I think they are grossly mistaken and astonishingly self-destructive, but they aren’t interested in listening to me. However, some of you might be.

I spent a lot of time during my most active mothering years trying to convey the power of speech to my children. One daughter had a hard time understanding that if she lashed out at a sibling with cruel words, by the next day she might have forgotten her hurtful outburst , but her sibling hadn’t. Other children found my recommendation that when something went wrong they should say, “Dearie, me!” laughable (o.k., it was laughable) but they knew that I had better not hear them saying anything stronger. Name-calling, gossip and crude language was absolutely frowned upon in our house.

For these reasons, I would never hold President Trump up  as a role model for carefully  considered speech. Neither do I want my sons or grandsons to emulate the way he has treated his marriage vows over the years. Nevertheless, while in 2016 I felt I had no choice but to vote for him, this time around I even more enthusiastically support President Trump’s re-election.

I am also cringing less at his verbal forays than I used to. As my husband pointed out to me, he is who he is. He is not going to change at this point of his life. Like all of us, he is a package deal. I actually think that many of his actions (little mentioned in the media) both from years ago and as president, show him to have extremely positive character traits that vie, as is so often true for all of us, with negative character traits. I certainly don’t think he is worse than others whom the media choose to deify.

Part of President Trump’s package is extremely rare in the political world. He speaks without his words being filtered through layers of political-correctness nannies and damage-control worriers and, in fact, seems often to speak with the intent of goading others into fits of fury and condemnation. He also keeps his word when it comes to things that count. That is the precise opposite of so many we elect to office.

In the world as I would like it to be, being an honorable and upright man would go hand in hand with being an effective, courageous and wise leader, able to win against those who seek to destroy all that is good. In the world as it really is, such men (or women) are rare indeed.

We benefit immensely from those who came before us, many of whom have aspects of their lives that are quite cringeworthy. As Americans we owe debts of gratitude to flawed men like Generals Grant and Patton and to Founding Fathers and presidents whose private lives were less than holy. Make no mistake in thinking that great women or people of other nations are any different in being real people rather than angels.

With the forces of hatred, bullying, socialism, racism, anti-Semitism and violence increasing in the Democrat party and with having endured  hearing too much from spineless and/or ineffective Republicans, I would be ungrateful indeed if I did not express my support for President Trump.

Do some of President Trump’s current comments or past actions not live up to my personal standards? A story published in the 1860s of how President Lincoln responded to accusations that General Grant was a drunkard may or may not be based on truth. The anecdote has the president saying that if he knew where General Grant got his whiskey, he would send it to all his other commanders as well. At this point in history, we once again need a warrior, though this time around one who leads citizens rather than soldiers.  I expect that next November, President Trump will be exactly the right person capable of  defending this wonderful country in which I am blessed to live.

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  1. Pres. Trump is a lot like Gen. Patton. Gen. Patton had no use for political correctness or political games. He knew what he had to do and did it. If he thought an idea or plan was stupid, he said so! He said what he thought and didn’t care who he might offend. Gen. Patton irritated his “superiors” and politicians but his men loved and respected him!

    1. Jimmy, my husband and I have been reading a lot about General Patton this past week and we agree.

  2. So perfectly stated. You summed it up so well! The imperfect Donald Trump is doing what the non-courageous Republicans have failed to do for years.

    1. And I believe he has put backbone into many Republicans, Laurie. He also has forced many Democrats to reveal the true selves that they liked to conceal.

      1. Absolutely, Susan! I am daily thankful that this man was chosen for this time. He’s exactly what it took to blow the lid off the darkness that has overrun the government and the nation. May he continue to “rally” the Republican troops to stand up for what is right.

  3. Dear Susan,
    Wow, you certainly ignited an opinion storm here- well done! I am more enthusiastically aboard the Trump Train than ever before, even parting with a few shekels to support the campaign. (For me to do this I have to feel extremely passionate!) I gave up on politicians long ago, during the Clinton years, and began to vote strictly according to the issues. (The sanctity of human life comes to mind for Pete’s sake, and that marriage is between a man and woman!)i What we got in Trump is a very real person, warts and all, who may have had a very colorful, rascally, early life, but who ultimately chose to do the right thing. That’s good enough for me (and very entertaining!)
    Thanks for your wise words,
    Dianne P.

    1. Dianne, as has happened before, some of those who don’t agree with me, wrote to me privately. I have asked permission from one of those people to make his comments public and we’ll see if he says yes. I am very glad that Janice voiced her objections and hope that she will share what they are in more detail. Vigorous and polite debate is sorely missing these days. Meanwhile, I do think it helpful for those of us who are enthusiastic about this president to see that, although it’s like pulling teeth to get any of the mainstream media to mention it, there are a lot of people who are very positive.

  4. Trump is a humanist….sure he is a pompous ass too, yes of course, but at least not 24/7. and yes he does have born again believers in his inner circle (yes, believers plural, which is one of the reasons why Trump is so solidly with Israel) … and ps there is even one in his inner circle who is a “Completed Jew”(Jay Sekulow)…But Trump, at the very best, is maybe (and a very big maybe), a baby/immature believer and will likely never grow beyond infant stage as a born again believer…because he is a solid humanist first – he doesnt need God – he is as good as God, as good as God is good, then he believes so is he …. Trump is Lord of his life, he is first, and everything else is second… he is a strong humanist…

    And like a lot of US Jews are, Ttrump is superstitious. He wants it both ways….that if there really is a God, he is curious enough to listen to the evangelicals and try to bear some of Jesus’ fruits and wisdom, but its just in case he is on the wrong side as a humanist…. he is the kind of guy who if he believes there is God will still only call upon God when it is convenient or out of desperation- trump would tell God “everything is going good but if anything changes and i need you i will give you a call”…so his superstitious faith brings the evangelicals into his inner circle- he knows that they know something he doesnt know and maybe by osmosis he can benefit from them being in his circle ….but he will always put himself first because he is a humanist before an evangelical christian….

    The other thing is that ALL those very visible public folks who are so busy trying to take Trump down (hollywood/celebrities, politicians/lawmakers, media, other billionaires, far lefty “christian” and “jewish” leaders) are humanists too… and they are also all pompous asses who claim to possess the most-high moral ground, and so regard themselves as more elevated humanists than Trump, and better than everyone else really….they are good, nay maybe even great, without God….and they have no curiosity or interest to find out if God is really real, and if he is real, they will hate him regardless…

    humanism sucks, and your pride comes before the fall.

    1. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

      Dear Bob–
      Just for the record, I do not agree with your assessments of the president. Unless you have met him and know him, I think such detailed evaluations of his personality are invalid.

      1. thanks for your reply Teacher- my only assessment of his personality is that he is a pompous ass and he does say things that easily point in that direction but am i 100% sure he is a pompous ass? no….only 99.99%… as for my assessment of his immaturity as a born again believer, which he may or may not be, he has said so many things (he said he has never sinned for ex….) and uses so much awful language and uses the Lord’s name in vain (twice he GD’d in that last NC rally) that just those 2 things in themselves point readily to his infant/superstitious, at best, faith in the Lord….

      2. and as a ps… i do like Trump, he is my kind of “leader”- i prefer a guy who is boardroom-tested as a president…. i voted for Perot and i voted for and presumably will vote again for Trump.

      3. Rabbi Lapin,
        Thank you for letting me get on my blowhorn! It is good to see your posts. Timely.
        Moses was humble, Yet Korak blatantly attested falsehood against him.
        The common day media pundits are right on time for the Editor of the Universe to set records straight!
        Carefulness of voice is not tiny. BAT KOL is strong in a whisper.

  5. You are spot-on, as was your husband in a 2016 podcast when he used the analogy of this being a war that we must win but won’t win if we put a pastor as our battlefield general. Few of our political leaders are fit to occupy the pedestals they fancy themselves on.

    1. Mike, it has been many an election that I have heard, “This is the most important election of my life,” from many people. I think it has been true each time. We are on very shaky ground and so each election has the potential to be earth-shattering for this country.

  6. Divided country? In my never-to-be-humble-opinion the Trumpster’s election exposed the fact that there’s no real difference between the “republicrats” and the democrats. Both sides hate him but the American people, at least those with a working moral compass, love and support him. He’s a world class achiever and so wealthy the lobbyists can’t buy him. And he exhibits the rarest of virtues. . . courage. He is one of the few who have the courage to fight the democrat-media-complex and not only fight them, but win.

    1. Ty, his election has certainly upended and brought to the surface much that was always kept below the surface.

  7. Great article, Susan, epitomizing the thoughts of many of us! As you say, he speaks unfiltered. Consequently, unlike past Presidents, when he is hit (verbally) he hits back. Starting on election night, the Left came at him with marches, they cheered celebrities who wanted to burn down the White House, they declared war on him and he fought back, mainly via twitter. Most recently, one of “The Squad” told her mom she was going to Impeach the so and so. He fought back, so she declares she is the victim and the media supports her.

    What he has done is cut regulations, instituted a tax cut that has helped Americans both in their paychecks and in the retirement accounts as stock prices have risen and with a corporate tax cut has moved the U.S. from near the bottom of most competitive countries to near the top. Not only is unemployment low, but there are approximately 6.0 million unemployed in the country and 7.2 million jobs open as unemployment is right at a 49 year low. The media, and Democrats, are desperate to gloss over the numbers to discredit him.

    1. Don, it is absolutely incredible how little of the good economic news is reported and acknowledged. We all know how different that would have been had numbers like these come out during a different administration.

  8. Susan, I hope that the length of my comment will not bother you or others. Also, in paragraph 6, seldom would be a better word than never:

    It’s been cringeworthy to hear and to see the number of Republicans in office apologize for using their words incorrectly while Democrats seldom do apologize for saying the same things or worse.

    And there’s a typo in paragraph 9: Judiciary.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. I am another one who agrees with you 100%. Just like you, he wasn’t my first choice during the campaign, but by the time of the Republican convention I was fully in support of him, and I’ve never regretted it. I think he has gone from strength to strength. The abuse he takes is beyond belief. Do I agree with every single thing he says and does? No, but so what? The big picture is more important. I’m surprised to say he has become my favorite president of my lifetime.

    I really enjoy your weekly column. However, Susan, I think you might mean November of next year, not “next November.”

  10. During the 1990s Hillary Rodham Clinton states “There’s a ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’.”

    The first time I ever heard Hillary Clinton talking about a national health care plan was in Seattle and, at the time, she accused civic and freedom minded individuals who listened to Rush Limbaugh as having this ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ against her husband, Bill and her. She was suggesting that America should change its flawed model of healthcare coverage without actually understanding why it was flawed in the first place. Former President Obama did the same thing.

    Actually, it’s been flawed since our nation decided that American companies should include healthcare insurance packages into the benefits system and receive government tax breaks; meanwhile, healthcare tax brakes were not open to individual taxpayers working for himself or herself.

    Still, Hillary slung out a false accusation against all Republicans that they were out to get her as part of a very large conspiracy. A conspiracy that all Republicans were guilty by association apparently. She got away with it.

    Today many people – business leaders, politicians, school teachers, university professors, ‘Social Justice Warriors’ (aka SJWs) – weild the term ‘Racist’ against those with whom they disagree.

    It’s been cringeworthy to hear and to see the number of Republicans in office apologize for using their words incorrectly while Democrats never apologize for saying the same things or worse. Additionally, Democrats often demean, slander, and offend all of their opponents. We’re often subjected to insults for appearances: clothing or hair styles rather than critiques of ideas.

    Robert Mueller, I’m certain, is integrally involved with the Uranium One sale that also involved the Clintons. His investigation was a cover-up for very deep state corruption in our government. Someday, the truth will be unearthed and it will expose both Democrats and Republicans for capitalizing on the backs of the American taxpayers.

    Leading up to the now infamous election of 2016, President Trump was not my first choice either, when all of the alternative(s) would have put First Man, Bill Clinton in the White House with his wife in charge, I knew that I had no other choice. There was no Republican that could speak plainly enough to lead the conversation. When President Elect Trump debated Hillary Clinton, she accused him of not paying enough in taxes and he told the truth about her 40 years in government service. She was in the postion to fix it, but she didn’t fix the rigged system that her friends also benefitted from and I agreed with him 100%. He had my vote. A President Hillary, and First Man Bill were repellent to me (as was her VP choice.)

    The Democrats have no reasonable alternative right now, going into 2020, and too many Republican politicians have gone along with the other side to ‘go along to get along.’ It’s been sad to watch all of this stuff play out for the past 25 years. The Democrats want to push infanticide, have no Rules of Law, want no accountability in our Congress, Juciciary, or Executive branches of government, but they want power by any means necessary. They are a party filled with people who have hatred for America’s existence.

    American Christian churches (and many in England), spread out in more regions than one might guess, are now being run by Muslims or other “Gods.” I have read many church websites that make it clear what these people believe.

    We must keep to the timeless truth of the facts, just the plain facts, to choose the best path forward. Here is just one such instance when it makes sense to question (though there are many others to question) CNN’s reporting: They claimed that President elect Donald Trump was lying about Muslims celebrating 9/11/2001. There was a community in South Seattle of about 150 immigrants from Somalia, Africa who celebrated in the streets that day and the news reported it. One can Google it, but I was unable to find the footage of it. Google has supressed it, even though it is archived somewhere. I saw them celebrating with my own two eyes, and the news later reported it. Google’s search engine will turn up 9/11/2001 footage, but it will not show the American Muslim communities accross the country that celebrated the murder of other Americans.

    The other fact is that one can’t look at the live footage or the picutures of 4 commercial passenger airplanes full of people that morning that were used as torpedoes to murder many others and tell me that no Muslim celebrated it. It’s a BIG lie told that often goes stupidly unchallenged. One can’t look at the aftermath of an unborn, aborted baby and tell me that it’s not the murder of a human life.

    I know that, unless there’s a compelling reason why the current President is unfit to lead America for another 4 years, Donald Trump has my vote again.

    I continue to read this post and RDL’s posts. However, I’ve been involved with a home mold situation after we moved and it’s been a situation that is moving along slowly. I truly appreciate your commitment to the foundation of the Bible and of ancient Jewish wisdom.

    1. LJ, thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and experiences while you are so busy. I hope things straighten out quickly and without a great deal of frustration and expense.

  11. Well said everyone — even those in disagreement. It’s vital for We The People not to allow pop-culture (which is totally contrived) to stifle open conversation & open analysis of what’s happening before our eyes. As a media relations professional, I just want to encourage you all to do this, as often as possible: Watch & listen to the President’s speeches and press conferences from beginning to end. DVR them or go to YouTube after-the-fact, or see a transcript on, if necessary. Listen to him for yourself — with your own ears — and then base your assessments of him and his words and actions on that. THEN, see how mainstream & conservative media portray what he said. Try that experiment and you’ll begin to realize and understand a whole lot more, including just how much disinformation is being spewed and promoted.

    Remember, there’s your point-of-view, their point-of-view & God’s point-of-view. We’re commanded to conform to God’s — and He demands truth, because He is incorrupt. To do that successfully, you’ve got to know what God says in detail. Read the Bible daily & in context — or you’re only grasping the tip of the iceberg of Judeo-Christian values & principles — of understanding what is good & evil in God’s eyes, and you’ll easily be misled by those who want God out of our society & out of your heart. Yes, that agenda exists today, as surely as it has throughout history. It’s wise to know some history, because it tends to repeat, as even Ecclesiastes warns. These are times to be keenly watchful and to take God very seriously to the point of obedience. That will save this beautiful nation — USA — and save your life. Learn & uphold the standard of God. That’s the standard God is holding us accountable to and not those of any paid celebrity, Godless corporation or paid-to-be-biased reporter… Vote to champion what God champions. Be biased for Him.

    Thank you, Rebbetzin & Rabbi Lapin. Your chutzpah and compassion are special & needed. : )

    1. Doris, we certainly second your suggestion not to let media be the gatekeepers between all of us and what really is said and done.

  12. I agree with you on this one. While President Trump was not my first choice in the last election, I am certainly pleased with his ability to deliver on his promises despite the major resistance and obstacles he has faced while in office. It has been refreshing to have a business man in office rather than a career politician whose primary concern is getting reelected. I have never seen a sitting president exposed to the constant, viscious attacks that President Trump has experienced. I don’t believe any other candidate would have been able to withstand this. We seldom hear about his accomplishments – record low unemployment (which benefits all regardless of ethnicity), more fairness in trade deals with the US and other countries, talks with North Korea, much improved economy, etc. He is desperately trying to deliver on securing our borders but is being thwarted by career politicians who don’t have our country’s best interest at heart. (Exactly what have these career politicians accomplished since they were elected?) I just pray that in the coming election, cheating will not win out. We need continued strong leadership to set the USA back on track. I appreciate your insights in your musings. You help me to see things in a different light.

    1. Pattie, media silence on President Trump’s accomplishments is astounding, but I think many people recognize that they are better off without having been told so.

  13. Susan, my husband says, “Trump may not be a godly man but he is God’s man.” Thank you for your musings they encourage me in so many ways.
    Wynde Specht

  14. I don’t usually – in fact never have – commented on someones post, but I cannot pass this opportunity. Do I think Pres. Trump has done everything correctly or even to my liking… NO. However that being said TOO MANY Americans seem to forget the man should not be separated from the Office. We don’t have to agree with everything our President does or says but we need to respect the office he holds and the country he represents. Many in the past have done things that were not necessarily in the best interest of or to the liking of every American, but a whole bunch of folks today seem to hate this President if for no other reason than he – for the most part – is doing just what he said he would do. Imagine that, he’s keeping his word! I for one am tired of people “bashing” our President and anyone who dares to support him!!! So many feel they have the right to express their opinion but vilify anyone who speaks out for the other side. They seem to forget that all past Presidents have been less that perfect in every decision they have made. Does America have problems and things that need to be changed – absolutely – but this country and this administration need our prayers and support now more than ever!

    1. Jim, I hope you will feel comfortable commenting more frequently and I appreciate your words this time around. I agree that the venom against this man is unprecedented, though it has ramped up through previous administrations.

  15. Susan, good job. I agree to the most part.
    We can have it both, all things are possible in God and prayer. Maybe not realistic in these times but the times that are coming in the one thousand years with Christ. Whole different deal I know.
    People must remember and understand that the end of times or Bible Revelations will happen not our will but Gods will. Trump will help with that giving us a little more time of good life as we know it, but it will all change soon. I hoping I will be called up when the trumpet is sounded. I certainly DO NOT want to be here afterward. Satin will rule in a time soon to be. All we are seeing is leading to it.
    This is good stuff Trump would love to see. He needs to see or know that he is doing good.

  16. Hear, hear! Susan you have articulated exactly how I feel about President Trump and I, too, will enthusiastically support his re-election.

    1. I think that he generated enthusiasm in the last election and will generate even more in this one, Randy.

  17. Thank you, Susan, I hope the majority of Americans at the next Presidential election will agree.

  18. The G-D of Israel and of all the Earth instructs that we pray for our leaders, regardless of personal preferences, for HE put them in authority. Thanks be to G-D WHO put Trump in office! President Trump and the current administration have greatly blessed Israel, and the U.S. — Baruch HaShem!
    Even the speech and emotions of Prophet Moshe brought serious consequences. The same measure is justly awaits for all of us! “O G-D, you know”!

    1. Hines, in synagogue we always pray for the leader of the country – no matter who it is. Wouldn’t we want our leaders to have wisdom even if we don’t think they currently do?

  19. Modern mother’s wisdom! Thank you, Susan. Trump was not my first choice but I too voted for him. This time I will get out and work for his reelection! Promise keepers are hard to find.

  20. Dear Susan, I am interested in listening to you and I see that so are many others. I couldn’t agree with you more. Your thoughts, your musings are such a help to me in forming my own thoughts and opinions. . . And boy am I looking forward to casting my vote for President Trump in the next election hoping that it will be a landslide.
    God bless you and Rabbi Daniel in all that you do.

  21. Roger Lauricella

    President Trump (as flawed as he is) came about at the “right” time for this country. You so well state your doubts about him but also his character traits that make him stand out. He speaks his mind and that has endeared him to many (most notably those in the fly over zone who were dissed by Obama and the Democrats). President Trump is a Patriot and America first guy and that has brought back jobs and prosperity not seen before. That in itself does not ride well with the left and with never Trumpers. From all inputs in person he is a very nice personal man and treats all well. His Children are very good examples of “good” parenting across all their lives. in Comparison to other choices he stands above all those others.

  22. Claire Brady-Johnson

    Thank God for President Trump who actually has a steel spine! Any other Republican would have had a nervous break-down by now. Trump says what most of us feel. He’s the only one willing to look at the devasting effects of illegal immigration and not pander to it! The funny thing is that he is consideted “the bully” instead of those who prod and poke at him with inuendo and insults everyday. The democrats can’t stand that Trump is better at their game than they are. The democrats have been the bigest cry babies since the 2000 election. When they don’t win, they attack and refuse to accept that the country did not accept their platform. When you disagree with them, they call you a biggot or racist. They need to look in the mirror! They are the modern day brown shirts in that if you disagree with them, there is a strong possibility of attack. These observations are coming from an Independent too! Trump did not excel in life by being an idiot, but thankfully, he knows how to handle them and there are quite a few in both political parties. He’s made his wealth by working which is quite different from the politicians who have “sucked” off the system for far too long. I applaud President Trump and will gladly and proudly vote for him in 2020!

  23. Susan,
    Thank you and thank you to Daniel. I marvel at your wisdom and your courage to speak it. In this instance I could not agree more. There is serious diabolicalness and sinisterism on the left and we must fight it it all cost.

  24. This is great. President Trump has been an absolute God send for our country, and I believe a second chance. As a family we listened to the podcast as Ben Shapiro interviewed Ravi Zacharias. RZ said he met with a prominent leader in DC who said the difference between the right and left with all their divisiveness is one word. God. This is spot on, and obviously correct.

    1. I haven’t heard that interview but attitudes to God are clearly one of the big dividing lines between the two parties today.

  25. How Trump’s children turned out is a direct reflection on his character and temperament. President Trump’s children have turned out to be exemplary leaders in business and now politics, and his daughter Ivanka is a practicing Modern Orthodox Jew.
    Doesn’t this speak volumes about Trump, the man and father?

    1. Tom, with all due respect, I am not sure that any candidate’s children are on my top ten items to explore when I am vetting someone.

      1. Doesn’t it say something about him?
        They could easily have become lazy, profligate freeloaders. I know he instilled in them a strong work ethic. Not saying this has to be a critical component of choosing a candidate- but for those who say Trump is a low-life and has no redeeming qualities, I think it speaks volumes.

        1. Now I understand what you are saying, Tom, and I agree that does speak to the President’s character.

  26. Very well said. Do I like how Trump speaks most of the time, no. I do know that he loves this country, he loves Israel, is not sold out to either political party, and to me, and above all his actions to me speak louder than his words.

    THank you.

    1. My husband said from the beginning that I should look at his actions rather than pay attention to his unscripted words.

  27. I remember being aghast when you and Rabbi Daniel said you were voting for him! But I eventually got on board and haven’t regretted it! There certainly is a swamp in DC and another politician would not have been able to withstand it as President Trump has. He has all the character qualities that are needed to do that. I’m not super happy with the nations debt continuing to rise and wish he would do more to reduce it. My concern for the election in 2020 is cheating. When we have states allowing non-citizens to vote, how can an election results guaranteed? That is what makes me uneasy. Great musing as always, Susan!

  28. Very well said! I agree and thank You for your courage to stand up for The President!

  29. President Trump is the best American president America has ever had. Even better than Reagan. Trump loves his children yet it seems Reagan lacked it. As the economy, being the single most important aspect of any president’s job, he has fulfilled that in a heartbeat. The democrats are completely wrong in promoting a lesser system of economy than we have today. Equality? There is no such thing in this realistic world. Unless you want to be Cuba or North Korea that espouses equality, foregoing human aspiration, then you must not respect human dignity. The democrats and the main stream media and the American Universities DO NOT!

    1. John, you can have equality or you can have freedom, but you can’t have both. 100% of either isn’t possible, but we do have to choose which is more important to us and, hopefully, add in a dose of the other quality.

      1. I wish every “Christian” in America could read this. Our country has fallen so far from reality, both intellectually and morally that it is tragic. It seems that people today have no clue. As a believer, I like you, was not for Trump in the beginning, but as things developed it was clear that he was the person for this country at this time. We needed a wrecking ball, and he was it. God used many imperfect people in the Bible. My words fail me in my attempt to relate just how true and powerful your thoughts are, expressed here. You and your husband are a blessing.

        1. Fred, I think this President has accomplished amazing things. We certainly were in need of a wrecking ball and a construction crane. He has served both purposes.

    2. Andrea Gonzalez

      I am proud to be an American. Our President is for us- he has brought into light how corrupt the Democrats, Republicans, Media and Pharma! He has brought out what was hiding behind close doors- the hate within, the enemies within! The love for Veterans who risk their lives, the love for Israel and all that our Jewish friends have done accross the World, the love for the unborn. I stand with him, no one is perfect- but we have to make a choice, even when we don’t make a choice we actually are making one! Thanks and well said.

      1. Andrea, I do think that his love for regular Americans, rather than just the “elite” comes across and speaks to many of us.

      1. Father God Jesus anad the Holy Spirit can change the heart of any man, In the past is there, in the past, I do believe that President Donald John Trump will rely on Father God Wisdom to help make decisions. There are ever so many people praying specifically for him tobe close toGod. This will happen Power in praying, praying, draw nearer to God. A friend at all times.ANita

      2. Good morning Susan,
        I realize people see and hear things differently but wow the explanation given about President Trump speech is amazing. It is as if his character has nothing to do with his speech. Accusing the democrats as racist, with all the thing this President has said and continue to say that is extremely racist but you continue to give him a pass. You mention how he treated his wife and passing but nothing about his womanizing. Do you actually believe all those women lied on him even after hearing his own words on the bus. I am not sure why God fearing people continue to paint this President to be something he is not. Perhaps they are getting something they want but I can’t help but wonder at what cost to the soul of this country godly people are willing to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to. God sets up and pull down; I trust God has a plan and I continue to put my hope in Him

        1. Hi Rosalind, I absolutely see his demeaning language as a character flaw. I actually do not think he is racist BTW – one problem is the lack of definition for that term.
          I remember reading that one thing General Patton did was to use terrible profanity when dealing with new soldiers. This was part of a deliberate plan to ‘toughen them up.’ Their lives might depend on acting differently than they ever had before. If I was a mother whose son was under General Patton, I imagine that I would grieve terribly at my son being “toughened up’ at the same time as I would be grateful at him being prepared to survive battle.
          So I do not hold the President up as a character role model, but I do see him as someone who is saving America from perishing – and in a way that I wish wasn’t necessary, his very crudeness is one of the tools that works.
          Not an easy situation, but I try to deal in reality. I too, understand, that we can see things differently while both loving this country.

    1. I do not support him. His principals go against everything I believe in. Before his presidency, I always thought highly of him. He has disappointed me as a leader of our country. Unfortunately, I never realized how divided we are as a nation. His administration has helped me to see it. What happened to “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all”?

      1. Who has he deprived of “justice and liberty for all”. Who has divided the country? Who continually plays the race card? He has freed more people and businesses with one logical move and that is getting rid of the oppressive government regulations that do nothing but destroy countries. The democrats are the biggest threat this nation has ever faced. Open your eyes.

        1. Patricia Liverman

          I agree that the extreme liberal secular democrats are a most serious threat to our country. I highly recommend the book ” Political theology and the concept of sovreignty” by Paul Kahn, a law professor at Yale. I discovered this book before the 2016 election while trying to understand why the two parties were so split.

          Although a rather dense read Mr.Kahns style and clarity of understanding his topic, made it hard to put down for me.One of the issues that that was made so clear to me concerns the fact that our nation was built on a foundation in which the popular sovreign is the Judeo Christian God. A secular liberal nation simply cannot be made to function on it. Mr Kahn is a secular man. He wrote two other books as companions to it, “Putting liberalism in it’s place”, and another on the nature of good and evil, which explores the issue of torture among many other valuable insights into other pertinent topics.
          As I have not yet acquired “Putting liberalism in its place” I cannot comment on it.

      2. Janice what principles specifically do you have a problem with? The country has been divided philosophically for more years than Mr Trump has been in office. I’d truly like to know what you find fault with.

      3. It takes two to have a quarrel or argument. So what happened to the others who are being hateful where he is concerned? Lets not blind our eyes or for that matter our ears to the whole situation. Pray for your country to return to what God intended it to be.

      4. When we decide that our nation is no longer “under God,” we decide that there is no longer “liberty and justice for all.”

      5. That you finally realize there is a distinct philosophical division in this country is a blessing. Now, you have to choose which side of that divide you actually support. Do you actually believe in “free speech” or just that speech that makes YOU feel good? Do you believe that freedom comes with responsibility, or do you seek someone else to blame for the consequences of YOUR choices? Do you think that the rule of law is important, or would you prefer a society in which everyone makes up their own rules depending on the outcomes they want to see? Those are the questions you need to answer for yourself. Choose wisely.

      6. President Trump is giving this great country back to the peopl. The political elites have had long enough. Washington D.C. has been a sanctuary city for corrupt politicians way to long. The political ruling class has looked at Washington as one big cookie jar full of cash for them to steals, We the tax payers have been keeping it full. President Trump has disrupted politics as usual and that is why the left hates him so much. Trump was not my initial choice but now I’m on the Trump Train full speed ahead. Trump doesn’t need taxpayers money I believe he truly loves this great country. Trump is very rough around the edges but it takes that toughness void of political correctness to take on the deep state of the political elites that is a malignant cancer that eating away at this great country. MAGA!

      7. Dear Janice, it seems that you have left conversation…please reply to the questions about your objections to Trump. This is a great opportunity to educate the readers on your reasons for trusting, believing and support for the Democrats. Please give us more of your time and continue the dialogue a little longer. I’ve read all the long comments, and no one is vitriolic, disrespectful, cursing, or angry. No none has displayed behavior that would make one hesitant to speak out – but they have expressed viewpoints different than your own. If you believe the Democrats have policies that have all Americans best interest in mind, please provide some specifics, help us understand. If find that you cannot provide specific reasons to advocate for the Democrats but realize you are only able to express hatred or disapproval for Trump, it’s not your fault completely. It’s not your fault because the media – CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC – has only encouraged its listeners to “Hate/Blame Trump”. When you investigate and think about the media’s primary focus most days, you will recognize they informed our opinion and focused our attention on hate, partial truths and outright lies while omitting news-worthy information. Please examine for yourself what Trump promised to do and whether he has succeeded or attempted. Then you should be able to see and know for yourself 1) that the media you get your news from has grossly deceived many Americans, and 2) why over 60 million Americans voted for him once and likely a 2nd time. The media purposely omit news/information about the President’s effectiveness on behalf of ALL Americans. (Why? The reason they do it is HUGHLY important; another needful discussion to have.) If you are a fair-minded objective thinking individual who is interested in truth, please consider making the effort to examine whether the media has provided us with UNbiased accurate information. Be strong and very courageous. We want to understand your point of view. Respectfully requested ~~2sides2everyStory.

        1. Anita, I do want to mention that, while I would delete any comments that I found to be crude, angry or hostile, there were no such comments to delete. I too, would like to understand Janice’s reasons. We all grow and learn more when there is open discussion.

      8. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

        Dear Janice-
        Thank you for writing. I sure would like to know which of “his principles” go against everything you believe in. I don’t even know what his actual principles are, do you? I know his actions, but his principles? What are they? I’m interested.

      9. He’s topical and I’m waiting for substance. His principals (used by his predecessors as well) decimate and degrade that which you can’t beat. Blame the last guy (I didn’t like this when Obama did this as well.). At the end of the day, he’s our president and I’m praying for him, just like I did for the last guy.8

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