Susan Lapin

Serious Celebration

Take #16. Over the past two weeks, in my mind, I have been composing Musings related to the debacle in Afghanistan. Like you, I am horrified, saddened and worried by the cluelessness and callousness of President Biden and his administration. The consequences of their actions that are immediately known, along with those that will only …

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Yes, There Is Good News

Having one’s mood pulled down by the cycle of one terrible news story after another is easy, in fact almost unavoidable. No matter how close to home or how far away you look, scary and depressing conditions can easily throw a shadow over our lives. And looking away and evading reality would be a mistake; …

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Are You Scared Yet?

Many of my Musings come from articles I read or podcasts I hear. This one stems from a more personal place. In the past few weeks, a number of women I love as well as some close friends have given birth. In contrast to my own pregnancy experiences, these perfectly healthy women were subjected to …

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Too Many Voices

If your email inbox looks anything like mine, you are being bombarded by fund-raising screeds around the clock. They shriek (by use of capital letters) that if I don’t donate to candidate X, the sky will fall and America will perish. If I don’t support organization Y, freedom will fail. My helping them, whether an …

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Space Race Superiority

I’m currently reading, Beyond: The Astonishing Story of the First Human to Leave Our Planet and Journey into Space by Stephen Walker. It is a gripping read and since I was rather young at the time, I’m learning a great deal. One of the most fascinating insights I’m getting syncs with the message of the …

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How Could They? How Could We?

How could they? How could dedicated medical doctors participate in what was then known as the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” while withholding both necessary treatment and information from patients? How could they? How could educated and sophisticated lawyers and doctors have participated in the extermination of millions of Jews in …

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Choose Life Déjà Vu

So many things have changed over the past nine years. Millions have been born and millions have died; governments have risen and governments have fallen. Many other things have simply become more extreme and widespread. Hatred for Israel, especially in America and Europe, is one of those things. After four years of peace and increasing …

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