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A Mother Gives Life

I would like to share a story with you from a friend (with her permission), a mother in Jerusalem. I have added translations for Hebrew terms and some other clarifying information in brackets.  “On the other side of my wall, there is a shiva [week of mourning] taking place for my 84-year-old neighbor, Yosef, [Josef] […]

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Don’t Be a Sap

Two news clippings caught my attention this week. One was a video from the Epoch Times, the second was an article from NBC news. The two sources, as different as they may be, together give a sad picture of life in America today. Strangely, taken together, they may also provide an optimistic vision. The Epoch

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A Reluctant Step Back

Shortly after we returned from Israel late in October 2023, at the end of each of our weekly blogs we began posting the name and picture of one of the people murdered by Hamas terrorists on that day as well as the name and picture of one of those taken hostage. With a heavy heart,

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Planting Seeds

I did not get a chance to write a new Musing this week but I hope you will enjoy the reposting of my Musing from June, 2023. Don’t you love reading something that sets you thinking? After mulling it over you might agree or disagree with what you read, but either way it stimulated your

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Hillary van Winkle

Remember Rip van Winkle? He was the American of Dutch origin who fell asleep for twenty years only to awaken to an utterly changed country. He slept through two decades that included the American revolution. Millenia before Washington Irving wrote this story, ancient Jewish wisdom records the tale of Choni Ha’Meagel, who fell asleep for

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Yes, Virginia, There is Still an America

The satiric site the Babylon Bee, found it necessary to start a second online site, Not the Bee. As serious pronouncements by politicians, academicians, and celebrities become increasingly outlandish, too often what the Bee writes of as humorous becomes real news a short time later. Hence, Not the Bee, where absurd but true news is

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Share Your Life, Share Your Money

I had the privilege this week of being at Dave Ramsey’s campus and studio, where Dave and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, interviewed my husband about our book The Holistic You. Towards the end of the conversation, Dave mentioned that the very personable Rachel only receives intense pushback, and even hostility, when it comes to one

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The More One Knows

One of the top ten reasons behind why we homeschooled was to spark our children’s interest in history, a subject that too often is taught in a yawn-inducing and stultifying manner. Yet, history is endlessly fascinating, humility-inspiring, and crucially relevant. The more one learns about historical events, the more questions there are to explore. This

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Privilege vs. Blessing

I do not want to be a nit-picker. Naturally, this is what one would say when she is about to nit pick. So be it. I am going to write about my frustration with a book I read because I think there is an important point to make, even though what upset me is not

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I Can Do It.

The stories related in the following Musing may or may not be based on the truth. They also may or may not have happened to people related to me. This disclaimer seems necessary because busybodies and bureaucrats increasingly think that they should overrule perfectly caring and competent parents when it comes to decisions about their

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