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5Fs for Teenagers?

Dear Rabbi and Susan Lapin. I got The Holistic You book and I am blown away by how the 5 Fs interact. In addition, your latest podcast relating to the Daily Mail scenario was truly eye-opening… I have learned so much from you and really appreciate your honesty without the warm butter LOL. I have […]

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Targeted Actions

“Come to Pharaoh for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his servants so that I can put my signs in his midst, and so that you may tell in the ears of your son and your grandsons how I made a mockery of Egypt and my signs that I placed among them—and

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Come—Even When You Go

The third section of the book of Exodus, starting with Exodus 9 begins with God telling Moses, “Come to Pharaoh.” The obvious question is, why does God say, “come to Pharaoh” instead of “go to Pharaoh”?  Surely, “go to Pharaoh” is what we expect to hear! The classic answer is that God is telling Moses

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When Things Fall Apart

After 210 years of enslavement, the Jewish people are finally about to be redeemed.  God gives Moses his mission to tell Pharaoh, “Let my people go!”  What happens at the beginning of Exodus when Moses and Aaron approach the king of Egypt with their request? (Exodus 5)  Not only did Pharaoh famously say, “No, I

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