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March 7th, 2018 Posted by On Our Mind 2 comments

I read the opening sentence in the newspaper more than once. It was about a man convicted for ID theft.  Here is the sentence: “From a townhouse near a megachurch in Atlanta, Kelvin Lyles recruited about 300 accomplices to embark on a crime spree.”

What exactly does the megachurch have to do with the story? I finished the entire article waiting to find the answer to that question. It didn’t help. This leaves me wondering if an editor would have let the article run as is if the opening sentence had been, “From a townhouse near a Planned Parenthood office in Atlanta, Kelvin Lyles recruited about 300 accomplices to embark on a crime spree.” Somehow, I doubt it. Do you?





Suzanne says:

Or “From a townhouse near a mosque in Atlanta…”

I typically read your musings and thought tools from the email links, but discovered this little On Our Minds segment when I pulled up your site. Love having another snippet to read from you during the week. You’re always spot on.

Susan Lapin says:

Yes, Suzanne. I don’t think they would have run your suggested lead sentence. My husband and I would like to update ‘On Our Minds’ more frequently, so it is wonderful to know that it is being seen.


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