All the News Not Fit to Print

A refugee from the old Soviet Union once explained to me how she knew what was actually going on in her country and in the world, despite having no trust in the evil empire’s official newspaper, Pravda. She read Pravda not to glean information from what was printed, but rather from what was omitted.

Was there an esteemed official whose name suddenly disappeared from news about government meetings? Not only was he now an enemy of the state but history would be re-written to show that he had always been so. Woe to you if you ever said anything positive about him—even if such statements were mandatory at your workplace.

Was there no record of an Aeroflat flight’s arrival? The internal Soviet airline either had a technical difficulty or, as happened too frequently, had crashed.  These problems couldn’t be acknowledged as they would reflect badly on the all-capable, all-competent regime, but you could track how often they occurred by how many flights did not arrive.

At the time, that idea of such discriminating reading seemed far-removed from me. Yet lately, I too have been reading the newspaper not for what is there but rather for what isn’t.

I have been reading the Wall Street Journal since I was a little girl. I started with what used to be the front page, middle column, human-interest article that now has migrated to the bottom of the front page. I graduated to editorials, columnists and the news. (Alas, I still don’t understand the stock market pages.) It is with great dismay that I now see the paper, both in its news reporting as well as its opinion pieces, as tilting center-left rather than staunchly objective or leaning conservative. Reporting has been replaced by second-rate repeating of news from other sources, thus influencing readers’ viewpoints rather than being a source of enlightenment. While I always appreciated reading columnists from a liberal viewpoint, those coming from the conservative side are increasingly out of touch with today’s vibrant conservatism as well as the Leftist lurch of the currently misnamed liberal movement. Having given up on the New York Times years ago because of its abandonment of honest reporting, it is extremely painful to see the WSJ too abdicate from competent journalism, if not yet being downright deceitful.

What have I noticed missing from the Wall Street Journal? Here are three examples:

  1. A missing editorial obituary for Rush Limbaugh. It is impossible not to recognize that Mr. Limbaugh was a towering, influential, outsized personality for the past few decades. While the Wall Street Journal had two columnists write about him after his death—one positively and one negatively—there was no editorial obituary. Like those who once lauded and benefitted from the newly canceled official in the Soviet Union, the powers-that-be seemed scared that writing about Mr. Limbaugh, even in a nuanced way, would be toxic. The ingratitude this showed to a man who not only supported but played a part in promoting legislation that the newspaper encouraged, was staggering. (UPDATE: a reader informs me that such an editorial did appear. I’m pleased to hear that because I was very upset about the omission. I think my larger point still stands, but I stand corrected on this example.)
  2. Skewed pictures and basic reporting of most attacks on Asian-Americans. To the delight of American Leftists, a white man recently killed a number of Asian-Americans. While shedding crocodile tears, the glee at being able to label rising violence against Asian-Americans as a white supremacy (ipso facto, Donald Trump associated) plot was immense. Obscured was the fact that not only was there no hint of racial or politically conservative motivation in this attack but that major newspapers have had a blackout on the increased violence against Asians, particularly in NYC. This increase in violence is directly related to the release of dangerous criminals by a liberal mayor who personally is surrounded by armed security protection. The uncomfortable fact that a disproportionate number of the attackers are black has similarly been ignored.
  3. Astute readers of the news immediately recognized that, unlike perpetrators who are named, tried and convicted by reporters before even a small percentage of facts are known, newspapers initially showed no name, picture or info about the driver whose car recently assaulted Capitol police. It was clear to those who search for what is not said that the alleged murderer was neither white nor had he ever uttered a positive word about President Trump.

There are so many more examples. I don’t want to replace my morning paper with one that leaves out pertinent news and discussion while tilting to the other side of the political spectrum. I would appreciate being given a fair, unbiased and comprehensive picture of current events. Is that still available? How sad that talents that were necessary in the failed Soviet Union are becoming increasingly necessary in a failing United States being harmed by a failed mass media.

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40 thoughts on “All the News Not Fit to Print”

  1. I am ever GREATFULL and ENCOURAGED by you and MY RABBIE !
    My WIFEY and her mom remember ‘Pravda’ and how they did not even bother wasting time reading it.
    Mark Twain’s quote about reading the ‘NEWS’ is quite fitting to WSJ and others.
    Between studying u2 and Dennis Prager I learn more REALITY than what ‘Propaganda’ is produced.
    Having ‘KILLED MY TV’ a long time ago frees up so much time to only working on ‘Philosophy’ and Physics'(Question is Where did I get this concept-a hint, A former Russian Writer who too was raised Jewish).
    Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

    1. Carl, if only those born in America would listen to the experienced wisdom of those who grew up in socialist countries.

  2. I’m in 100% agreement with all that you have said! It’s a sad day when we have difficulty finding honest journalism, or at least people who will report facts, rather than their biases. I’m also sad that approximately 100 million people in this country are marginalized because of their conservative views; we are either ignored or verbally abused.

  3. Allow me to heartily confirm everything you have written about corporate media today. As a college student back before the dawn of time and majoring in Russian, I frequently read Pravda and was soon able to divine the truth between the lines of agitprop, which–it turns out–was actually quite entertaining. Then, at least 2 decades ago, I noticed that when I read the local paper, I frequently had the strange feeling that I was back in college reading Pravda. But it was no longer entertaining. I wasn’t getting news; I was being fed a slanted storyline (with significant information missing). As a final thought, let me offer one example (apocryphal, I’m sure) of how Pravda used to deceive without actually lying: the story goes, there was a car race between a Russian and an American, which race was won by the American. The next day, Pravda declares “Big car race–Russian finishes 2nd, American next-to-last.”

    1. Darryl, we used to have a book called “The Hammer and the Tickle” with jokes from the Soviet Union. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of them.

  4. Newspapers are becoming like printed versions of the Blabbosphere on the Internut. I’m also sticking with the crossword puzzles. AND… I’m going to read me some BOOKS (Kryptonite to today’s illiterati).

    Try to be less Coke. Drink 7 Up.

    Take care, Gordy.

  5. The Epoch Times has been a breath of fresh air! One of the rare news sources that loves the Constitution and rose out of persecution and the desire to combat socialism/communism.

  6. I too, preferred and read the Wall Street Journal for years until I noticed they were slanting more left than center in their reporting.
    When the New York Post printed the story about Hunter Biden and his laptop back in October and was immediately censored, I took note. When said “censors” admitted last month that they were wrong to have censored the story, I took note.
    I read the headlines on MSN and Google, then go to several conservative websites that I trust to read the real story. If I don’t find the story there, then I know the headlines I read were probably manufactured to produce a negative response in people.
    I am reminded of the saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” I don’t want to wake one day and find the freedoms I take for granted have been stolen from me in the night.

  7. We love the Epoch Times at our home. Besides the online version, they also publish a weekly paper version. I love that they publish positive news stories as well as the negative, and quote actual named sources. And my school aged children enjoy the puzzles and children’s page.


    I completely agree, Susan. I did not renew my subscription last year. SO disappointed in WSJ!

  9. Janet Mcintosh

    Wow yes Susan you’re absolutely right and I too notice what is not printed and it is sad. It’s painfully obvious that the media have fallen to the influence of the powers to be. I and family members also noticed a couple of years ago now how there is no mention of how there is a disproportionate number of Black perpetrators of crimes against Asian Americans of which I am also. This sad but obvious attempt to avoid charges of racism doesn’t help our cause but actually harms us in the long run to not mention these all important numbers. I’ve been keeping busy reading good books that inform me of my responsibility to God’s people and look forward to being enlightened by reading both of your work. Thank you.

  10. David Hastings

    Mrs. Lapin,
    Well put, and very concerning. Will I be canceled for commenting on an article like this?


  11. I head an old man say how he read in papers in back pages when the front page reported non-essentials. Then went to back pages to micro-columns. There ,world and nationally needed info for voting public.
    Then too, how papers were not always factual in times past , with yellow journalism . “Trust ’em?! Yez!” ‘Boutasfar, aFar as you can throw’em!” Seems reasonable to make caution.

    1. I guess you saw it before I did, Oun. I wouldn’t call it propaganda, but I think it is stuck in the past in terms of many of its columnists and it isn’t doing proper reporting.

  12. Chuck Crawford

    I had the same thoughts about the attacks on the Asian (older) population. What is described as hate crimes appear to me to be old fashioned robberies of persons that make easy prey. Thanks for posting your spot on insight.

    1. Chuck, perhaps you have heard my husband and me talk/write about our dislike for the idea of “hate crimes.” As if hurting or killing someone is ok as long as the person is from certain groups rather than others. The idea of hate crimes obscures the idea that attacking someone is wrong in and of itself.

  13. What a great article! Sadly there are only 2 television news stations ,1 newspaper and 2 radio stations that report accurate news! I will admit I do not have Cable TV but I go to their websites to see some of the news. My mother subscribes to the local newspaper and only views the Obituaries, Weather and Sports which she could get online for free. I skip the news and go right to the Crossword Puzzles and Sudoku. It is widely known by Conservatives that viewership and readership is down on the Leftist stations and papers so to compensate for it they try to present more outrageous Fake News each day. We should spend more time reading the good news of the Bible and try to forget The Secular World.

    1. Matthew, I feel the same way about the WSJ crossword puzzle, It is increasingly the part of the paper I enjoy the most and I don’t really need an expensive subscription to do a puzzle.

  14. I noticed that about the WSJ as well. They still won’t admit that there were gross irregularities in the election. Also, there Saturday paper is getting pretty boring and predictable.

    1. Stephanie – that would have been another example. Instead of investigative reporting, we just get the same slanted news as elsewhere.

  15. I never dreamed I would think this about our country ..but there it is…As soon as any crime or attack happens I know right away it wasn’t a white man because no matter how horrible it is , a blip .. and then gone. Which is why they are calling it ” gun violence ” this week , they are so happy that anyone has used a gun , and they don’t have to even mention the perpetrator , I have to adjust my radar when they change the narrative.

    1. Karen – the news doesn’t even report major stories, like recent rioting (again) in Oregon and Washington. Quite crazy.

  16. I so agree with you, Susan!! I’m finding that I really appreciate the Epoch Times and Just the News with John Solomon. I read both on the web. I’m really impressed about how there is real reporting done!!

    1. I have to take a closer look at the Epoch Times, Sallie. I haven’t done so yet.

  17. Great insight… I gave up on the Wall Street Journal about 12 years ago… it got to be too much about style, flashy stories, and “Bush’s fault”. It was easier in the old days to read the papers with stories based on informed opinion and facts. Today it takes time, but it is much better to do one’s own research than to sift through the silly propaganda that is so pervasive in the papers and on the internet! Thank you.

    1. Art, good for you for doing your own research. That is a time-consuming occupation.

        1. If I am wrong, Larry, thank you for correcting me. But, I was watching for the editorial in the days after Rush died. Could this have been online but not in print? If I am mistaken and it was in the paper on the 17th, then I owe an apology. I know that other people also mentioned not seeing the editorial. I’m open to hearing where the misunderstanding is.

          1. I see it says at the bottom of the piece: Appeared in the February 18, 2021, print edition. Did anyone here see it at that time? I still think my complaints about the WSJ are valid, but I will edit this example.

        2. Larry, if I am mistaken then I owe an apology. Could this editorial have been only online? I was watching the physical paper pretty carefully and know that friends also mentioned that there was no mention of Rush. If anyone has more info, I’d appreciating hearing it.

          1. I do not have a subscription, and thought that WSJ was one of the few news papers that was somewhat honest. I am not able to access the article about the Asian women killed to verify what thw WSJ wrote. I know what the basic media narrative is though.

          2. Larry, it isn’t so much what they wrote as what they didn’t write. Newspapers are not covering the many attacks that are taking place on the streets of NY.

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