Ahead of the Curve

Sometimes, failing to clean properly is an asset. I was looking at a notebook (yes, for certain things I still prefer an old-fashioned notebook to a computer) from last year’s boating trip and out fell a New Yorker article from 2014 hailing the entrepreneurial work of scientific genius Elizabeth Holmes. I imagine that some who questioned her methods and claims were accused of being afraid of strong, intelligent women.

Now that her company, Theranos, has been exposed as worthless, turns out those sexist deplorables were simply smart and ahead of the times. Similarly, I keep reading that ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been claiming for a long time that Hillary Clinton’s health was an issue. Turns out they were just paying attention while reporters were navel-gazing. I’m beginning to think that being given an outrageous label is a badge of honor.

2 thoughts on “Ahead of the Curve”

  1. Ha! I love when little things like that happen! God wanted you to find that this week I’m sure!
    I wondered what you would have to say about Hillary’s “illness” when it all happened on Sunday. I truly believe there is so much evil operating behind the scenes of this election that we would be horrified if we knew it all. Actually I’m horrified by what I do know and it’s just surface knowledge. It has long been my opinion that Hillary’s only motivation for seeking the presidency is that she will have her name in the history books as the first female president of the United States. Nothing matters but that. She is vain, selfish, egotistical. And shows little regard for anyone other than herself. Oh what joy she could have if she would only sit back and play with her grandchildren. It is truly pathetic watching her. Back to quilting and knitting now. ?

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