Addendum to Purim Musing

Important: Do not read this if your maiden or married name is Lapin or if you are married to a Lapin. For everyone else, I’ve got to tell you what happened. Carlisle, while your scone recipe would have solved my baking problem,  I needed a frosted cake for the Sunday Purim feast because I had made books from fondant to go with our theme and they will sit on the frosting. (I do hope to try the scone recipe another time.) We will be about forty people, so I actually need two cakes. I found a chocolate cake recipe that, doubled, called for everything I had in the ‘couldn’t use for the hamentaschen’ bag and it was a mix in one bowl recipe. Perfect! Of course, I had to add other ingredients too. Lots of them. And then – and I promise you that I am not normally a scatter-brained individual – I forgot that I already had baking powder and baking soda in the mix and I added them. Do you know how if you put in too much salt or too much sugar you can adjust a recipe? Well, when you put in too much baking powder or too much baking soda, the advice is to throw it out and start over! It will make your cake bitter. AARGH! This is why you should not read this if you are going to be at the Sunday special meal. I tried scooping out as much baking powder as I could and I am going to bake it anyway. I will at least have a base for my fondant creations and everyone will have had so much sugar through the day anyway that if the cake is inedible so be it. Please keep my secret and don’t think too harshly of me.

8 thoughts on “Addendum to Purim Musing”

  1. I had to check back and see how the cake turned out! Did you try it? Did anyone else try it? Was it better than expected? Your light hearted confession of the cake/cookie mishap was priceless. I needed a good chuckle and you and Rabbi gave me one! Blessings!

    1. The cake actually came out fine! It wasn’t as good as that recipe usually turns out, but it was still good and no one else knew how really good it could have been.

  2. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    Won’t tell a soul, Susan,
    beyond our few hundred-thousand closest friends to whom you have just confessed. In any event, I would ten times over rather eat a cake with too much powder that you baked than one with perfect ingredients baked by someone else.
    Your husband

    1. Aw. That’s sweet. My suggestion is to skip the cake on Sunday. Though it didn’t overflow in the oven so I might have gotten things right.

    2. This cracked me up. Reminded me of biscuits I made when my husband and I were first married. We had invited his little Sister and Brother to eat with us. The recipe called for 3 tablespoons of Baking Powder. But I put in 3 tablespoons of Baking Soda. We said the blessing and started eating. They were eating the biscuits. I took one bite. They were so bad. I told them not to eat them. Being a new Bride and wanting to impress my husband and his family, I could have cried, if not for their response. They kept trying to eat them and said, “They’re not too bad.” If you could have seen their faces. They were trying to be polite and not hurt my feelings. I just started laughing and to this day we still laugh about those tasty biscuits. Your husband’s response was something my husband would say. So sweet! Have a great week!

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