A TV Ad You Can Love

In the spirit of fairness, and to refute allegations of ageism against me, I want to share a Republican candidate’s ad that I love. I do believe that there are certain Republicans who should never be spokesmen for the party, e.g., John McCain and John Boehner. Before they open their mouths, and too frequently, after they do so, their entire demeanor screams, “I’m an old, out of touch, passé career politician.”

This is not a question of chronological age. It is largely a function of being either out of touch with Americans or thinking that to be “with it” means abandoning conservative principles.  For this reason, and so that you know that I can praise as well as criticize the Republican Party and its elected representatives, I want to share Asa Hutchinson’s campaign commercial. Truthfully, I am not that familiar with his policies, manner of speaking or record. I trust readers in Arkansas to share that information if they like. However, if I was eligible to vote for him and made my decision only from ads—as unfortunately too many Americans do—he would get my vote after viewing this ad.

I love that this commercial turns liberal expectations around. It shows young, attractive, diverse and intelligent women supporting Hutchinson while the frowzy, older woman sticks with her antiquated ideas. I laughed at this ad even though the mother is much closer to my age than the daughter and her friends are. I wanted to associate with the bright, fun, intelligent group rather than with the tired generation of the mother.

The ad reflects a sense of humor and playfulness. It appeals to younger voters without condescending to them. The commercial seems to be the work of a group of young, conservative females. May their numbers increase.

(A shout out to Liz Danziger’s writamins – http://www.worktalk.com/blog/ – for teaching me the difference between i.e. and e.g.)


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2 thoughts on “A TV Ad You Can Love”

  1. I remember seeing an ad in the last election for a candidate I liked (who lost). It was literally 5 older men explaining why they supported him. All true and he would have made a good office holder, but the campaign was clueless.

  2. Yes indeed, let’s hope this kind of ‘cool’ parable using feminine interests will catch on, as should its spirit of playful and ingenious comparison. Too long have the Progressivist FemiNazis sought to dominate the female voter by propagating ‘feminist’ pabulum and screaming ‘victim’ without end. They would reduce all women to ‘victims’ for the purpose of recruitment to a spurious cause that will wind up betraying everyone. I recall the old saw that the worst wheel makes the most noise. Let us hope that women will wake up and realize that the Progressive agenda has hurt women just as much as men, sowing discord and division, by pandering to false values, smearing honest men as haters of women, and by adding fuel to the flames of false goals.

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