A New Chance

Thousands of words are being written about Donald Trump’s victory, but I feel compelled to add my own. I am immensely proud that this election reinforced a proper American rejection of corruption, demanding that our country recommit to the principle that no one is above the law. It upheld the idea that the IRS, Justice Department and other institutions of government must be apolitical rather than instruments of revenge or favoritism. Voters recognized that with Supreme Court nominations hanging in the balance, they wished to opt for Justices who would respect our country’s foundations rather than make a country in their own image.

Much of what I am reading in post-election analysis is utter nonsense. People blinded by their prejudices insist that the election proves that huge swathes of Americans are misogynistic, racist bigots, filled with hatred. Humility and intellectual inquiry would serve these misguided people well. They would be closer to the truth if they would admit that most Trump voters would have happily voted for Margaret Thatcher and consider Clarence Thomas to be one of the finest Supreme Court Justices America has ever had.The fact that the Left defames and seeks to destroy politically conservative women and Blacks (as well as Muslims, Hispanics and homosexuals) shows their true colors. Their righteous self-adulation reveals a blind religious, liberal fervor rather than true principle.

Humility and intellectual inquiry would serve reporters and commentators as well. The masks came off in this election, with CNN and other news organizations losing even a thin pretense of respectability and objectivity. They pushed aside ethics with some openly declaring that defeating Mr. Trump was more important than fulfilling journalistic standards. Rather than continuing to pontificate from their position of contempt for Trump voters, they could either openly declare themselves to be propagandists rather than journalists or redeem themselves by learning from scratch how to  uphold what should be a noble profession.

Establishment Republicans need their share of humility and intellectual inquiry as well. During the Bush and Obama administrations, they substituted fear, weakness and wishy-washiness for humility. A Republican National Committee fund-raising request that used John McCain’s name to appeal to donors, completely ignored the lack of enthusiasm that McCain and Romney generated. A committee that declared that Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election because he didn’t appeal to minorities utterly missed that Republican leadership was abandoning its principles and base. By urging conservatives to mimic the bigoted liberal practice of dividing Americans by materialistic considerations, such as color or gender, they didn’t understand how encouraging Americans to despise each other, as the Left does, is anathema to true conservatives. Perhaps worst of all, too many of them, maybe deep in their hearts, agreed with Democrats that Bible-believing, gun-toting Republicans are mean-spirited bigots. They scorned their natural constituency, arrogantly assuming that their Establishment voices should dictate to the people rather than seeing themselves as servants of the people.

While God has granted America a reprieve, an opportunity to repent and change course, it is an opportunity, not a victory. The chosen messenger also needs humility and intellectual inquiry. We should pray that our new president’s heart has truly been changed by the experience of meeting Americans across this land. His lack of political experience helped bring him into the office of the President; he needs fervent prayers that he can negotiate the traps and pitfalls that come with that office.

Mr. Trump has an opportunity as do those who were early to support him such as Jerry Falwell Jr. We can pray that those who have his ear stay upright, encouraging what is good for the country rather than for themselves. Imagine what a President Trump and a conservative Congress could do by encouraging free school choice and ending the educational system’s monopoly that traps youth in illiteracy and a victimization ethos while insulating them from time-tested values that lead to success!  Imagine the renewed respect for all lives that can result from abandoning the principle introduced into our culture that what an individual wants is paramount no matter who else is harmed! Imagine if the values of hard work and responsibility are respected again rather than a government seeking to make as many individuals as possible reliant only on handouts!

We should humbly recognize our own acquiescence in allowing the Left to hijack our country. How many of us send our children to anti-Godly schools, often paying exorbitant amounts to do so? How many of us don’t put in the necessary effort-or have the courage – to articulate our positions in a respectful and forceful manner? There are many good people who voted for Hillary who are not Leftists or elitists (though I do believe that the media and those in control of the Democrat Party are) and who had extremely valid concerns about Donald Trump. In my Musings, I shared many of those concerns but felt that a Clinton presidency was more dangerous. I think many of you felt the same way. Can we now have a respectful conversation?

How many of us fail to admit our own lack of connection to God and ability to recognize when His word is being perverted and lack courage to stand up to that perversion? We are the ones who allowed this country to slide down to the depths in which it now stands. We need to counter the fallacy that this election was only about economics and shout that it was equally a revolt against the Obama years’ crusade against our morals and values.

Conservatives often live election to election while liberals work on influencing the young and changing the culture. We can’t continue making that mistake. We have been given a chance to fight for our great country. May we have the humility and intellectual honesty, strength and conviction to do so.


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  1. “People blinded by their prejudices insist that the election proves that huge swathes of Americans are misogynistic, racist bigots, filled with hatred. ” The irony is that the description fits so aptly with those who are now protesting Trump’s win. America’s left is solidly anti-Semitic, participating handily in the boycott and divestiture of investments in Israel, and also blaming “big banks” (read that as “Jews”) for their own economic failures. And it is the left – or at least the secularlists – who praise rap music, which is heavily misogynistic and racist, anti-police and anti-gay in its messaging. They are the ones claiming this election was all about hate. They may be right; however, Trump’s WIN was not.

  2. Well said Susan,
    I followed the election from another part of the world but am relieved at the outcome.Mr T. needs people in his team like you.
    Let us pray that God gives him the strength and integrity to fulfill his promises.

  3. I appreciate your well-written advice and all of the responses. Living in the DC area we are experiencing a high level of stress and distress amongst our local citizenry. Today, on ScienceFriday.com/segments was a well-spoken piece entitled “The Cure for Election-Related Stres…” I recommend listening to it.

  4. I believe President Trump will be great for our country. As a businessman, he understands the value of having intelligent, capable people working with him – and he knows what to look for and where to find them. He’s used to negotiation, looking out for the best way of getting things accomplished, not just considering how things can be done. He also knows how to stand up to bullies – even though some folks call him a bully – and face them down. He has the kind of experience we need for these times and for America’s current situation. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your wisdom. May President Trump read and heed your Musings!

    1. IMO, we’ve been bullied for the past 8 years. While I cringed at the president-elect’s mannerisms during the primary and the election, as I’ve written, I don’t think a gentleman or gentlelady could have beat the Clinton machine.

  5. Just now recovering from a massive computer failure of some eleven days that demonstrated how much I treasure your Musings. This Musing is a fine one, for it says it all, and it lays bare the phony ‘religion’ of the hateful, diabolical Left, who will propagate any lie to neutralize, even destroy an opponent. But however Mr. Trump will be vilified by sour grapes liberals, in his victory I also intuit Divine intervention at a critical moment in history.

      1. Hey, I love you guys! Keep on lighting candles rather than cursing the darkness! God help you, God help us all!

  6. “We need to counter the fallacy that this election was only about economics and shout that it was equally a revolt against the Obama years’ crusade against our morals and values.” Well said!
    I am not American, but do congratulate all who supported and voted for President-elect Donald Trump. From my corner of the world, we marvelled over the last few years at the willingness and meekness with which your Country surrendered to the institutionalisation of ‘anti-Godliness’ and immorality…….. may the future of America, and the world, be brighter than the dark clouds that increasingly hovered over the last few years.

      1. East Africa; Uganda in particular, where the majority still glory in the Holy one of Israel and his Word with a simple child-like faith….

  7. Thank you for your for your insight and inspiration, which continues to be a blessing to me. Although it shocked the voters who voted for Clinton, that Mr. Trump won the election; I shocked me (and I’m sure others as well) to see their outrage because of the outcome, even more. I only hope and pray that they heed the words of their champions, (Obama & Clinton) to give president-elect Trump a chance and to make his transition a peaceful one. And let us pray that God may guide him in his duty to serve “the people” and that we relegate our personal interests for the good of the nation.

    God bless you and Daniel.

    1. I hope the protests do lay bare how poorly we have raised the younger generation and give pause to those who opposed Mr. Trump for the wrong reasons. There was enough truth about which to be concerned, but the fear-mongering was outrageous.

  8. Great muse. Like Karen I think you have articulated perfectly how I also feel. I was NeverTrump, but the revelations of the past few weeks made it very clear that Mrs. Clinton was far to compromised to be Commander and Chief for my military daughter. My vote for Mr. Trump was placed more against Hillary than for him. I do want him to succeed. I will pray for him and his whole administration. That is what we should do. Blessings, Susan.

    1. The press is focusing on the white, middle-class, male worker in east and midwest. And their turning out to vote and voting for Mr. Trump is what put him over the top. But had you and I and millions of others not also voted for him, he wouldn’t be president-elect. While the economy is tremendously important to me, that wasn’t top of my reasons, just as you articulate.

      1. Did you see the article about the timing of when fervent prayer started the night of the election? “Signs of Divine Intervention?” by Garth Kant on WND? He talked about people in Israel praying for our election. I was blessed by that.

      2. As always I value your view point and the way you and your husband articulate wisdom.
        My whole outlook during this election was 1) DTs appeal was because he WAS NOT a politician. He has not lived his whole adult life with that goal in mind. Concerned about what people thought/said about him; putting a wet finger up to the wind to see which way the wind is blowing. He HAS been a ‘large’, self focused, anti-political correctness, loose-mouthed business man and public figure with a “spirit that is unafraid”. BUT…
        2) I believe there has been change! And who he chose to surround himself with AND who chose to stand with him speaks VOLUMES.
        My husband is very involved in the political arena; statewide and a little nationally. We know that an indicator of who someone is, is WHO he allows to speak into his life ( and policies).
        So far, pres. Elect DT is on a good path for our country’s future!
        AND he loves ISRAEL!

        1. We are all praying that he grows to be worthy of the office. You’re so right that this election was a revolt agains political correctness – which has become gagging and suppression of opinions.

  9. Thank you for your wise words that once again describe what I think and feel – way better than I could.

    Blessing to you and your husband.

    What you both do MATTERS

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