A Good Name

A statement of King Solomon’s comes to mind as we continue this United States election marathon.  “A good name is more precious than good oil.” Having spent four years deceiving the American people both through acts of commission and omission, including encouraging the spending of enormous amounts of taxpayer money on an investigation into Russian collusion that the simplest investigative journalism revealed as highly problematic, the media is saying, “Trust us,” about the honesty of this election? Reputation counts and they destroyed theirs.

3 thoughts on “A Good Name”

  1. Psalm 101:3 is excellent in helping us remember that we must be selective in what we read and by implication also what we hear. Change the channel, hit the mute button or just turn it off.

    1. As one of my dear friends says when she is asked what Psalm is her favorite, “There isn’t a bad one in the bunch.” And, yes, that verse is very applicable to the point you’re making.

  2. There is an old Mexican saying about breaking a remuda of horses “Confienza mate el hombre.” It means the one you trust will kill you. Thats how i feel about the news outlets these days. I’m tired of it. Thanks for the work yall do 🙂

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