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February 18th, 2016 Posted by Susan's Musings 5 comments

Thank you for your prayers, blessings and good wishes. I am remembering what nighttime feedings are like, but more importantly, I’m remembering newborn deliciousness. I hope to be back writing Musings next week. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of our latest blessing.

Also, please enjoy a special price on our Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV Show set. If I can’t ‘visit’ by writing, we can still spend some time together.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.57.59 AM



shirleyannelindberg@gmail.com says:

Thank You Rabbi Daniel and Susan for Jewish Wisdom AND Humour.
Nothing quite beats it!

Ginny Mayne says:

What a precious little boy….love the name Judah, Praise, Worshipper….enjoy your special time with the little one….

James says:

Bless you guys, and the little one, too! Good luck, Grandma and Grandpa! Oma and Opa, whatever…

Lynn Perrizo says:

Your little guy is simply beautiful! Oh what a blessing! We grandmas know they grow so fast, so rock, sing, kiss the sweet face and just enjoy! How much did he weigh at birth? He looks so good! You don’t look old enough to be a grandma though! Blessings and prayers!

Lora says:

Congratulations again, and on the wisdom you have to value these precious times.


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