3rd-Class Murders

Recently, two people whom I did not personally know but to whom I had a connection were murdered within a few days of each other. The first was British Member of Parliament, David Amess, and the second was Yandy Chirino, a police officer in Hollywood, Florida. Mr. Amess’ alleged killer is a U.K. citizen of Somali descent who is being held under the Terrorist Act. Mr. Chirino’s alleged killer was recently released from jail as a juvenile on probation. I expect tragedies like these to occur more frequently.

What’s more, while you may have read of the murder of a Member of Parliament (which admittedly is harder to ignore), unless you read local Florida newspapers, it is possible that you completely missed reading about the murder of a police officer. We are all certainly not reading about the increasing number of homicides of ordinary men and women taking place in America’s streets. One could be forgiven for thinking that unless a killing fits a Leftist agenda, it is non-news. (Yes, I wrote that tongue-in-cheek.)

My very loose association with both these victims led me to seek out these stories. Mr. Amess treated my husband with graciousness and warmth when they met a number of years back. Mr. Chirino was murdered while responding to a burglary call that took place only a few houses down from the home of relatives of ours.

When I write a Musing, I usually ask myself what the purpose of my writing is. What am I hoping to bring to light, or to understand better, or to connect the dots on? I don’t have such a purpose today. I am simply sad—sad for the families of these men, sad for the citizens these good men were protecting and for whom they were advocating, and sad for a world that is once again being manipulated by media, politicians and agitators who promote hate-filled and destructive ideas and policies. Sad too, for those decent and good people whose eyes are not opened and will not open until evil directly targets them, by which time it will be too late to fend off the violent, approaching storm.

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