July 2024

Were You Pranked?

Dear Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin, Were you ever pranked by your children? Sincerely, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin Dear Happy Warriors, Yesterday morning, we arose from seven days of sitting shiva for our beloved daughter, Rena. Being surrounded for the week by five of our children as well as Rena’s husband and children was […]

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A Mother Gives Life

I would like to share a story with you from a friend (with her permission), a mother in Jerusalem. I have added translations for Hebrew terms and some other clarifying information in brackets.  “On the other side of my wall, there is a shiva [week of mourning] taking place for my 84-year-old neighbor, Yosef, [Josef]

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Do I Believe?

The Beverly Hills tycoon was dismayed by his son’s decision to study in a yeshiva instead of joining the family business. After several years the son returned home to his father’s sardonic question: So what have you got to show for your years of study? “I know that there is a God,” replied the young

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In Sorrow and Loving Memory

July 7th, 2024 – Baltimore, MD With sorrowful acceptance of God’s judgment, we sadly inform you of the passing of our beloved daughter, Rena Esther Baron. Rena returned to the Lord at the age of 41 after a four-year battle with cancer. She leaves behind her grieving husband, Dr. Jonathan Baron and their seven young

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Where Are My Rights?

How does Ancient Jewish Wisdom interpret ‘rights’ in comparison to their usage in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights? Randy P. Dear Randy, We hold the founding fathers of the United States in high esteem. Their heavy usage of the word ‘rights,’ whether in the Declaration of Independence where they stated, “We hold these truths

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Supporting Parents

I have an important question for you concerning honoring our parents. I was reading your book and you mentioned the sacrifices our parents make for us. This therefore increases their love for us, and often we have no idea to what extent they sacrifice. My parents struggle with money. They are in the process of

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