June 2024

A Reluctant Step Back

Shortly after we returned from Israel late in October 2023, at the end of each of our weekly blogs we began posting the name and picture of one of the people murdered by Hamas terrorists on that day as well as the name and picture of one of those taken hostage. With a heavy heart, […]

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Being a Loving Husband

My wife has recently been diagnosed with a disease we have never heard of before. Syrngohydromyelia. Her MRI of the brain, which was indicated after severe migraines after our son was born, showed that she has a congenital Chiari malformation which causes fluid filled cysts to develop in the space where the cerebrospinal fluid is

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Planting Seeds

I did not get a chance to write a new Musing this week but I hope you will enjoy the reposting of my Musing from June, 2023. Don’t you love reading something that sets you thinking? After mulling it over you might agree or disagree with what you read, but either way it stimulated your

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Is This a Promotion?

The company I am working for is not doing well financially. Although I have worked here for 15 years and am now considered an executive, we are in a round of layoffs. I was just in a meeting with the owners of the company, and they gave me an interesting proposal. They offered me an

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