February 2024


If you have been stifling shocked sounds each time you pay at the supermarket, you are not alone. While government officials tendentiously explain why inflation isn’t actually occurring, those of us who are not political puppets know very well that our dollar is not going as far as it did only a short while ago. […]

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Dear Rabbi and Susan, In the process of working through my five Fs, I’ve been reading the Bible with a group of friends. One of the things I find disturbing is the genocide in the Torah. Can you help me with the concept of conquering a people and killing every man, woman, and child? Fred

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Buy Yourself a Friend

Over the years, along with giving up or sharply reducing my consumption or patronization of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, Target, and Starbucks, we stopped our subscription to the Wall Street Journal. In varying degrees, each one of these businesses was advocating or endorsing positions to which we object. However, at the risk of letting you

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Power All the Way to the End

Have you ever found that once you’re in the midst of a project, you lose some of the enthusiasm and excitement that motivated you at its beginning? It’s just plain harder to keep going on an existing enterprise than it was to launch it in the first place. As children, we were particularly susceptible to

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My Daughter Doesn’t Respect Me

I have a 34-year-old daughter living with me on and off for several years. Including twice during her marriage she lived with me. I was always there for her she’s been in and out of hospital several times with conditions / Lupus / kidney / blood clots etc. From age 12…… .34 she’s always disrespected

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Does a Broken Heart Lead to a Great Marriage?

Back in 2006, Arthur C. Brooks, an economist who focuses on the intersection of economics, culture, and politics, wrote a book based on the results of studies he conducted. Today, in 2024, what he did sounds outrageously courageous. When the results of the study did not align with what he expected (and hoped) to find,

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Separate Vacations for Spouses

Does the idea of your spouse taking a vacation with her girlfriends or his guy friends make you uneasy? David H. Dear David, You initially asked this question on our Happy Warrior discussion board, and it received some conflicting—and passionate—responses. We asked you if we could bring it to the attention of all our readers

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Horatio Bunce – American Hero

If I asked you to name ten American heroes, George Washington would probably make the list. If you thought in terms of more modern history, perhaps you might add names such as Marcus Luttrell, the Navy SEAL who told his harrowing tale in his book, Lone Survivor. I doubt that Horatio Bunce would be on

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Why Are the Shrinks Jewish?

I enjoyed watching a five-floor building being constructed nearby. I enjoyed the sound as workmen started up the giant diesel engines in their bulldozers promptly at 7am every morning. I enjoyed watching men swarm up rickety-looking scaffolding to pour concrete columns and sway precariously on cherry picker platforms thirty feet up in the air welding

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Am I Too Generous?

First, let me start with the situation… I am a faithful tither, not only to my church but to other organizations. My issue is I am not good with my personal finances. My question is… Do I stop tithing to focus on my finances and then go back to tithing once I have control? I

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