January 2024

Does the book of Daniel

speak of the days after October 7, 2023? Dear Rabbi & Susan, A number of Bible scholars recently have been commenting on the book of Daniel and particularly Daniel 11:40 – Daniel 12:13 and have been making connections to it and this month’s (Oct 2023) crisis in Israel and believe we have taken a step […]

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Red or Blue?

Anyone who has parented a toddler knows the game of pretending to offer free choice without actually doing so. We say, “Do you want to wear the blue shirt or the red one?” hoping to remove the beloved but stained, too-small, ready-for-the-rag bag, tie-dyed option. Sometimes, it even works. Much of the news today treats

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Two Countries – Two Religions

As a fan of geography (Not social studies, but geography!) I can think of quite a few islands with an international border cutting through them. Cyprus, St. Martin, and Ireland come to mind. It is the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, however, that fascinates me the most. On no other divided island I know, does the

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I’m Heading a Fundraising Campaign for a School

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I’m spearheading the most important fundraiser for my daughter’s school as I write. I’m an entrepreneur and a salesman, so I enjoy using my skills in order to assure that my daughter and her friends have a proper Jewish education. My question is as follows. While I hate rejection, losing a

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From the Ozarks to Ballerina Farm

If you have not heard of Ballerina Farm, you’re in good company —or at least my company until a few days ago. Not being a social media user, many of today’s ‘influencers’ pass unnoticed by me. However, I have good friends who occasionally send items my way that they think would interest me. Ballerina Farm

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How Could They?

In the process of working through my five Fs, I’ve been reading the Bible with a group of friends. One of the things I find disturbing is the genocide in the Torah. Can you help me with the concept of conquering a people and killing every man, woman, and child? Also, being from a very

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A Soldier is a Soldier

A friend, the mother of a West Point graduate, shared a link to a program at the military academy. The cadets were standing tall and straight, singing what I assume is a West Point song. It was heart-warming and lovely—and troubling. What disturbed me was the very notable female presence. From statistics I saw, it

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Knowledge Before Action?

Yielding to the temptation to offer advice is fearsomely dangerous. When asked for advice, it is indeed tempting to respond magnanimously as the wiser and more experienced person. Condescendingly giving advice, as a rich man grants pennies to a beggar, certainly strokes the ego, but it is oh, so very dangerous. I know of what

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Going Trucking

Shalom Rabbi Lapin and Susan, I am a 52-year-old woman, married for 27 years. My husband and I invested in our two daughters, homeschooling them while living on my husband’s income. Now both our girls still live with us. The oldest has her own job and does pay for her share of the bills including

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Taking the High Road

Unlike the year 2024, which still has that new car smell, the Jewish year 5784 is more than a quarter way done. Yet, a piece of advice from that Jewish celebration is resonating with me: Be the tail of a lion rather than the head of a fox. Phrased in less poetic language, this recommends

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