November 2023

I’m in Debt

My name is Nicholas from Nairobi Kenya, a Happy Warrior in the making. My question is on the F of Finance. How does one increase his income and get out of debt, especially now that the world and Kenya are experiencing high inflation rates? I ask this notwithstanding what you have said about your financial […]

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The Missing Morality Matrix

You’re in luck if you want a deal on a battery car. Even with government incentives that penalize Kansas farmers to underwrite the purchase of Teslas in Beverly Hills, e-cars aren’t selling. General Motors has abandoned its e-car production targets. Mercedes Benz is offering discounts of up to $5,000 to buyers of its electric vehicles.

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Connect the Dots

Have you seen the connect-the-dots pages meant for adults? As five-year-olds, we may have done a simple page of that type, moving from the dot placed next to the number 1 until we reached the dot next to the number 20. Perhaps a clown or a truck greeted us if we did everything in the

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