July 2023

Is My Work Without Value?

I have been married for 3+ decades. Raised with traditional values. When our children were born, I became a stay at home, mom and eventually homeschooled our kids. I helped, periodically, with our businesses. Our kids are all becoming doctors, so they’ve been home, on and off, a little longer than the age of 18. […]

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My Parent, My Choice

Sometimes, you can’t seem to escape a trending topic. A number of summers ago, shark attacks featured in newspaper and magazine articles and on electronic ‘breaking news’ flashes. When the frenzy died down, it turned out that the number of shark attacks was standard for that time of year. So, it is with a bit

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Napoleon’s Jewish Insight

For children, time seems to move slowly and ponderously. Most of us can remember a school year that seemed to last for 20 months, or a birthday that surely took more than 12 months to return. Adults often have the opposite experience. “What! It’s time to pay taxes again!” Or perhaps, “Didn’t we just put

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Where is the Missing ‘O’?

I’ve noticed in many Jewish writings the words G-d and L-rd. While it’s obvious what the words mean, I’m curious why they are spelled that way.Tom Dear Tom, Some questions pop up repeatedly on our question feed and this is one of them. We can only tell you why we do not write God’s name

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Go for Broke

If you think of Monopoly as too focused on accumulating property and money while destroying the competition, you might have liked the game that my best friend, Beth, and I spent countless hours of our pre-teen years playing on long summer evenings. Go for Broke was Monopoly’s counterpart. As the name suggests, the goal was

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My Daughter, the Lawyer

Dear Rabbi Daniel Lapin, I am an avid listener of your podcasts and videos. Thank you for your wise words and teachings that you share, they have helped me immensely and also my family. Do you have any advice for parents providing career ideas to their high school children? I have told my daughter I

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Arkitect of Your Soul

I had a great time the other evening! My wife and I spent five hours in deep conversation with a friend and rabbinic colleague whom I hadn’t seen since speaking in his synagogue a few years back. One time his family was away visiting relatives for a week. It also happened that he had no

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Let’s Not All Think Alike

One of the delights of being married to my husband is the fascinating people I get to meet. His interests and efforts attract a wide variety of individuals and we have forged many friendships with those who, in a more routine life, we might never get to meet. So it was, while COVID-19 was still

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What Business Should I Choose?

I am a school administrator (20 years) but I have always had a dream of having my own business. I am very analytically minded, and I like to create things of practical value that help people. My question is: how one determines if they should go into a spiritual business (computer programming etc.…) vs a

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Rekindling Patriotism

A long-time Cuban immigrant to the United States, Martin Gurri, wrote a stirring paean to his adopted country for the nation’s 247th birthday. He poured out his gratitude for being an American and explained why America is truly exceptional. There was one fly in the ointment. Mentioning his 5-year-old grandson, he wrote that this child

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