May 2023

The Too Few Flu

Cultural messages beamed into us from entertainment, media, and politics often enter our hearts. When we become ‘infected’ by absorbing the message, it becomes a spiritual schematic inside of us that then influences our beliefs and soon also our thinking. Eventually, we become capable of infecting others and so the virus spreads. For a physical […]

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Does God Make Mistakes?

Dear Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin, In Genesis, in the account of the flood, it is conveyed that God regretted that He created man and after the flood, He put a rainbow in the sky as a covenant symbol that He will not flood the earth anymore because man’s thoughts are always all evil all

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A Child Shall (Not) Lead Them

I recently spent quite a bit of time watching an 18-month-old with a penchant for climbing. He attempted to do incredibly foolish things. There was no explaining to him that the chair was likely to tip over, the fall from the staircase bannister would be unpleasant, and that the curtain was not mountain climbing gear.

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My Friend Is Making A Bad Mistake.

I’m a Christian who really appreciates ancient Jewish wisdom. I listen to your weekly podcast and own some of your CDs and books. My best friend, who I love dearly, has a pattern of becoming involved with men who have serious problems. She has been involved with a man for 5 years who has difficulty

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Heroism is Not Instinctive

It is easy to be an armchair hero. We prefer to picture ourselves as sheltering an escaping slave rather than closing our door to a desperate runaway. We lecture our children about coming to the aid of a bullied classmate, and we imagine ourselves intervening when we see an animal being beaten. Yet, until tested,

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Open Up

“I had to let three of my people go last week,” she told me, “and you have no idea how miserable I have been. I wish I could get toughened up so I could do whatever is necessary without feeling such pain!” “No, you don’t,” I replied. “In these frightening financial conditions, you may have

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I’ve Had It With My Husband

I need advice on what to do in this situation. My husband is not easy to talk to. If I have something that I want to talk about like the budget or something about our relationship, it seems to end up in big fights, anger outbursts, or me crying. There are some relationship concerns that

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Reluctantly Being Pushed

Saying that I am not a digital native is a bit like saying that I am not a black belt in karate. Duh! So, I was not shocked that when I posted a cheesecake recipe in preparation for the holy days of Shavuot (Pentecost) on our We Happy Warrior member site, I accidentally sent out

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Can We Create Wealth

Good evening, sir. I deem it a privilege to come across your ministry on YouTube. Listening to 25 minutes of your interview with a lady from Australia has opened my eyes to some things I have been ignorant about. I love Bible as the word of God, and I also believe that God can make

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Goodbye Gas Stoves

On Tuesday, New York State’s governor, Kathy Hochul, approved a bill banning gas stoves from most new construction as of 2026. Like so much government meddling, this allows officials to virtue-signal while making life more difficult and more expensive for regular people. My husband and I moved into our new apartment last week. Its biggest

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