April 2023

Cookbooks Galore

How many cookbooks does it take to look up a recipe on the Internet? That is not a cunning riddle or a crafty logic problem. The simple and undeniable answer is “zero.” And yet… We are in the middle of a move. Although we are going only a short distance geographically, each item we own […]

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I’m Reading About Kabbala

I came across a book entitled Invoking Angels written by a Master Kabbalist. Do you recommend this book, and what are your thoughts on Angels and Kabbalism? Fred Dear Fred, If you are at a dinner party and someone you have just met tells you that he is the top-ranking undercover spy for the CIA,

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Cancel Mother’s Day?

The traffic light was red. I took advantage of being stationary to look at the back cover of the library book I had just picked up for my children. Big mistake. By the time the light turned green, I was crying so hard that I needed to pull over to the curb. Sarah, Plain, and

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Friends Forever

Go ahead: List the ten most important relationships in your life. Some will be family and others will be business and work relationships. There will probably be a few friends on the list too. Family relationships are fairly well-defined. The obligations and expectations of those relationships are, for the most part, known quantities. Business relationships

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Is The Bible For Me…

Thank you for all you do providing wisdom and guidance. How does one who isn’t Jewish know if the Bible is for him, or just for a certain people living at a certain time? Thanks again. Marcus W. Dear Marcus, In one of the most delicious ironies of history, the home of the French philosopher

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Is It Time To Break Off This Relationship?

Hello Rabbi Daniel and Susan, I’m Vera from Nigeria. I met this guy on Twitter about 3 years ago. We developed friendship and affection for each other. A few months down the line, we stopped communicating — he never called or texted again, neither did I. I recently got a random call from this same

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Passover’s 15-Step Program

Countless people will soon be observing a Passover Seder. There are many important aspects to running an effective Seder, but perhaps the most important and the least known is that the Seder, meaning order, is an arrangement of fifteen indispensable steps from start to finish. In order to explain this to you, I must first explain the

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Is My Gut Instinct Right or Wrong?

Question: I have a question about dating. I am an old-fashioned kind of guy in a modern world. I am a millennial, but I like the old-fashioned way of doing things. I am in conflict a lot in relationships because of this. One of the more recent conflicts involves whether or not I and my

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