October 2022

Volunteer vs Paid Staff

Hope you are doing well. I am so in awe of you and your ministry and am so grateful that I came to hear about you. Your resources are truly amazing and I have acquired quite a lot over the past months. Thank you so very much for the impact you have on so many […]

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Friends of Zion

Which do you prefer – planning and anticipating a special activity or unexpectedly finding one? We find that each has its own unique pleasure. After two unrelated people both recommended that my husband and I visit a certain Jerusalem museum, we were thrilled to be offered a VIP tour, an offer we quickly accepted. We

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Hello New Friend!

My wife and I have just returned from an amazing visit to Israel. One feature of the population stuck out, delighting us both. While Israel has many unique facets, in one way we felt that we had stepped into a time warp, beaming us back to healthier days in the United States. Regardless of actual

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Role Reversal

Dear Rabbi and Susan, My husband and I have been married for 25 years and have five children, three of whom are teenagers still at home. Through the years, my husband has been the hands-on, stay at home dad, while I have earned a very healthy salary working as a top executive for a large

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We’re in the Army Now

Should Christians volunteer to serve in the military here in the USA? Is there any basis in the Word of God telling us we should protect our families and homeland? I think in Israel they have a draft and everyone serves their country in some way. Are there examples in the Word that would guide

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Needed: Men and Women

who don’t behave like adolescent girls The myth of Amazon women goes far back and continues to thrive in more modern versions such as the Wonder Woman films. It is easy to uncover true stories of relatively modern female military heroines such as Russian sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko or American spy Virginia Hall, both of whom

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Joy in Death

Solomon & Socrates It would be difficult to overstate the reverence with which Jews who try to be faithful to the Bible’s teachings treat a Torah scroll. It is hand-written in carefully scripted Hebrew, on meticulously stitched together parchment sheets, by an expert known as a ‘sofer’. A Torah scroll is treated with the tender

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Must You Talk about Politics?

I found you and your teachings/explanation of biblical messages more than a decade ago. I looked forward to finding Thought Tools in my inbox because I knew I would learn something new, or relearn something old from a new, informative vantage point – as that was your expertise. As you and Mrs. Lapin seemed to

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Dads and Diapers Don’t Mix

‘Dads and Diapers Don’t Mix,’ sounds like a terrible rallying cry. One can hardly imagine anyone willing to wear a T-shirt with that mantra. Nonetheless, I’m going to give a shot at explaining why I think it might be a necessary one. Like many slogans, the sentiment expressed is meant to be attention-getting rather than

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Balancing My Life – With My Wife

Listening to the podcast of being one’s authentic self, a question arises that is too often ignored and probably of the most important to consider in marriage. What takes priority in marriage when you want to compromise and avoid conflict? What takes precedence over the other—is it the spouse, God, religion, community, kids, job or

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