August 2022

A Tale of Two Bees

There are many secrets to success in life, but here’s a good one:  Empower your wife and other vital women in your life to bring out the best in you. This lesson emerges from a mystery posed by three verses, Genesis 24:58-60. Verse A:They called Rebecca and said to her, “Will you go with this man?”  […]

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Should Religious People Steer Clear of Politics?

Should religious people be involved in politics? Isn’t it better to stay above activities that are so sordid and filled with corruption?∼ Mitch R. Dear Mitch, Ancient Jewish wisdom puts a lot of emphasis on the damage we can do with our ability to speak. We can hurt people badly, destroy livelihoods, damage communities and

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Attitudes, Not Academics

What Are Your Children Learning? During the 1960s and onwards, many TV stations such as New York’s WNEW-TV (channel 5), prefaced the 10 o’clock news with the phrase, “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?” As a child in the safe boundaries of my urban middle-class neighborhood, I assumed it was a

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Your Daily Journal

I listened with interest to Rabbi Lapin being interviewed on another podcast, Kosher Money. One point he made was: each night write in a journal. My question is – what do you write? Is he talking about gratitude journals? Analyzing your day, and what you could have done better? Thanks. Wayne Dear Wayne, We’re glad

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Competing Visions

My husband and I just spent a few magical days on Maryland’s eastern shore at a historic and charming inn. We had gradually become oblivious to exactly how noisy our lives are. At the moment, there is construction outside our home and, inside, our rather noisy air-conditioner is an almost constant companion. For a few

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Sneering At Virtue

Here is one of the most important lessons to teach yourself and your children: Wrongdoers detest those who don’t join in. That idea illuminates a clear picture of much behind-the-scenes maneuvering in business as well as in much of our political process. More than one dedicated and idealistic candidate has won election promising to become

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I Love My Husband

…but I want a baby – now! Hello Rabbi Daniel and Susan, I really could use your help on this problem. I got married last August, nearly a year ago. I had always told my husband that I want to be a young mom. I am 26 now and my husband is 31. I really

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Renewing Hearts

On a podcast to which I recently listened, a popular host confessed that, now in her forties, she is questioning whether the way she conducted herself in her twenties was wise. Yet, when she was in her twenties, she had no doubts whatsoever that she was behaving in the best possible manner and that she

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Why is the Second Day of Creation not Described as Good?

Question of the week: After each day of creation, God says it was good. All except day 2. Is it because on day 2 he created the (firmament, sky, atmosphere, air) and it wasn’t good because satan is called the prince of the air? Kenneth P. Dear Kenneth, We hesitated to highlight your question because

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To Obey or Not to Obey

I was brought up with mixed messages. On one hand, I was taught obedience to authority. Parents and teachers, my elders in general, and doctors and policemen were all to be respected and their directives were to be followed. On the other hand, a Chanukah play at school annually featured the saga of Chana and

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