July 2022

18% or 20%?

Whatever side of the political divide you occupy in the United States, life seems scarier, crazier and less predictable than it did, even just five or ten years ago. At the same time, for most of us, what impacts our personal lives on a daily basis matters most to us. I may be very concerned […]

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As a Single Mom, Should I be Thinking About Marriage?

What’s the biblical instruction for a single mother who met the Lord during pregnancy? I feel I’m not called to be single, but have not dated for over 11 years, as I was dedicated to mothering. From a biblical perspective, should I seek marriage or seek singleness? Thank you! Mka Dear Mka, There’s a phrase,

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Ready for Combat?

Exactly how truculent, pugnacious and belligerent do I want to be? Even those words sound unappealing, so my natural inclination would be to answer, “Very little.” In fact, I have spent years working on the character traits that Ruchi Koval describes in her book, Soul Construction: Shape Your Character Using 8 Timeless Steps from the

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Act, Don’t ReAct

I learned an important principle of how the world really works from one of my favorite animal books, the astoundingly illustrated book, Journey to the Ants. “If an animal is beautifully colored and acts with relative indifference to your presence it is probably poisonous or well armored.” An example of this principle is the South

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It is Time to Move Out

Good morning, Rabbi Daniel and Mrs. Daniel, I hope you are doing well! Listening to your podcast is not only educational, but truly enriching. I am not Jewish, but I deeply appreciate the wisdom of the Jewish faith, and also of your values on marriage, etc. I share those as well. You serve many as

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My Pronouns Are:

During the contentious 2020 presidential season, I read of a knitting group which banned any member who posted anything supportive of President Trump. Note, that they weren’t suggesting that politics had no place in knitting, which might have been reasonable, but rather that only those on one side of the political divide had the right

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Dealing with Chronic Illness

Good morning Rabbi Lapin and Susan, I had my thyroid removed three years ago because of an enlarged nodule and cancer within a lymph node. My prognosis, as far as cancer, looks good. If you have thyroid disease like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or your thyroid removed, like me, it can pose a challenge to get things

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Spiritual Sickness or Mental Illness?

Shootings. More shootings. Along with calls to eviscerate the Second Amendment to the Constitution are discussions of mental illness, both with respect to red-flag laws and also in trying to understand a general increase in violence. Yet, over the years, the lines distinguishing between sin, crime, and mental illness have become increasingly muddied. Labeling actions

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Abortion Walks Into a Thought Tool

Over the past week, since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, our office has received a number of letters asking for the truth about ancient Jewish wisdom’s view of abortion. In response, we have been forwarding an Ask the Rabbi and Susan from 2019 that answered the following question. Hello! Please comment on

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My Job is Training Others

I love listening to your podcast and I have watched all your Scrolling through Scripture classes. Thank you for taking the time to produce them. They are always a highlight of my day. I am the director of training for my company. I was just put into this position a few weeks ago. I have

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