October 2021

Of Soul and Friends

Can’t we all use more of both? Forging meaningful relationships takes effort, patience and time. When my husband and I moved to a new state, as we did twice in our marriage, I left behind close friends. I stay connected through the miracle of modern communication and these friends are still present in my heart, […]

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Jewelry is Never Just Jewelry

Question of the week: Dear Rabbi Daniel and Susan, In your program, Ancient Jewish Wisdom, “Our Culture,” how did Rebekah know that the jewelry represented the ten commandments when they had not been given yet? Thank you, Leah Hi Leah, Thanks for giving us a chance to expand on our words. For those who haven’t

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Pens Are NOT Mightier Than Swords

If the pen really was mightier than the sword, the idiom would be unnecessary. Nobody says, “Atom bombs are stronger than paper clips,” or “Ferraris are faster than Fiats.” Most simple slogans are untrue. “He who hesitates is lost” is contradicted by “Look before you leap.” “Out of sight, out of mind” is contradicted by

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3rd-Class Murders

Recently, two people whom I did not personally know but to whom I had a connection were murdered within a few days of each other. The first was British Member of Parliament, David Amess, and the second was Yandy Chirino, a police officer in Hollywood, Florida. Mr. Amess’ alleged killer is a U.K. citizen of

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How Do Career Goals Fit Into My Life?

When do I have fun? Question of the Week: Hello! I have been listening to you for a few months now and would like to get your advice or opinion on the following. You talk about the 5 Fs in life. Family, Faith, Fitness, Finance, Friends. Side note…I have always heard it as 6Fs that

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Did I Make You Cry?

What can someone say that would make you cry? I’m not talking about hearing a sad story or getting bad news. I’m asking if another person stating a point of view you don’t share, or politely and innocently mentioning something to which you are sensitive, would cause you to burst out in loud, angry, and

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Marijuana. I don’t know what to think about it.

Question of the Week: I am one of your devoted listeners from Italy. A HOT topic I am curious about,to be seen through the lens of ancient jewish wisdom,is cannabis, marijuana, weed… My question about cannabis is:From a moral and religious perspective,what is the issue with cannabis? It is a natural plant that has always

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I’d Never Do That!

Are you really sure? Progressive Extremists mocked former Vice President Pence in 2017 when an earlier interview that he had given in 2002 resurfaced. They howled in derision about his commitment to avoid all secluded meetings with women other than his wife. The New York Times even commissioned a poll intended to reveal how out

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Internet Dating: Yay or Nay?

Question of the week: Hi Rabbi and Mrs. Lapin, I am a young Christian man and I have followed y’all’s teachings for many years now. I am always enamored at the wisdom you both bring in all your resources. So thank you for all you’ve done over the years for me and my family through

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Follow the Science

“Because I said so,” has long been repudiated as a parenting technique. Do mothers and fathers sometimes need to use it? Yes. But as the basis for a parent-child relationship, it is lacking. It provides no guidance to the child that will help him make better decisions in the future and it depends upon a

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