August 2021

Celebrate The Day!

Quick! What’s the name of the person most blameworthy for your biggest failure?  Hint: You’ll find it printed on your driving license.  Nobody is without regrets about opportunities squandered, lesser paths chosen, or challenges spurned.  One of the reasons that New Year makes us feel good is that we see it as a chance for […]

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Special Announcement – Happy Warriors Basic Membership

Dear Happy Warriors, A frequent theme in our books and writings is how being anchored to core values and permanent principles liberates us to adjust to changing circumstances. Well, we have some changes coming. Two driving forces are leading us to act by introducing a We Happy Warriors Basic level. The good news first! Our

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Yes, There Is Good News

Having one’s mood pulled down by the cycle of one terrible news story after another is easy, in fact almost unavoidable. No matter how close to home or how far away you look, scary and depressing conditions can easily throw a shadow over our lives. And looking away and evading reality would be a mistake;

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Should I Marry this Man?

Hello Daniel Lapin and Susan Lapin! I am a young 22-year-old Christian girl and entrepreneur from Seattle, WA and a regular listener to your podcasts and audio books. I am in awe of the wisdom I gain in your material. I wish there was more relationship advice for young people. When do you know if

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I’m Getting a Degree in Social Work

Question of the week: I have been a stay-at-home mom off and on for over 24 years and decided to go to university to study psychology in hopes to become a counselor in some capacity when all four children became independent and on their own. I have been married for over thirty years to a

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Bible Codes – Real or Rubbish?

Hidden codes embedded in Scripture!  Bible codes predict terrorist attacks!  Sensationalistic headlines like these have been seen for years.  Melodramatic books with extravagant claims appeared in the mid-1990s often written by authors with little Hebrew knowledge. So frequently am I asked about this that I’m devoting this Thought Tool to the topic.  While in yeshiva,

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Are You Scared Yet?

Many of my Musings come from articles I read or podcasts I hear. This one stems from a more personal place. In the past few weeks, a number of women I love as well as some close friends have given birth. In contrast to my own pregnancy experiences, these perfectly healthy women were subjected to

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Too Much Prayer?

Question of the week: Is it wrong to keep praying for the same thing over and over again? Is it demonstrating a lack of faith that our Heavenly Father is not hearing our prayers or is it showing that we believe that our prayers will be answered because we are demonstrating our faith? I believe

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My–Female–Bosses are Intolerable

This is Kai writing from Toronto, Canada. I am a male, currently in a confrontational struggle at work. I just transitioned to a new position in another team in the same company, but I am finding it really hard to get along with the three managers and one director above me, who are all women.

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Spiritual but Shoeless

When I was seven, my parents signed me up for swimming lessons which I dutifully attended. For the first three days, the teacher discussed buoyancy, backstroke, and breathing.  We never even got into the water.  The next weekend my parents took us to a pool. My father, eager to see what I had learned, asked

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