Month: April 2021

Ancient Solutions for Modern Problems

That material was taught to the Israelites during forty years in the desert; history’s longest graduate school program. Let’s imagine that you made some incredible discoveries of inestimable value. Recognizing that children are your link to immortality, you desperately wish to be sure that your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and further, will be able to use the …

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To Bee or Not to Bee

With close to a 100-years-old history, the Scripps National Spelling Bee can be considered an American institution. While the idea of studying the dictionary and memorizing lists of words might not grab you the competition, boasting both prestige and sizable cash prizes, proves attractive to many.  It is worth pondering what it says about our …

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Which is Worse?

Question:My son asked me the other day which, of the rise in single motherhood in the USA or the rising acceptance and proliferation of homosexuality in the USA constituted the greater threat to the nation. I gave him my opinion that the rise in single motherhood was the greater threat. But then I thought, what …

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Grateful for Books

What are you currently reading? On our shelf are I Marched with Patton by Frank Sisson and a for a recuperating COVID patient who isn’t ready to handle anything heavy, a second time around for Alexander McCall-Smith’s Isabel Dalhousie series. + 1

I’m Worried About My Brother’s Upcoming Marriage

My brother seems to be marrying a girl who doesn’t show love/respect to him or his family as far as I can see (in a few months they’ll be married). This is his first marriage and first serious relationship. He has traditional values for marriage and he believes that love is sacrificial where he would …

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