February 2021

The Holistic Juggler

As a student (and co-author) of The Holistic You, I try to balance the various important sections of my life, my personal 5Fs: faith, family, finances, friendships and fitness. Of course, that doesn’t mean dividing my day, week, month, or year into five equal sections. It means keeping a mental diary and making sure that […]

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Life Isn’t Fair

Why are we all made so uneven? Some are born into affluence and some into poverty. Some are born into health some into misery. Some are born in America, with all its advantages, some into primitive tribes. Well you get the idea. Some people believe this unevenness can be blamed on some evil thing the

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Defeating Despair

While serving the synagogue it was my privilege to establish in Southern California, my wife and I frequently sailed our forty-four foot cutter to Catalina Island.  On that 26 mile jaunt, we often saw dolphins, whales, and other beguiling sea life. When fog set in, I’d think of Florence Chadwick, who in 1952 set out

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Man of the Hour

To get the most out of a William F. Buckley speech, you needed a dictionary. To get the most out of a Rush Limbaugh broadcast, you needed a sense of humor.  God and Man at Yale, Mr. Buckley’s cri de coeur, was published in 1951, the year Rush Limbaugh was born. This critique of Mr.

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As difficult weather conditions prevail, stay safe, warm and take care of each other.

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Job or Entrepreneurship? My wife and I disagree.

Thank you for your material.  It has been a significant blessing to me and my family.  I was recently laid off when my company’s business unit was bought out by a competitor.  I am now looking for work and I am excited for a new opportunity to serve others.   For some time I have

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The Telling Ten Years

It is well known that very few of the young men who perpetrate unspeakable brutality and hideous destruction on the streets of America were raised by one mother and one father married to each other.  It is rare for such an outlaw to have grown up with both a mother and a father dedicated to

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you’ve ever unexpectedly come face-to-face with a mirror, you know how uncomfortable that can be. This is true physically. You might realize that you did need to run a brush through your hair and dab on some lipstick. But it is also true emotionally.  Maybe you considered yourself  witty, but  when someone else’s sarcasm

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What is an appropriate bat-mitzvah gift?

My granddaughter is going to have a Bat Mitzvah. I am a Christian. I would like to know what is an appropriate gift for her. From: Carole P. Dear Carole, The value of a gift flows from three sources and the best gifts hit all three hot spots. These sources are  the person receiving the

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Soil that Soul

The other day, I overheard Susan reading a much-beloved children’s book to a  young grandson. Over the years, between reading to our own children and now to the next generation, she has probably read this book and many others hundreds of times. With each reading, she gains pleasure from affirming a relationship with the child

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