January 2021

Targeted Actions

“Come to Pharaoh for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his servants so that I can put my signs in his midst, and so that you may tell in the ears of your son and your grandsons how I made a mockery of Egypt and my signs that I placed among them—and […]

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Squandering Success

For the second time this month, events are moving so fast that a Musing I wrote seems bland compared to rapidly moving events. Lacking time to write a new Musing, I am going to run the one I prepared. However, I need to mention the chilling effect that Brandon Straka’s arrest had on me. I

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We’re Receiving an Inheritance

My loving wife (50) & I (52) have been married 27 years and have four wonderful children who have just completed leaving the nest.  For the duration of our marriage I’ve been the sole breadwinner.  My wife is fortunately about to get a multi-million dollar inheritance that will soon start being paid out in large

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Take to the Desert

Over the past year, many businesses have been forced to switch directions in order to survive. Restaurant owners stopped prioritizing friendly and competent wait staff in favor of finding efficient web technology and delivery drivers. As more locations required masks, skin care and eye makeup took precedence over lipstick, causing cosmetic companies to revamp their

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Another Day at the Office

I think many of us expect to be facing tumultuous times. While I am sure there will be a great deal to say, one message I keep repeating to myself is that I cannot control national or world events. I can pray and do what is within my abilities, but I most effectively have power

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Come—Even When You Go

The third section of the book of Exodus, starting with Exodus 9 begins with God telling Moses, “Come to Pharaoh.” The obvious question is, why does God say, “come to Pharaoh” instead of “go to Pharaoh”?  Surely, “go to Pharaoh” is what we expect to hear! The classic answer is that God is telling Moses

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What’s up with fitness?

I am a Happy Warrior and have listened to your podcasts and read your books for several years. I am curious as to why Fitness was not incorporated in your teachings to the other four F’s (Family, Faith, Friendships and Finances) until rather recently.  Can you explain? Respectfully, Pedro A. P., Coral Gables, Florida Dear

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A Party Divided

We have never been a television family, but we used to have an old rabbit-ears-antenna TV set in a closet that we pulled out on rare and special occasions. That TV came out on September 11, 2001. As it stayed out for quite a few days, I noticed a TV tug of war unfolding.  On

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Friends and Family Discounts

I have read your book Thou Shall Prosper and am currently reading Business Secrets from the Bible. Which led me to wonder the following: The question I have is about letting everyone know what you do to serve humanity and making friends with many people. If I make friends with someone, won’t I look like

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Afraid? Who, Me?

Unexpected political developments can be scary.  Over the past year, Americans have been barraged by disturbing events and images on an almost daily basis.  It was really scary for people living comfortably and securely in England when they awoke on Wednesday morning, December 5th, 1914. A nation that hadn’t seen rationing or military conscription in

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