Don’t Tell Me a Story

Unless you also share facts I love stories. So, probably, do you. Whether Biblical, mythological, fictional, or true, stories resonate in the human soul. You might be able to force students of history to memorize dates and place names, but stories of battles, hardships and victories lead to inspiration. The problem, of course, is that […]

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I have a great career opportunity

Should I turn it down? Greetings from Croatia! I have been following your podcasts since 2015. I have recommended them to many people already and will continue to do so, because I think your work really adds value. It has influenced my life and some of my most important decisions in life already, in a

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What Is A Reasonable Work Week?

Can I do well and still have time for my family? Hi, I’m Marko. I’m 17-years-old and I come from Croatia. I plan to enroll in the Faculty of Civil Engineering. It bothers me that a lot of civil engineers have told me that they travel a lot and work 70 hours a week. How

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Well, Well, Well…

Or 3 Rules for Getting Married Here are three questions to ask the young man dating your daughter: (1) Do you wish to marry my daughter? (2) Do you have a job? (3) Do you honor your parents? If his answer to any one question, or to all three questions is, “Well…” followed by a

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Kyle Rittenhouse: Fool, Zealot or Hero?

What’s a 17-year-old to do? As a public service announcement, I would like to advise grandparents to bring an emergency kit along when they visit their children’s homes. Among other items, the kit should include masking tape. This isn’t required for emergency repairs, but it might be necessary for taping one’s lips shut. That is

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Gosh, our kids are selfish!

What can we do? Good Morning Rabbi and Susan Lapin! I’ve been a long-time listener to your podcast ever since a special segment you did on the Glenn Beck program some time ago. My family and I have benefited tremendously from your teachings, and I’m a proud owner of just about every audio and written

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How Bad are Dr. Fauci’s Actions?

Bad enough that we don’t need to exaggerate For over four years, I listened as pundits on the left proclaimed that Donald Trump was Hitler. I stayed silent about those foolish and cruel pronouncements because no one who spoke like that would care in the slightest what I thought. However, in the past few months,

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I’m So Flawed as a Father

How can I ask my children to act correctly? Thank you for continually sharing the wisdom and knowledge as you do! I have a dilemma and fear that if I don’t take ownership of it and actively practically pursue a solution the result will be catastrophic for my children. I have two teenage children (one

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The Alibi for Tyranny—”This Is For The People”

During Chanukah 2007, just before Christmas of that year, I published an article called A Rabbi’s Warning To American Christians. I think it is even more relevant today fourteen years after I wrote it. Today’s threat may be manifesting differently as rampant promoting of socialism in universities, as wokeness, as governments crushing religious observance by

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First Do No Harm

Is it no longer true? Tucked into the corner of your mind reserved for random facts you probably have a vague memory that doctors take a Hippocratic oath. You may recall this phrase from it: “First, do no harm.” That oath, originally involving doctors, patients and God and in use for many years, is an

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