Month: December 2020

Am I my brother’s weight-management keeper?

Thank you so much for your teachings. It has really helped me understand how to connect with people, make the world a better place, and be rewarded with ‘certificates of appreciation’ in the process. I’m a little conflicted right now, though, and so I’m reaching out to see if you can offer me some ancient …

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Fire Up the Blender

Successful living often involves blending two incompatibles.  For instance, raising great children means parenting with the perfect mix of tough, firm discipline and gentle, yielding compassion.  In running a business, entrepreneurs must exquisitely blend ‘the customer is always right’ with ‘some customers are not worth having.’  In courting, smart men and women combine ‘you’re the …

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Real Relationships

If I was to paraphrase Samuel Coleridge’s ancient mariner’s words, “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,” I might say, “Friends, friends everywhere and not a one to trust.” There are many reasons that relationships, including those of friendship, marriage, and business are in trouble today. Social media leads us to think we …

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I’m confused. What’s the added value proposition?

I signed up for the We Happy Warriors, but do not understand how it fits in with the website. Yesterday, I received a pitch for “Special Access”, but again, I do not understand how this fits in with the communications I have been receiving, Thought Tools, Susan’s Musings, etc. Are they going away? Or is …

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A Finished Product?

A ‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ post by Rebecca Masinter Names in the Bible are not just names, When the twins, Yaakov and Eisav (Jacob and Esau) are born, their names don’t only reflect their physical traits but spiritual ones as well.  Eisav’s name is from the word “asui”, meaning, made or finished. Yaakov was named from …

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