December 2020

Our Family Cheating Scandal

Several in our family tackle the same newspaper’s crossword puzzle every day.  We’ve been having a bit of a debate. Is it, or is it not, cheating to look up an answer to a clue? No one is completing the puzzle for a prize, no one signs an honor code before being allowed to fill […]

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Forty years later, we still disagree about tithing.

I know tithing is important for God’s blessing on my family finances. However, my husband refuses to tithe.  Before the Covid curse overtook our country, he had, finally, begun to give  $50 per week, some weeks. I begged him for most of our 40-year marriage to tithe. He has always said we cannot afford to

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The Snake that Roared

We knew a frustrated father whose 20-year-old son was enrolled for the fourth year in some go-nowhere-course at a local college while emerging from his room only for the occasional meal. The manner he displayed towards his parents was typical of that displayed by those living on charity towards their benefactors, which is to say

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Facing Fear

A 'Your Mother's Guidance' post by Rebecca Masinter Anxiety in children was on the rise way before COVID but, unfortunately, it is even more prevalent now. Fear itself isn’t a problem—it’s an opportunity to either become empowered and take action or, God forbid, to take the opposite path and become anxious and fall into dejection.

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An Outsider’s View of an American Christmas

One of the most noticeable aspects of being in Israel is how the  Jewish calendar dominates, as well it should. Signs on buses offer good wishes for the holidays in September, bakeries sprout Chanukah delicacies in the winter, and school and government calendars are built around Jewish festival days. Growing up in America, in my

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You recommend developing a specific skill set. Does Scripture suggest otherwise?

I read about specialization in your book, Business Secrets from the Bible , and was very excited. However the quotation from Ecclesiastes below does not seem to promote specialization due to future uncertainties: "Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land." Ecclesiastes 11:2.NIV. Am I

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Your Seven Solutions to Your Giant Problem

Please don’t be freaked out that I know this about your life.  Right now, there is an action you can take, some specific thing you can do, some commitment or decision you can make that will result in a huge improvement in your family life, your business life, your social life or your health. And

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AAJC December 2020 Report

Dear Friend, Everyone gets too much mail and we all make frequent use of the delete button, but I implore you to take four minutes to read this note to the end in the hope that it might speak to your heart. Let me start with good news: in spite of the Coronavirus this year,

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COVID Victim or Victor?

We human beings habituate very easily to new ideas and actions. Growing up, my mother taught me to grease a pan by dipping a paper towel into Crisco shortening (hydrogenated oil was not a phrase we knew) and smearing it over the pan. Years later, when I set out to bake some cookies and realized

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On Shaky Ground

If I told you that I missed writing a Musing last week because I was under the weather, I would be telling the truth. But I wouldn’t be telling you the whole truth. Certainly, some of the fogginess in my mind came from the medication I was taking and was a result of my body

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