April 2020

Vaccine Development: Seeking Poets?

My husband and I were discussing whether the production of pharmaceuticals and other vital commodities would move back to the United States from China. He brought up an angle that had eluded me. “We aren’t raising enough people with the education and ability to produce many of these things,” he said. “To make matters worse, […]

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My Unemployed Husband is No Help to Me

Your shows are so impacting.  They help me to adjust my thinking, but I am having some challenges letting my new thought pattern influence and change my situation. In short, I am employed and my husband is not. He lost his job because he did not meet the company’s new requirements and qualifications. While at

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Why Did I Do That?

Many of us are spending more time these days not only with our spouses and children but with ourselves. Unable to run around as usual, we may find ourselves paying more attention to our own thoughts, feelings, words and actions, including how we react under stress. Have you caught yourself thinking, speaking or acting just

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Balancing Home, Work and School

A ‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ post by Rebecca Masinter Many of us are trying to figure out a new normal as we balance work from home and school at home.  There is a struggle within us—which has priority:  Work or home?  School or home? Leviticus 12 begins with the laws of impurity and purity surrounding childbirth. 

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Time to Outlaw Homeschooling?

Rabbi Simcha Wasserman, an esteemed mentor of my husband’s and a revered teacher of thousands, once gave my husband an unusual blessing. He said, “May God protect you from those who believe they are acting for the sake of Heaven.” His eyes twinkled as he spoke, but there was deep sincerity behind his words. Those

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Second chance marriage

I’ve been listening to your videos on YouTube and I’m so grateful for the valuable information you share. I am a religious Jewish woman and very family-oriented. I got married at 23 which was over 2 years ago. There has been too much unsureness & insecurity & we recently got divorced. I don’t even believe

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Male Highs and Lows

“No questions are out of bounds,” I explained to the awkward-looking young man who approached me.  “Nothing in the entire spectrum of human experience falls outside the purview of ancient Jewish wisdom or beyond the Torah upon which it is based.  Go ahead and tell me what is worrying you,” I assured him. He shifted

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School at Home vs. Homeschooling

Now that families are settling into an isolation routine, I thought it worthwhile to distinguish between schooling at home and homeschooling. When my mother was small, she contracted polio. Over the course of her childhood, she spent many months at home recuperating from operations. During that time, the school district regularly sent a teacher to

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Where did the money go?

With the current stock market losses can you explain where the loss in value goes? Brad Great question, Brad,  May we try to put it into concrete terms?   Suppose you owned a stock in the Weem, Acheit & Sellate Widget Company for which you had paid $10.  Now you want to sell it but

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Inherit the Land

Thought Tools are meant as practical, real-world application of specific principles in Ancient Jewish wisdom.  Before submitting them for publication we ask ourselves whether they would have made sense to our grandparents and if they will make sense to our grandchildren. In other words, are they ‘evergreen’?  Little gets stale more quickly than political columns,

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