Month: January 2019

God Bless America

My husband and I have the privilege of speaking for the United States Army Chaplain Corps over these few days. What an incredible honor and humbling experience to meet these soldiers and their spouses. We pray that our words provides insight, strength and support to them and are grateful for the reminder that our peaceful …

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Does God use art to reveal spiritual lessons?

Hi. I’ve just seen your TV show about music complementing scripture and how it is used to help understand God’s intent in his words. What about art being used in this way? (a picture says a thousand words) Are there examples in scripture where God uses art to help people in their understanding? Thanks, John …

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Slaying the Giants

“Leave the light on, please” says the child, “I’m scared of the dark.”  One of the most common emotions expressed by little children is fear.  Long before they become comfortable articulating happiness, excitement and sadness, small children speak of feeling frightened. Though we speak of it less as we grow up, we still feel it.  …

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Therapy as First Resort

Have you noticed a number of recent articles encouraging new mothers to consider therapy? Some of the articles reassure pregnant women that various emotions after childbirth are normal and a therapist can help work through them.  Others suggest that preventive therapy is a good idea. Line up someone to talk to so that when you …

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MAGA Hat Day: an anti-bullying initiative

Around Chanuka time, one sometimes hears a story of a house that has in its window a menorah celebrating the Jewish holiday, being defaced. Whether this was done by teenage hooligans, motivated by anti-Semitism, or the act of a disturbed Jew, a number of Christian neighbors’ immediate response is to buy a menorah and place …

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How can I stop my kids fighting?

A “Your Mother’s Guidance” post by Rebecca Masinter I would like to share some thoughts in response to a question a mother on this group emailed me. Here is the question: I, thank God, have 4 children,  a six-year-old girl, almost five-year-old boy, almost three-year-old girl and an eight-month-old baby. I wanted to know if …

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Fake News? I’m Shocked

Hypocritically assuming a false mantle of virtue by pretending horror at discovering someone else’s transgression is so unattractive.  We all recognized the dishonesty when Captain Louis Renault in the movie Casablanca (1942) said, “I am shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!” The hysterical shrieks we’ve been hearing these past couple …

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