March 2018

Problem or Progress?

Do you wear a watch? The answer to that question may depend on your age. You could say that watches are the new handkerchiefs. I rarely iron. Nonetheless, when I was a young girl my mother taught me to do so and the first items entrusted to my care were my father’s handkerchiefs. I remember […]

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Matzoh, Money and Marriage

Here’s an unusual thought experiment: Imagine meeting a twenty-year-old man who is suffering from near total amnesia. He explains to you that he knows how to read and write, drive a car and live healthily, but has no idea at all of what he ought to be doing to prepare for successfully living the rest

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Is an age gap in marriage a problem?

When considering marriage: Is an age gap (10-15 years) a bad idea (specifically for a girl being the younger)? Rebecca Dear Rebecca, You have probably heard that a physician shouldn’t treat members of his own family and that a lawyer must recuse herself from cases that strike too close to home. On that basis, we

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One Reason the World Hates the Jews

People understand some occupations far more easily than others.  A farmer planting seeds or harvesting a crop is easily understood.  A contractor building a house is easily understood.  We easily understand a miner digging coal underground then bringing it up to the surface and a railway worker laying track, as we also understand a mechanic

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Don’t Like Your DNA? Change It!

If you, like me, have been learning from my husband for any length of time, you will be familiar with the idea that the physical world reflects the spiritual world. The fact that our eyes project an upside-down image of whatever we see unto our retinas isn’t a failure of evolution, it is a Divine

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My friends’ success bothers me

I was doing great one Saturday morning. I had my morning devotion and meditated on the word of God. I was enjoying time with my family when I went online and saw how a friend of mine had an outpouring of love during a celebration, then I instantly felt sad. I wondered why don’t I

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Regular listeners to my podcast know that I’ve been explaining this to you for a long while already. Today, beautiful validation in a Wall Street Journal story you’ll enjoy. Doomsday Climate Scenarios Are a Joke One study says world GDP will drop 20% by 2100, but Iceland and Mongolia will be rich beyond imagining. By

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Routine Rehab

Have you fallen into any fixed habits?  I know I have.  I have uttered some phrases so many times that they are often the first expressions that come to mind. Not surprisingly, I occasionally overuse them.  It is also why I tend to buy the same brand of toothpaste year after year.  No, I do

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And this is relevant because…?

I read the opening sentence in the newspaper more than once. It was about a man convicted for ID theft.  Here is the sentence: “From a townhouse near a megachurch in Atlanta, Kelvin Lyles recruited about 300 accomplices to embark on a crime spree.” What exactly does the megachurch have to do with the story? I

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My Country is Greater than Your Country

When I wrote a Musing about comfort reading, I received a number of gifts from readers in the form of book suggestions. One of these was from my friend, Judy (who happens to be the author of the highly recommended book, The Skeptic and the Rabbi). She suggested the 44 Scotland Street series by Alexander

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